Why Your Furnace Is Leaking Water

image of blue furnace flames

The modern furnace is much more reliable than the early designs, but they are still far from perfect. It may also develop a leak underneath the heating equipment. Don’t ignore this troubling symptom. This article discusses a common heating system problem – gas furnace leaking water.

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3 Reasons Your Furnace Is Rusting

image of rust inside a furnace

Simply using your furnace can create the perfect conditions for rust to form. Your furnace creates temperature imbalances within the system, leading to rust buildup. The development of rust in a furnace is actually quite common. However, you can prolong its onset. This article examines some of the most frequent causes of this heating issue.

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Signs Your HVAC Air Ducts Are Leaking

image of homeowner feeling hot due to a leak in hvac ductwork

Heating and cooling a home is possible due to the indoor and outdoor units as well as the network of ducts that distribute conditioned air around the home. When most experience discomfort in their home, they instantly assume it is one of the two units. However, the ducts may be what’s causing the problem.

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The Benefits Of Using A Modulating Air Conditioner To Cool Your Home

image of a variable-speed air conditioner installation

Modulating air conditioners provide smart energy consumption, reliable performance, and many other outstanding benefits that homeowners enjoy. These units are designed to effectively control indoor temperatures and reduce humidity for assured comfort. This article will share helpful info on using a variable-speed air conditioning system to cool your home.

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What It Means When Your Air Conditioner Starts Making A Strange Noise

image of homeowner covering ears due to loud air conditioner noises

Your home isn’t absolutely silent when you’ve got your refrigerator, dishwasher, and more running. Even air conditioning systems produce a faint humming noise. However, loud noises, like when an air conditioner rumbles or clangs when starting, simply aren’t normal. This article will talk about the common causes of loud air conditioning units.

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Why Is My Outside AC Unit Tripping The Breaker?

man resetting switch in circuit breaker cabinet due to outside air conditioner tripping breaker

Issues associated with power can be frustrating as they can entirely hinder the air conditioner from functioning. When it’s extremely hot outside, individuals typically want nothing else than to relax in a cool indoor environment. They won’t be thrilled if, for instance, the outdoor air conditioner keeps tripping the breaker.

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Why Does Air Conditioner Sizing Matter?

image of question marks depicting why air conditioner size matters

During an air conditioner replacement, many homeowners seek out something like what they already have, which might not yield the best results. You should also banish the notion that the biggest cooling unit will deliver the optimum performance. Instead, ask an HVAC contractor to determine the proper air conditioner size for your cooling needs.

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Why Is My Air Conditioner Running In Short Bursts?

image of a homeowner feeling hot due to air conditioner short cycling

When a thermostat detects the ambient temperature has grown higher than its setting, an AC unit begins its cooling cycle. Once the room reaches the lower temperature, it switches off. This process should happen slowly and steadily. However, if an AC runs in shorter bursts, you find yourself dealing with AC short cycling.

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What To Expect During Your Home HVAC Installation

image of the word expectations depicting hvac installation expectations

Most American houses have some type of heating and air conditioning equipment to regulate indoor temperatures. Therefore, you should invest in a quality heating and cooling system, as well as a reputable HVAC contractor, to install the system on your property. In this article, we’ll go over what you can anticipate throughout your HVAC installation.

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How Do Ductless Air Conditioners Work?

image of a ductless air conditioner

As the name implies, ductless air conditioners do not require ducts, unlike central air conditioners. However, much like central cooling systems, ductless systems suck in warm air and moisture and pushes them outdoors. This article discusses how ductless air conditioning units work and some of the differences between central and ductless systems.

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