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About Hart Home Comfort

For over 30 years, our Nassau County, Suffolk County, and Queens, New York neighbors have known us for delivering reliable and innovative solutions to meet your comfort needs.

Our Mission

At Hart Home Comfort, our goal is to:

  • Deliver superior products and services at fair prices
  • Keep up with the latest comfort technologies
  • Treat our customers with the care and concern they deserve

A Letter from the President, Ray Hart

Ray HartHart Home Comfort is one of Long Island's most respected home comfort providers. Since our company opened back in 1980, we've been family-owned and operated, and committed to the kind of personal service you can only provide when you're right in the neighborhood. With 24-hour emergency service and more technicians per customer than any other heating and cooling company in the area, we're always accessible - even during the worst weather situations.

At Hart, we take your home comfort seriously. Another thing we take seriously is the need for alternative, environmentally-friendly biofuel sources. That's why we're proud to be one of the first companies in the Long Island area to deliver the Bioheat® fuel blend, EcoBlend, to all our customers - at no extra charge!

And because we understand that energy bills and heating oil prices are a big part of your household budget, we try to cushion the blow with Hart Rate, our unique price protection program; monthly payment programs that let you take charge of your heating oil prices; and the industry's best service plans to provide total peace of mind.

I invite you to browse through our website and see why we are one of the leading comfort providers in the region. Where other heating and cooling companies make claims, we give guarantees. But don't take our word for it. Please view our testimonials and see what your Long Island neighbors have to say about our service.

You'll see why we are a heating and cooling company you can trust and why so many customers have remained loyal throughout the years.


Ray Hart

Community Involvement

As a family-owned business with roots on Long Island, we feel it is important to give back to the community. Hart Home Comfort is active in several community and charitable organizations. For example, we recently delivered a full tank of the Bioheat® fuel, EcoBlend, to a house that was being rebuilt by the charitable organization Oil Heat Cares; and we participated in the Lindenhurst Middle School Green Fair.

Our History


Raymond A. Hart founded Hart Home Comfort in 1979. It began as a Cash On Delivery (COD) heating oil company in Babylon, NY. Mr. Hart purchased one truck and made oil deliveries on his own. At that time, the business was... (hover to flip over)


servicing local Suffolk County customers out of a two-room office space in the back of a gas station he operated. After about 10 years of working as a COD company, Mr. Hart began allowing his customers to obtain credit with the company and started an automatic oil delivery program. He also attended BOCES at night to learn about heating oil equipment and eventually began to offer service plans. 


In 1991, Hart Home Comfort began renting space from our own Terminus Properties Inc. located at 30 Montauk Boulevard in Oakdale, where we remain today. We primarily serve residential customers on Long Island from the Queens-Nassau border to the Riverhead town line in Suffolk County. (hover to flip over)


Hart also delivers diesel fuel to commercial customers in both Nassau and Suffolk Counties. This part of the business consists of delivery of bulk diesel fuel and pickup of diesel fuel for truck and car diesel fuel use from our New Hyde Park Oil Terminal.


In 2007, Hart Home Comfort became one of the few Long Island heating oil companies to offer Biofuel in the form of EcoBlend heating oil and biodiesel, in addition to #2 heating oil and diesel fuel. This effort was partnered with the investment made by our New Hyde Park Oil Terminal of a fuel injection blending system... (hover to flip over)


for production of EcoBlend heating oil and biodiesel, as well as the reopening of the rail spur at that location. Not only has this made Hart Home Comfort a frontrunner in reducing our carbon footprint and dependency on foreign oil, it has also provided our customers with the opportunity to receive a New York State tax credit of up to $0.20 per gallon for every gallon of EcoBlend heating oil purchased during the year and reduced diesel taxes for commercial customers who purchase and use biodiesel.


While we wear many hats in this industry, our family is committed to continued growth in a fashion that makes economic and environmental sense. We continue to look for opportunities to make a difference in our customers' needs, from servicing... (hover to flip over)


heating oil equipment for a retail customer of Hart Home Comfort on Christmas Eve to making bulk deliveries for a competitor with our transport business Hart Trucking Corp., or accepting a rail car at our New Hyde Park Oil Terminal for another competitor to service New York City. We are widely recognized throughout the industry as a leader and expert in our fields.

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