Top 5 Reasons To Schedule An Annual Furnace Tune-Up

furnace tune-upAs a property owner, your top priority is always the well-being and safety of your family and home. Accomplishing these things can feel daunting, to say the least. This, however, doesn’t have to be true in one area: your home heating system. An annual furnace tune-up will help you ensure the health, comfort, and overall well-being of your loved ones.

Home heating systems are increasingly automatic, and thus, most people don’t give them much thought at all – until they stop working properly. Then, they find themselves dealing with heating emergencies. Due to circumstances like these, you might have to call out from work or miss other obligations to schedule a furnace repair. Moreover, there will be a costly repair bill to contend with, as well as a chilly living environment and an uncomfortable family throughout the cold season.

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Top 5 Reasons Why A Yearly Furnace Tune-Up Is So Essential

Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons why scheduling an annual furnace tune-up is the best choice for your entire household.

Safely Heating Your Home Is Important

Everyone wants their family members to be safe. Given that heating our homes is such an automatic process, a lot of people set their thermostats and then forget about them. We also tend to overlook the fact that heating systems rely on combustion and may be dangerous as a result.

Although several fuel types can be used in various home furnaces, a system that is poorly maintained can lead to serious consequences. With a natural gas system, poor maintenance can result in house fires and explosions that can be dangerous for everyone. Moreover, natural gas furnaces are capable of releasing deadly gases such as carbon monoxide or the fuel itself. Additionally, cold winter conditions place everyone at risk of freezing if they are exposed to extremely low temperatures for any extended period.

Irrespective of the type of fuel your furnace uses, a yearly furnace tune-up is absolutely vital. These checkups ensure that poor venting, frayed wires, and other problems that compromise a heater’s ability to function properly will be caught and corrected early on. As such, maintenance helps keep both your home and your loved ones safe.

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The Importance Of Good Airflow For Your Furnace

furnace hvac filterYou may have learned in one of your science lessons that fire needs oxygen to burn. Well, for your furnace to perform optimally, it needs proper airflow.

When airflow is restricted in any way, your home heating system is going to have to work much harder. This will result in extra spending on your energy bills. Given that the heating system is forced to operate under excess stress, it will also wear out far more quickly than one with good airflow.

During your tune-up service, your furnace technician will make sure that the heater is getting the right airflow. Regular HVAC filter changes can also improve the efficiency of your heater. If you have family pets in the home, collections of dander and pet hair can get sucked into and trapped within this filter, thereby making it clog. Thus, routinely changing your filter will save you money by ensuring proper furnace operation.

You Can Limit The Need For Urgent Repairs With An Annual Furnace Tune-Up

People are often filled with fear whenever they hear the word “emergency.” It’s possible to limit the need for emergency home furnace repairs by simply having your furnace inspected regularly. Most furnaces malfunction during the cold weather season, given that this is when they’re working their hardest.
Scheduling a furnace inspection at the very start of winter will give heater technicians the chance to identify developing issues. Repairs can be performed before the time when your furnace is most needed. This will ensure that this important appliance is performing the way that it should, rather than making loud, jarring noises, and breaking down unexpectedly.

If you delay until a furnace repair is actually needed, you could end up waiting for service in a cold house during the harshest months of winter. This peak season means that HVAC service companies are usually busy. You can, however, make use of no-heat, emergency services that are offered by most HVAC contractors. The rates for these emergency services tend to be a bit higher than standard furnace repair services. Furnace tune-ups will help you avoid these extra charges and the related hassle.

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Your Furnace Will Be Far More Efficient With Regular Maintenance

energy efficient heating systemWhen the heat exchanger and burner in your furnace have been properly and professionally cleaned, the entire heating system will operate more efficiently. You’ll save cash because the system will be able to heat the home with less fuel. You’ll have the benefit of saving money, as well as the satisfaction that comes from doing something good for the natural environment by limiting energy waste. Everyone on the planet wins.

Meet The Warranty Requirements Of Your Furnace Manufacturer

A yearly furnace check-up will help you meet the routine maintenance requirements for the typical furnace warranty. This is a great way to protect your investment by preserving the warranty on this equipment.

Given that you can plan your furnace tune-up in advance, both your wallet and your schedule will benefit from routine heater maintenance. You can maintain a comfortable and warm home all winter long. Contact Hart Home Comfort today to schedule your furnace tune-up.

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