Central Air Conditioning Install Project In Islip, New York

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Our client noticed that their central air conditioning system was performing poorly. They were paying higher than normal energy costs over the summer and their home felt hot and sticky during the peak of the season. It seemed like their cooling system just couldn’t keep up with the escalating outdoor temperatures. They wanted to find a solution for their problem, so they gave Hart Home Comfort a call to see what options were available.

We dispatched one of our HVAC experts, Julio, to address our client’s concerns. He carefully inspected the unit and determined that our customers had an AC unit with a coolant leak. Although a refrigerant leak is generally a repairable problem, their unit was old and used the outdated R-22 refrigerant. As a result, an AC repair wasn’t an economical option. Therefore, Julio recommended a new central air conditioner replacement for their Islip, NY home.

PROBLEM: Our clients felt uncomfortable during the summer, despite cranking their air conditioner.

SOLUTION: Hart Home Comfort replaced their old AC system with a Rheem air conditioner to ensure low energy costs and superior comfort.

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Rheem Classic® RA13 Series Air Conditioner Upgrade In Islip New York

rheem air conditioner installation islip ny

Islip, NY is certainly an area of Long Island that requires a reliable air conditioning system. After all, outdoor temperatures can reach the mid-80s and humidity levels can soar to unbearable levels. Homeowners appreciate having a cooling system that operates as expected.

Our clients wanted to feel comfortable in their home without paying an arm and a leg for it. Their old air conditioner had once performed very well and so they fully understood what they were looking for. This is why we recommended an air conditioner replacement.

An air conditioner replacement would certainly meet their cooling requirements, both when it comes to comfort and efficiency.

An air conditioning unit that is past its prime with a coolant leak poses a few issues. We’ll discuss these more in detail below.

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Should I Replace My R-22 Air Conditioner With A Coolant Leak In Islip?

Generally, when it concerns a problem with air conditioning units, homeowners have one of two choices. They can either opt for a repair or a replacement of the unit. Of course, making either one of these decisions is dependent on various factors.

AC repairs are usually the faster and cheaper option. However, in some cases, a repair may seem cheaper upfront, but over time, it may actually cost far more than replacing the unit altogether.

For a relatively new air conditioner, an HVAC repair is a convenient solution. Its age is typically an indicator that your cooling system will provide you with a few more years of service. However, if your air conditioner is old and on its last leg, then it makes economic sense to replace it. Why dump your hard-earned money into a system that may completely break down within the next year or so?

Dealing with an air conditioner that is old and has a coolant leak is a pretty straightforward decision. In this situation, you have a unit that may last another season (if you’re lucky) and requires an expensive HVAC repair. When it concerns coolant leaks, the HVAC contractor will need to repair the leak and then top it off with missing refrigerant for it to function once again. This type of repair is far from cheap.

Our clients had an air conditioner that uses R-22 refrigerant. On January 1, 2010, the HVAC industry stopped manufacturing units that used this type of refrigerant due to the effect on the Earth’s ozone layer. On January 1, 2020, R-22 was illegal to produce or manufacture altogether. This means that their unit was manufactured, at the latest, by 2010, making it an 11-year old air conditioner. Air conditioners tend to last between 10-15 years, with regular maintenance. As a result, our clients opted for a replacement unit instead of a repair.

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Why Can’t I Retrofit My Air Conditioner Instead Of Replacing It?

No one will contest the fact that an air conditioner replacement is expensive. You may apply for rebates but, even after the fact, it still comes with a hefty price tag. Consequently, many homeowners are interested in trying more affordable options such as retrofitting their old air conditioning system with the more environmentally-friendly R-410a refrigerant. Their thinking process is since the only issue is the coolant, why not change it? Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as it sounds.

Why R-22 Alternatives Don’t Really Work As A R-22 Replacement

air conditioner refrigerant

An air conditioner is a pressurized system with the refrigerant acting as the life source of the unit. Cooling systems that were manufactured prior to 2010, use R-22 and operate at a significantly lower pressure than their modern counterparts. Due to this, an older air conditioning unit will not be able to handle the stress that comes with using a modern-day refrigerant that operates at a higher pressure. It may work for a while, but air conditioner issues are inevitably lurking right around the corner. To put it bluntly, retrofitting an AC unit is pretty much a band-aid fix.

Retrofitted air conditioners quickly tend to develop coolant leaks in the condenser coil, taking the homeowner right back to their original problem. At that time, they have to, once again, make the decision of dealing with endless repairs or simply biting the bullet and replacing their unit.

