Ductless Mini-Split Lifespan: How Long Should My Unit Last?

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Heating and air conditioning units need a substantial investment. An average home may need to spend thousands of dollars on these systems. Buyers naturally aim for optimal returns. They wish to have long-lasting equipment to justify buying the unit. For many, the search usually leads to an interest in ductless mini-split systems. This article discusses ductless mini split lifespan. It also lists factors impacting longevity and compares ductless vs central air conditioners. Read on to learn if this type of HVAC system fits your needs.

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Ductless Mini-split Lifespan: How Long Should My Unit Last?

Most standard air conditioners can last for at least a decade. Ductless mini-split air conditioners can serve you longer at 20 years with favorable conditions. Only a few home appliances can compare to this kind of lifespan. It shows that ductless mini-split systems are worth the cost. To achieve the higher end of the longevity spectrum, be mindful of what can impact it. Be proactive so you can prolong the service life of your ductless unit when possible.

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Factors That Affect Ductless HVAC Longevity

Here are several considerations that impact ductless HVAC longevity:

Level Of Care Your Ductless Mini-Split Receives

HVAC units require regular care to achieve optimal performance and long life. This way, you don’t have to fuss about them daily, but you should still check the air filters once a month or so. Clean them when they get dirty to ensure good airflow. You should also book professional maintenance at least twice per year. Certified technicians can open them, examine the parts, clean the interiors, and perform tests to make sure the unit works properly. They can make the needed adjustments to keep the ductless system energy efficient and free from issues.

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Frequency Of Use

The parts of your HVAC system will wear out fast if you use it all the time. Individuals may have no choice but to depend on the HVAC system for most of the year if the region they live in has extreme temperatures. The best they can do to reduce the load of the system is to utilize mild thermostat settings. The indoor temperature should be kept between 70 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. This should be sufficient to keep everyone comfortable. Make sure that the temperature is down when the ductless mini-split is heating and up when cooling while you are away. This way, your energy costs stay manageable, and your system experiences reduced wear and tear.

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Quality Of Ductless Heat Pump Equipment

Ductless systems have many different qualities. Trained eyes can spot the cheap materials that less expensive models use. It may be tempting to buy low-cost systems, but you should remember other essential considerations. Consult a reputable HVAC technician to look for better options. You can get expert information about equipment quality, brands, warranty, and related topics.

Proper Ductless Heating & Cooling Installation

HVAC performance and longevity also depend on the HVAC installation company’s competence. These professionals will assemble the components onsite. They must find the ideal spots to install indoor and outdoor units. They also need to check for proper clearance around these units. They must also ensure that the connecting pipes and cables are correctly fitted.

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Correct Ductless Mini-Split Sizing

A small ductless system can save you money but may not be correctly sized for your home. An HVAC unit that’s too small will work harder and longer to achieve the set temperature. This will negatively affect the system’s lifespan. Installing a system that’s too big is also a bad idea. This can cause short cycling and wear out the components quickly. Ask an experienced HVAC technician to calculate the exact load your home needs. They can also help you find a ductless system that matches this load.

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Environmental Conditions

Some environments aren’t conducive to HVAC unit longevity. For instance, homes in coastal regions will have to deal with salty air that quickens corrosion. On the other hand, homes in dry and dusty areas may find their air filters becoming dirty fast. These air filters need to be cleaned or replaced more often to extend the service life of the system.

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HVAC Lifespan: Ductless HVAC Vs. Central HVAC Units

Ductless heat pumps typically outlive ducted HVAC systems. You should appreciate the effect of their designs on the compressor to help you understand why this happens. The compressor is the heart of the system; if it fails, you usually need a system replacement. Some of the reasons compressor failures occur include:

  • High Static Pressure: Incorrect duct size or installation can cause high static pressure. This burdens your system and triggers, for instance, compressor overheating. This isn’t an issue for mini-split systems because they are ductless.
  • Hard Starts: Forced-air central systems can suffer from significant wear and tear if it repeatedly hard starts. Ductless mini-split units utilize inverter technology with variable speeds to remove the problem. The compressors should go full speed simultaneously but ramp up and down instead.
  • Dirty Evaporator Coils: Leaky ducts pull in dirt and dust. These indoor air particles can settle on the system’s surface as time passes. For instance, dirty evaporator coils can prevent the system from removing heat effectively. It also makes the compressor work harder to compensate for this problem. Mini-split systems have no ducts, so leaks and dirt won’t be much of a problem.
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Ductless mini-split systems are clearly more advantageous regarding system lifespan. Removing the use of ducts and improving the technology have allowed ductless systems to run more efficiently and for a longer period. High-quality ductless HVAC units can last for 20 years with proper maintenance. This makes them great investments for homeowners. If you want to get a ductless mini-split, call an experienced HVAC technician. Book a home visit to learn the details and get a free estimate.

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