HVAC & Fuel Oil Case Studies

What better way to evaluate Hart Home Comfort for your home's energy and HVAC needs than to review prior projects that we completed.

This page contains a library of fuel and HVAC case studies for projects located throughout Nassau County, Suffolk County, and Queens, NY.

Library Of Case Studies

Steam Boiler Installation Whitestone NY

Peerless Steam Boiler Heating System Installation Project In Whitestone, New York

Problem: The Milovac family had never replaced the boiler in their multi-story, Whitestone, NY home. When they found that their decades-old boiler was leaking all over the floor, they knew they had to address the issue immediately or risk water damage and heat loss during the cold New York winter. They called the trusted HVAC professionals at Hart Home Comfort for a free on-site evaluation to get the speedy assessment and expert advice needed to address their pressing concerns.

Solution: Julio recommended the Peerless Model ECT-3C Cast Iron Steam Boiler, ideal for residential properties, to provide an efficient and cost-effective home heating the Milovac family would need during the winter months. With the installation of a new boiler from Hart Home Comfort, the Milovac family now enjoys more effective and efficient home heating, as well as reduced utility costs, helping to offset the price of replacement.

boiler installation merrick ny

Peerless Steam Boiler Upgrade Project In Merrick, Long Island, New York

Problem: The Beyers family began to notice waning performance from their old steam boiler, and when they inspected, they discovered an unpleasant odor lingering around their boiler, as well as water on the floor around it. With a tough winter already in progress, they knew they needed to address the issue immediately to ensure adequate heating for their multi-story home in Merrick, NY. That’s when they contacted the seasoned professionals at Hart Home Comfort for assistance.

Solution: When Hart Home Comfort technicians Brian V. and Charlie L. arrived at the Beyers house to inspect the boiler, they immediately discovered a cracked heat exchanger. Not only was the boiler outdated, but the damage was beyond repair. They recommended removing the old boiler and replacing it with a brand-new Peerless Cast Iron Steam Boiler, and the Beyers family agreed.

Peerless Boiler Install Merrick NY

Commercial Peerless Oil Boiler Upgrade in Merrick NY

Problem: The Merrick Jewish Center had an old commercial steel oil boiler in place in their temple and school that began leaking. They called Hart Home Comfort to come and evaluate their system and diagnose the cause of the leak.

Solution: An experienced HART Home Comfort technician consulted with the Merrick Jewish Center management and, after inspection of the old commercial oil boiler system, determined that the old system needed to be replaced. He recommended removing ten old Repco Steel oil boilers and upgrading to two Peerless oil-fired boilers.


Ruud Furnace Heating System Upgrade In Malverne, New York

Problem: When the Wendt family began to experience ailments like frequent headaches and flu-like symptoms, they assumed they were just passing around a seasonal bug. Then they noticed an unpleasant odor emanating from the furnace and they started to wonder if their symptoms could be related to a problem with their home heating equipment.

Wishing to avoid potential health risks, as well as ensure safe heating for their multi-story home during the freezing winter in Malverne, NY, they immediately contacted the experts at Hart Home Comfort. A trained and experienced technician made a priority visit to the home to inspect the unit.

Solution: Brian shut down the system for safety and informed the Wendt family that their furnace was unrepairable and that they would need a new unit. He recommended a Ruud Model ROCA115 Warm Air Furnace for increased safety, performance, and efficiency. The Wendt family agreed and Brian scheduled immediate installation so that the family would not have to go without heat in their home.


Bock Water Heater Installation In West Hempstead, NY

Problem: The Farrell Family started to notice a reduction in available hot water, along with rising utility bills. Upon inspecting their hot water heater, they realized the older unit was leaking, and had been for some time. Understandably concerned about waning hot water for everyday necessities in their West Hempstead, NY home, as well as potential water damage from their leaking water heater, they called the experts at Hart Home Comfort to assess the situation.

Solution: Experienced technician Brian responded to the call from the Farrell family and found that the leak in their water heater had advanced to the state that it was beyond repair. Unfortunately, the older unit had been leaking for a while, getting worse and worse, impacting available hot water and increasing utility costs in the process. Because the leak started small and the problem progressed slowly, it was probably months before the family noticed the change. In addition, the age of the unit would have made it cost-prohibitive to fix, even if repairing it was an option.

Brian recommended that the Farrell family upgrade to a brand-new Bock Model 51E Water Heater, offering 50 gallons of capacity ideal for their multi-story home. The Farrell family knew they would need a new water heater since their old and outdated model was beyond repair, and they wanted to make sure to choose equipment that could not only deliver the capacity they needed, but offer improved efficiency to reduce utility costs.

Navien Gas Boiler Installation Garden City NY

Oil To Natural Gas Conversion on Residential Heating System In Garden City, New York

Problem: The Palladino Family of Garden City, NY had an old oil furnace in place in their colonial style residence that just stopped working. The system had been breaking down more frequently in recent years and was not heating the home thoroughly, but they thought they had a little more life left in the system. They called Hart Home Comfort to come and evaluate their system and diagnose the cause of the shutdown.

Solution: An experienced Hart Home Comfort technician consulted with the family and, after inspection of the old oil burning system, determined that the old system was unrepairable. He recommended an oil to gas conversion in Garden City, NY with the installation of a Navien Condensing Boiler Heating System.

Peerless Boiler Installation Northport NY

Peerless Oil Boiler Installation Project In Northport, New York

Problem: The homeowners in a Northport NY house had maintained the same boiler system for more than 30 years. The family recognized they were in desperate need of a more current and efficient unit to keep their mini-mansion comfortable in the cold weather seasons.

Solution: Our technicians removed the old unit and installed a brand new Peerless Model WBV-5 with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. The installation service provided by Hart Home Comfort included all necessary plumbing and electric work.

Ruud Furnace Installation Westbury NY

Oil Heating System Upgrade In Westbury, New York

Problem: A Hart customer’s oil Rheem furnace had a cracked heat exchanger.

Solution: Hart Home Comfort quickly removed their old Rheem furnace and replaced it with a Ruud oil furnace.

Mitsubishi Ductless Installation Northport NY

Mitsubishi Mini-Split Ductless Install In Northport, New York

Problem: A Hart customer recently built an addition to their Northport, NY home. The addition did not have an HVAC system in place.

Solution: Hart Home Comfort installed a Mitsubishi ductless heat pump in their home. Their setup consisted of one floor mounted indoor air handler and one outdoor condenser.

Mitsubishi Ductless Installation East Meadow NY

Mitsubishi Ductless Upgrade For East Meadow, New York Residence

Problem: A Hart customer’s LG ductless mini-split was not providing the comfort that they needed to get through the extreme weather conditions of East Meadow, NY.

Solution: Hart Home Comfort installed a Mitsubishi heating and cooling system consisting of a multi-zone outdoor condenser unit and 3 indoor air handling units.

Northport NY Boiler Replacement

Northport NY Oil Boiler Replacement

Problem: A recent customer had an old, outdated Weil Mclain oil boiler that was not running correctly and causing issues for their Northport NY home.

Solution: Hart Home Comfort installed a brand new, energy efficient and dependable Utica Starfire IV oil boiler in their home.

Steam Boiler Installation Fresh Meadows NY

Boiler Replacement in Fresh Meadows, New York

Problem: A Hart customer had an old and leaking Weil Mclain boiler that was not performing well. It did not provide a comfortable level of heat or adequate amounts of hot water.

Solution: Hart Home Comfort removed their old boiler and installed a new Peerless ECT-3 steam boiler in their Fresh Meadows, NY home.

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