American Heart Association’s 2021 Heart of the Hamptons Heart Ball

Jacqueline Hart

Hart Home Comfort is passionate and dedicated to supporting the American Heart Association. We believe in the positive impact that the American Heart Association does and feel that it is important to support organizations that make a difference. This year, we are helping to spread the word and raise money for the Heart Ball.

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Furnace Efficiency: 6 Ways You’re Overworking Your Furnace

image of a woman adjusting thermostat for home heating

Although your furnace is a durable piece of equipment, it can wear down if you do not use it correctly. This, eventually, can lead to inefficient operation, unnecessary HVAC repairs, high home heating costs, and possibly a complete furnace breakdown. This article discusses some effective ways to use your more furnace efficiently.

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Services You Can Count on for Winter

hvac contractor

It clearly pays to be prepared for the winter weather! With Hart Home Comfort’s heating services, homeowners in Queens and Long Island will be able to face any extreme cold weather without any issues. Learn What Hart Home Comfort can do for you to make this winter the best one yet…

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It’s Never too Early to Prepare for Winter

hart heating oil

At Hart Home Comfort, we know the importance of preparation, especially when it comes to facing another cold winter! Luckily, our services cover everything you’ll need to stay warm and comfortable throughout this heating season. Learn more about what our HVAC services and heating oil deliveries can do for you…

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Tired of Saving Money? Not Likely!

hvac systems

You may wonder how spending money on new heating and cooling equipment could possibly save you money. In this article, we discuss why this is true and if you are due for an upgrade…

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It Pays to Upgrade Your Heating Equipment with Hart

home heating system

If your heating bills are higher than they used to be, you frequently call us for repairs, certain spots in your home don’t get or stay warm, or your boiler or furnace is 10 years old or older, it’s time to upgrade your heating system…..

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Don’t Move Away When You Move Away

family moving

From Queens to Suffolk County, you’ll always be protected by Hart Home Comfort’s top-notch services.  In this article, we will discuss why Hart Home Comfort is the perfect home comfort service provider for you…

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