tree in the autumn seasonPeople frequently look towards the fall as a season that brings relief from the heat of summer. Also, it brings the sight of beautiful fall leaves, carved pumpkins, and football games.

On the negative side, fall also means dealing with messy yards, colder weather, and other issues.

It is smart for homeowners to deal with potential problems early before the harsh winter arrives. An excellent way to get ready is to create a fall maintenance checklist to deal with issues early for better results.

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Checklist Items You Should Perform In The Fall Season

Here we will show you some good ways to get your home ready for the fall weather.

1. Schedule An Annual Home Heating System Tune-Up

heating system tune-upThe temperature is going to plunge over the next few months right until the arrival of winter. Sooner or later, you will need to rely on your heating system to keep you warm. You need to be sure that it is up to the task.

An HVAC contractor should check and service your heating system each year. These professionals will inspect and repair your furnace as needed, including routine lubrication and cleaning. Having your furnace tuned up will ensure the quality of the air inside the home, as well as making your heater more reliable and energy-efficient. Call Hart Home Comfort and arrange an appointment for a furnace tune-up.

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2. Schedule A Delivery Of Home Heating Oil

home heating oil deliveryIf your heating system uses heating oil as its fuel, you should contact your oil supplier long before the winter weather starts. This will ensure you are prepared for colder temperatures. You will pay less for your fuel if you purchase it early in the season before there is a lot of demand which will drive prices up. Call Hart Home Comfort now to learn about options for heating oil delivery and payment plans.

3. Seal Gaps To Make Your Heating System More Efficient

Your heating system works hard in winter. However, it will not work efficiently if warm air is escaping through gaps around your doors and windows. The heating system will have to work harder and run longer, consuming a lot of fuel to keep your home warm.

Before winter, check for gaps by the doors and windows. Seal any gaps or cracks you discover by using window film, foam tape, caulking, and weather stripping. You can also hang insulated curtains to make your heating more efficient. Furthermore, be sure your home has high R-value insulation.

4. Replace The Batteries On Your Safety Alarms

A heating system that malfunctions can emit carbon monoxide and smoke. These are dangerous emissions that need to be detected before any problems arise. The presence of smoke can mean there may be a fire that can destroy the entire home. Carbon dioxide is a very dangerous gas that is odorless and colorless so you need an alarm to alert you. Before furnaces get reactivated in fall, you should replace all batteries in the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors so you can be certain you are protected.

5. Ensure Your Sidewalks, Driveways, And Stairs Are Safe

Winter is almost here. Before it arrives, you need to ensure your home is safe. The exterior parts of your property are vulnerable to the elements, so you should check them for safety. To avoid accidents, check the state of outdoor stairs, driveways, railings, and sidewalks. If you find anything that is broken, have it fixed before the arrival of snow. All railings should be reliable and sturdy. Make sure the driveway is solid so you can clear away the snow easily.

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6. Rake The Leaves

raking leavesAt the beginning of fall, when leaves first start coming down, people often find the sight of falling leaves to be very beautiful. Many homeowners let the leaves pile up because they have so many other tasks to look after.

Later in the season, the leaves will get covered with snow, and it will no longer look so romantic. This is a mistake as the growth of the lawn and other plants in spring may be affected.

The best way to deal with falling leaves is to rake the ground quickly during the fall season before the snow arrives.

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7. Clean Out The Gutters

cleaning guttersIn the fall, many leaves and branches that come down from trees, land on the ground, or pile up on roofs and in gutters. This can lead to a problem as this debris piling up in gutters may block water flow. Also, pests will also be attracted to the rotting leaves. Clean out the downspouts and gutters. This is important, particularly if there is a lot of debris and there are trees close to the roof. Hire someone to clean the gutters if this task makes you feel uncomfortable.

8. Repair Damaged Exteriors

When you are cleaning out the gutters, take the time to inspect your roof to see if you can find any areas of damage. You should also check your home’s foundation and siding for visible damage. The exterior of your house is constantly battered by the elements. Therefore, the exterior can be damaged more quickly than the interior. Be sure to have all the damage repaired before the onset of winter.

9. Turn Off Outdoor Faucets

Before winter comes, shut off all your outdoor faucets and put the hoses away. This will help to protect your pipes from freezing. If water is still present in the exposed pipes, it will expand, and this can damage your plumbing. Be sure to drain your pipes and hoses before the temperature goes below freezing. Also, you should cover your outdoor taps using spigot covers.

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