hvac repairYour home is a place of rest and retreat for you. It is where you feel most relaxed. Your mood and your experience of summer are very much affected by how well your air conditioner is cooling your home.

However, you may notice that the temperature in various areas of your home is uneven and you may wonder why the cooling effect changes from one part of the home to another.

Air Conditioner Repair Atlantic Beach NY: Dealing With Uneven Temperatures

We will explain in this article why some parts of the home may suffer from a drastic difference in temperature. We will provide you with solutions that can fix the problem.

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Determining The Cause Of Poor Performance In Cooling The Home

The HVAC system of your home enables it to remain comfortable and cool when the temperature outside is scorching. When a house has uneven areas of temperature, you probably want to call in your HVAC professional to fix the system. However, before you call in an HVAC technician, you should consider a few things.

Check All Air Vents & Filters In Your HVAC System

The first thing you should check is whether you have rearranged the furniture in some rooms recently. Be sure that there is no furniture blocking any of the air vents. This allows cool air to enter and move throughout the room more easily. Be sure the windows and doors in the home are insulated properly in order to prevent the cool air from leaving the home.

Also, you should ensure the vents have been cleaned so they are not blocked by dirt. You should vacuum the vents in your home once a month. This will ensure the free flow of air because the vents in the home will be open and clean. Dirty filters will lower the cooling efficiency of your air conditioner. When an air filter is clogged, your HVAC unit must work very hard and your energy bills will go higher. Your air conditioning unit may require extra repairs and may need to be replaced prematurely.


Arrange To Have HVAC Ductwork Inspected And Cleaned

hvac ductsThe ducts allow cool air to move into the rooms of your home. If the ducts are not clean or if they are leaking, this can result in the temperature being uneven in various rooms. Arrange for your ducts to get a regular professional cleaning.

Regular servicing of your air ducts will ensure that all leaks are identified and sealed. Insulating the ducts will prevent leaks.

If you have maintained your air ducts properly, your home is likely to be cooled in an efficient manner. In addition, the air quality within your home is likely to improve as well.

Your HVAC Unit Should Be The Right Size For Your Home

Homeowners often think they need a larger HVAC unit if they find there is uneven cooling in the home. As a matter of fact, HVAC professionals often find that an air conditioning system that is too large for the home can be the reason for uneven cooling. A system that is too large will not cycle properly for the right amount of time to cool all areas of the house.

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Cooling Affected By Extensions To The Home

air conditioner technicianAn HVAC system may need to be changed if the homeowner has added extensions and additional space that will require cooling. If you have added an extension to the livable space in your home such as an extra room, you should ask your HVAC professional for advice. Installing energy-efficient windows and doors in the new area of the home will help the system work better.

Your Air Conditioner Is Old And Needs An Upgrade

Your system may need to be changed because it is old. One easy way to identify this problem is to see which rooms are cooling well and which rooms are too warm.

An old HVAC that is nearing the end of its life will be unlikely to maintain proper air pressure. This results in cooler air in the rooms that are close to the unit and warmer air in the rooms that are more distant from the unit. It is also possible that the air conditioning unit is not the correct size to cool your home properly.

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Improve The Performance Of Your HVAC System With Regular Maintenance

Scheduling regular servicing of your HVAC system ensures that your air conditioner will be properly maintained and give you the best performance. Regular inspections allow service technicians to uncover problems that may need attention. Uneven cooling in the home is often the result of low coolant levels. This problem can easily be fixed or avoided with regular HVAC maintenance.

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