What Homeowners Need To Know About Their HVAC Air Filters

HVAC air filterIt’s imperative for homeowners to be responsible for their property with regards to regular maintenance.

For instance, to avoid HVAC problems, it is essential for a homeowner to have the furnace and AC inspected and serviced annually at a minimum. Otherwise, the unit can easily suffer damages and eventually lead to costly and unnecessary repairs.

One of the main tasks that you must undertake with HVAC systems, and never neglect, is changing the air filters. However, homeowners often forget to check their filter on a monthly basis, implying that they neglect to change them when they are dirty.

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 The Crucial Role Of Air Filters On HVAC Systems And Indoor Air Quality

For year-round, uninterrupted heating or cooling comfort, all you need to do is to replace dirty filters and install new ones regularly. HVAC air filters are relatively inexpensive, and they can help avoid costly repair bills. Air filters can be replaced by an HVAC expert if necessary. Remember, filters are vital parts of your system. Here are some of their important functions:

Keeping The HVAC System Clean With Air Filters

An HVAC air filter is relatively inexpensive, yet it has an important job. It prevents dirt and debris from clogging the evaporator coil in the air-conditioner and that of the heat exchanger in the furnace. Clogs restrict airflow, meaning the system works harder and increases bills. Overly clogged filters could even break down the system.

Clean Filters Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

The air filters in these units keep the air circulating throughout the home. Airborne debris is also captured by air filters, ensuring your home’s air quality is healthy. It’s easy to see how vital a role they play. Therefore, it’s crucial to buy quality filters to keep pollutants out of your home effectively. It’s the only way to ensure your family is breathing healthy, clean air.

HVAC System Servicing The Right Way

indoor air quality and air filterMany homeowners wonder how often HVAC systems need to be serviced by experienced and trustworthy technicians. Annual servicing for each system is more than enough.

An HVAC unit is one part of the system, so there are numerous moving parts. These components include ducts and belts. Rest assured that problems may ensue should belts become dry or cracked. Coils, ducts, or fans that are rusted could result in the system not operating to its fullest.

During inspections and annual servicing, professionals lubricate parts like these to ensure they function correctly and sometimes replace them, when necessary. It’s always best for an expert to inspect the system to determine what repairs are required.

Air filters usually measure between one and four inches thick. The most common size filter for a home is the one inch. That said, it’s import to refer to the requirements of the specific system before purchasing and installing an air filter in your unit. It’s even better to let the expert care for the unit, including the changing of the air filter. They can let you know which type of filter is best for your system.

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Maintenance And Care Of HVAC Air Filters

It’s always recommended to invest in high-efficiency air filters but, they must be adequately cared for, maintained and regularly replaced for them to have a positive effect on the HVAC system. Accumulated particles in filters will make your system work that much harder. Left dirty, energy bills will increase, and so too will the risk of your system malfunctioning. Therefore, eliminate many problems by just caring for the system correctly.

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To Conclude

HVAC filters regularly cleaned or replaced by responsible property owners will benefit from a cost-effective system with little or no downtime. Moreover, homeowners can avoid unnecessary high energy costs, as well as expensive repairs, when they paid close attention to the air filters. Plus, proper maintenance helps to improve the quality of indoor air. Only an HVAC professional can provide more information and recommendations while conducting the yearly inspection of your home furnace or air conditioner.

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