preparing your home for summer

Spring is the perfect time to make sure your home is ready for the upcoming hot season. It is a time for cleaning, and this includes your heating and cooling system. You have to ensure that it works as it should so that it can provide you with the much-needed cold air during the hottest days of the summer months. You can do this by following a few spring HVAC tips.

It is an unwise decision to wait until the summer has arrived before you check on your HVAC equipment. Doing so can result in frustration and discomfort of your whole family as your air conditioning unit might be experiencing problems.

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Spring HVAC Tips To Help Prepare For Summer

Make sure to get an early start by checking your unit before the summer settles in. In this article, we have listed six easy steps you can take to prepare your system for the summer months.

Book An HVAC System Tune-Up Appointment

image of an air conditionerThe first thing you need to do is book a maintenance appointment with your local trusted HVAC technician if you haven’t yet. Keep in mind that your unit needs to be inspected by a professional yearly. Professional checkups look into the parts and areas of your HVAC unit that only licensed and certified experts can access.

A professional tune-up includes deep system cleaning. It also consists of a careful assessment of your equipment to ensure all components are in excellent working condition. Any problems found in your unit are also fixed promptly. A professional can also assess how much longer your system will last. When you require a replacement system, an HVAC technician can recommend you with the best-fitting make and model. Getting a replacement system translates into reduced energy bills, better climate control, and less age-related repair problems, among others.

Annual HVAC system maintenance also ensures that your warranty remains intact. Many manufacturers stipulate that you should have your heating and cooling unit tune-up at least once a year when your unit is under warranty. Read the included terms carefully to make sure that the agreement is maintained.

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Remove The Outdoor Condenser Cover & Clean Around It

Take the condenser cover off and clean the unit’s surrounding thoroughly. The outdoor unit is a vital part of your system, so make sure that it is not damaged by inspecting it carefully. Remove any debris that might have lodged itself on your unit. Cut off any plants that have grown too close as well. All of these are vital to ensure that your condenser’s overall performance is at peak capacity.

Remember To Clean/Change The HVAC Air Filter

replacing HVAC filterA few of the easiest but most important parts of maintaining your heating and cooling system do not need HVAC contractors. One of these is routinely cleaning or replacing your HVAC air filters. As time passes, they get clogged with particles like lint, dirt, and animal dander. A blocked air filter can affect your HVAC system’s efficiency. It can also change your indoor air quality. Instead of getting filtered, the contaminants are circulated throughout your house for you to breathe in. Air filters that are cleaned or changed regularly allow them to ensure that your unit does not strain to provide you with clean, conditioned air.


Clean All HVAC Supply Vents And Registers

The supply vents and air registers are notorious for accumulating dust, dirt, and other contaminants. Unfortunately, homeowners usually overlook these areas during spring HVAC tune-ups. Make sure that your vents and air registers are clean so that high indoor air quality is maintained. If you find that these areas are hard to reach or clean by yourself, a qualified HVAC technician can help you.

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Examine The Thermostat & Consider An Thermostat Upgrade

replacing HVAC filter

Check the thermostat and ensure that it is working correctly. Look at the numbers displayed every time the cooling and heating cycle begins. This will tell you whether or not the thermostat needs calibrating. You should also remove any sources of cold or heat located near the thermostat as they could affect its temperature reading capabilities. If you want to maximize your level of comfort and energy efficiency, consider installing a programmable or smart thermostat.

Switch On Your AC Unit Before The Heat Arrives

Switch on your HVAC equipment to make sure that it works as it should. For instance, its output should be able to cool your home adequately. If your system isn’t providing you with enough cooling power or the conditioned air it releases has a dusty smell, go over the maintenance steps again. Ensure that they are done correctly.


Final Thoughts

Your air conditioning system ensures that your home is cool and comfortable during the summer season. Do not wait until you need to use your cooling unit before you verify if it works as it should. Contact a reputable HVAC company within your area to conduct a full A/C maintenance inspection. When heating and cooling issues are detected and solved early, you keep your home and family comfortable throughout the spring and summer seasons.

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