How To Deal With HVAC Airflow Problems In The Home

hvac troubleshootingIf you are having problems with the HVAC airflow in your home, you should not attempt to fix the system with your DIY skills. The right answer is to call in a trained HVAC professional to attend to the problem.

There may be an underlying reason why your airflow is not working correctly. Furthermore, if you try to fix things on your own, you can cause serious problems later.

It is, therefore, smart to call a professional HVAC technician to check out your system.

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HVAC Troubleshooting Bay Shore NY: Main Causes Of Airflow Problems In HVAC Systems

Here are some of the most frequent causes of problems with airflow in HVAC systems:

Condenser Unit Is Blocked Or Obstructed

The condenser unit requires a lot of space to work correctly. If the unit is blocked, it may not be receiving enough air, and it can overheat. Once the outdoor condenser unit overheats, you can have problems with the airflow in your home. However, clearing out all the debris near the unit may not be enough to fix the problem. Therefore, call a trained HVAC professional to advise you of the best solution.

Clogged Up HVAC Air Filters

dirty hvac filterAn air filter works hard to keep the air in the house clean, so it will have to be changed regularly. If the filters are not changed frequently, they can become clogged. Consequently, a clogged filter can damage parts of your HVAC system, create poor air quality indoors, and areas of uneven temperatures in the home.

Leaks And Blocks In HVAC Ducts

Blocked air ducts can also cause airflow problems. Dust accumulating in the ducts will cause issues with airflow. Furthermore, a crack or a hole in the ducts will cause air to leak. Consequently, the airflow will be reduced, and the system will not work correctly.

Blocked HVAC Registers And Vents

Vents and registers that are blocked can be the cause of airflow problems in the house. Perhaps some registers and vents have been blocked by curtains or furniture. Check your home to see if vents or registers are obstructed in any way.

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The Air Conditioning Condenser Coil Is Dirty

The condenser coil gets rid of heat from the inside of the home. If the coil is very dirty, it will not be able to release heat. This means the air conditioner must work very hard to try to cool the home, and there will be problems with the airflow. Therefore, call in a trusted HVAC technician who can clean the condenser coil.

HVAC System Design Is Outdated

outdated air conditionerIf your home has been remodeled recently, this could lead to problems with your airflow. Maybe you may have done the renovations without taking the HVAC system into account. Consequently, an outdated HVAC system will not be able to handle the heating or cooling requirements of your renovated home.

The correct solution is to have a professional HVAC specialist to upgrade the HVAC system. The required changes to the ductwork can solve the airflow problem.

You Have Issues Related To Your Thermostat

Airflow problems can be caused by a simple matter such as a faulty thermostat or a battery that is low on power. Check the battery to determine if it needs a replacement.

If the thermostat needs more than a replacement of the battery, call in a professional HVAC contractor to take care of the problem quickly.

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