By replacing the air conditioner in the first place, homeowners will have an air conditioner that is guaranteed to last for a decade or more. If you calculate the cost of retrofitting an air conditioner vs. a total upgrade, you will see that it makes financial sense to opt for the replacement to begin with. Between the efficiency of the new air conditioner, the reduced energy costs, tax breaks, and other incentives, a homeowner can truly benefit from a new unit. Call Hart Home Comfort today to learn more.

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Can’t I Buy More R-22 Refrigerant Instead?

As mentioned above, as of January 1, 2020, R-22 has reached the end of its final stage of The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) phaseout, meaning that it is no longer legal to manufacture or import. This doesn’t mean that homeowners can’t use their R-22 air conditioners. It just means that the current supplies of R-22 are low. It also means that due to the law of economics of supply and demand, R-22 prices are through the roof. There is a low supply and high demand.

When you factor in the price of refrigerant and couple it with the fact that the system is old and runs at a lower efficiency, then an air conditioner upgrade becomes the more appealing option. Do not hesitate to call Hart Home Comfort if you would like advice and a free quote for your cooling system.

What Are The Benefits That I Will Receive If I Replace My Air Conditioner In Islip?

When you opt to replace your air conditioner, coolant leak or not, there are various advantages that you will gain. We outline some of them below:

Significant Energy Savings

Man checking cooling bills on the tablet at home

Older air conditioners may have been very efficient when they were new. However, due to wear and tear, they tend to lose their efficiency as they age. Therefore, even if you regularly maintain your older unit, it still will not perform like it used to. It will consume more energy to meet the cooling needs of the home.

Also, with advancements in HVAC technology, modern air conditioning units are far more efficient than new units from even 10 years ago. They now have higher SEER ratings.

This all translates into reduced energy costs. A new air conditioner will be able to provide the home with the comfort they deserve at a reduced price. Although an air conditioner replacement is expensive initially, it certainly pays for itself in the form of lower energy bills.

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Improved Indoor Air Quality

An air conditioner cools the air of the home. However, it also has another very important job – it removes humidity from the home and cleans the indoor air. An older unit struggles to do this effectively. A new unit will be able to easily perform this job just as long as homeowners stay on top of filter changes.

Improved Comfort

woman dealing with hot-cold spots in her house

An old air conditioner struggles to maintain the desired temperature levels. With old units, you may feel that some rooms feel warmer or colder than others. This leads to discomfort. With a new unit, your home will experience a balanced, even temperature from one room to the other. Also, you will be able to control the temperature of your home more effectively.

Warranty Coverage

Good news! Your new unit comes with a warranty in the event that a problem should occur. This will cover any repairs or replacement parts for the duration of the warranty.

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Quiet Operation

Older compressors were notoriously loud. New air conditioners, on the other hand, are able to perform quietly in the background without disturbing you.

Environmental Friendliness

With the rise in the awareness of environmental change, more households are interested in becoming more environmentally friendly. With a new energy-efficient air conditioning unit, you will be using a system that uses less energy and environmentally-friendly refrigerant. This is a great way to do your part to help out the environment!


Signs That Your Air Conditioner Has A Coolant Leak In Islip, NY

Sometimes an air conditioning coolant leak won’t be as obvious. However, here are some of the tell-tale signs that you can be aware of:

  • Higher than usual electric bills
  • Low airflow
  • Increased humidity inside your home
  • Tiny bubbles in the evaporator coils
  • AC leaking water
  • AC taking longer to cool your home
  • Hissing sounds
  • AC not blowing cold air
  • Frozen evaporator coil

If you notice any of these signs, be sure to call Hart Home Comfort right away. A refrigerant leak is dangerous and requires immediate attention. Call now!

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Rheem Classic® RA13 Series Air Conditioner

rheem ac units in islip new york

We installed a Rheem Classic® RA13 Series Air Conditioner in our Islip client’s home. Some of the features of this cooling unit include:

  • 13-15.5 SEER/11.5-13 EER
  • New composite base pan to reduce noise and prevent corrosion
  • Cooling Capacities 17.3 to 60.5 kBTU
  • Conditional parts 10-year warranty
  • UL Listed
  • Long-lasting powder coat paint finish
  • Curved louver panels to protect the coil
  • Energy Star Certified

If you need a new heating or cooling system in your home, be sure to contact Hart Home Comfort. Our expert technicians can find the best home comfort solutions for your home while working within your budget. Get started today. Call to schedule a free, in-home estimate.

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