Hart Home Comfort's Core Values

We have come up with these core values to improve our vision and mission statement as a company. We engrain these core values in our day to day operations with the intent of having all our employees respect and follow these values.

Our Core Values

  1. Eco-friendly: The Hart Home Comfort family delivers the most eco-friendly fuel available, Bioheat® Fuel.
    • Be knowledgeable about the product and its benefits.
    • Do things to be less wasteful: bring your own mugs and cups- use regular silverware and plates
    • Power down office machines, heat/a/c when leaving or not in use
  2. Family-oriented: The Hart’s are a family-oriented company that invests in their employees and clients like a parent would in order to have the team grow and thrive.
    • Treat customers and coworkers like the favorite member of your family
    • Working together, especially in a mentorship role, being patient and thoughtful
    • Spend more time with new customers and employees to ensure comfort and understanding
  3. Trustworthy: Trustworthy describes someone you can believe in; they must be honest, responsible and dependable.
    • Honest to one another and customers
    • Own up and admit to mistakes & come up with solutions to correct them
    • Only promise what we can deliver
  4. Professional: We take pride in knowing that in all aspects our employees behave in a professional way to handle any situation that may occur.
    • Remaining calm no matter what
    • Always be courteous
    • Be respectful to coworkers and customers
  5. Dedicated: Our staff is dedicated to doing what it takes to get the job done.
    • Being available whenever needed for customers and coworkers
    • Going the extra mile by following up
    • High attendance/low absenteeism while being focused on your job
  6. Compassionate: Our mission at Hart Home Comfort is to practice kindness and compassion towards the needs and well-being of our coworkers and customers.
    • Be patient and always listen
    • Express empathy towards customers and coworkers
    • Refrain from gossip and negative talk about customers and coworkers
  7. Community-oriented: We are community-oriented interested in helping the wider community and socially concerned.
    • Consider paid time off for volunteer work
    • Contribute to charitable drives for different seasons
    • Promote positive community engagement on social media


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