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pool heat pump installation bohemia ny

One of our customers in Bohemia NY decided that it was finally time to get the oil-fired pool heater that they’ve always wanted for their backyard swimming pool. With such a large demand for this type of pool heating system, the price is way out of the price range of the average homeowner. They felt that the current price for most oil-fired pool heaters was way too expensive, so they contacted Hart Home Comfort to see if we can provide a better solution.

We understand their predicament and the plight of many other homeowners in their situation. They want the best pool heater for their swimming pool, but the cost can be really expensive in the inflationary environment we currently find ourselves in.

To make a long story short, expert technician Tom and other members of our staff accomplished the goal with flying colors. We sourced the electric Hayward Heat Pro Pool Heater and shared the great news with our customer. They were incredibly grateful to learn that we presented an affordable option that fit within their budget. Keep reading to explore this pool heater installation Bohemia NY.

PROBLEM: Our customer knew it was time to install an oil-fired pool heater in the swimming pool in their backyard. But every pool heater that they came across was very expensive and the cost became prohibitive. Instead of giving up on their dream, they decided to contact Hart Home Comfort and asked if we could help them find an affordable pool heater alternative.

SOLUTION: Tom and the team at Hart Home Comfort recommended an electric Hayward Heat Pro Heat Pump pool heater for nearly half the cost of the typical oil-fired pool heaters. This brand-new electric model is efficient, quiet, and as a corrosion-resistant coil which makes it perfect for outdoor use. It’s the best choice to give this family exactly what they need without breaking the bank.

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Heat Pump Pool Heater Installation Bohemia NY: Overview

hayward pool heater install bohemia new yorkOriginally, our customer wanted to install an oil-fired pool heater in their backyard swimming pool but learned quickly that the price structure was prohibitive. They needed a better alternative and asked Hart Home Comfort for help solving their dilemma.

Installing A Hayward Heat Pro Pool Heater Bohemia New York

After countless hours of research, specialist Tom and his team determined that the best course of action was to install an electric swimming pool heater. They spent a long time looking at different electric options and determined that Hayward had the best swimming pool heater on the market for an affordable price.

Why did Hart Home Comfort choose a Hayward swimming pool heater over the competition?

  • It’s affordable and costs roughly half the price of an oil-fired pool heater
  • It’s durable and made with a stainless-steel hardware that’s designed to last
  • It’s energy-efficient and saves homeowners as much is 70% on their energy expenses
  • It’s made with UV-resistant body panels that are designed to prevent deterioration and corrosion

As you can see, it made perfect sense for Hart Home Comfort to recommend this alternative electric swimming pool heater.

Even more important, this family learned that Hart Home Comfort is a company that they can trust. Our staff went above and beyond to find the ideal swimming pool heater to meet their budget requirements. And we didn’t stop there.

Our expert technician Tom did a phenomenal job installing the swimming pool heater at the perfect time. And our customer was able to heat their swimming pool as the weather was beginning to warm up in Bohemia, NY.

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Why Choose Hart Home Comfort For Your Bohemia Pool Heat Pump Install?

Hart Home Comfort is a trustworthy family-oriented company serving Bohemia and the surrounding community. We provide environmentally friendly products to our customers and use our knowledge to educate them about product benefits.

We never want to be wasteful and we care a great deal about the environment. We consider our job to teach our customers about the eco-friendliest options to meet their HVAC needs, while still providing them with an incredible experience.

We also take tremendous pride in everything that we do and our dedicated staff is focused on getting the job done perfectly every step of the way. We are always available for our customers 24/7 and we go the extra mile by following up with our customers after the job is done.

The good people at Hart Home Comfort are compassionate, kind, and friendly with everyone we meet. Members of our staff volunteer their time to help those in need. We are always patient and listen to our customers to best meet their needs. And we never talk negatively or gossip about coworkers, customers, or anyone else for that matter.

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Hayward Pool Heat Pump Installation In Bohemia New York

hayward pool heat pump

The Hayward Pro Pool Heat Pump is an advantageous choice because it has so many excellent bells and whistles for such an affordable piece of equipment. Besides the amazing titanium heat exchanger, this stainless-steel heater is quiet, performance certified, and easy to install.

Our favorite specifications and benefits include:

  • Quiet Operation – during our research, we learned that this particular swimming pool heater operates incredibly quietly in the backyard. Homeowners will barely notice that it’s even an operation until they step foot into their swimming pool and feel the toasty warm water touching their skin. This heater is phenomenal because it barely makes any noise, so it will not disturb your outdoor enjoyment or keep you awake at night because it’s hardly noticeable.
  • Energy-Efficient – this high-performance swimming pool heater not only maintains the perfect water temperature at all times, but it does so while utilizing complete energy efficiency. This device has a titanium counter-flow heat exchanger. This guarantees maximum heat transfer while reducing energy costs by as much as 70%.
  • AHRI Certified Performance – Hayward believes so strongly in their products that they have them certified independently. These laboratories independently tested this heat pump to ensure that it delivers the highest level of value at all times. This independent certification means that this product was independently tested and verified as a highly resilient, energy-efficient swimming pool heat pump for inground pools.
  • Round Design – certain swimming pool heat pumps are big, bulky, and take up a lot of unnecessary space. In this case, the Hayward heat pump was created using a round design. This makes it much easier to fit through gates and other tight spaces. It’s easily installed on an equipment pad and takes up much less space than other heaters of this type.
  • Titanium Heat Exchanger – the titanium heat exchanger is incredibly valuable for a number of reasons. It’s perfect because chemicals and salt water will never corrode the titanium material, so the heat exchanger will continue to work smoothly at all times. Plus, making the heat exchanger with titanium means that the maximum amount of heat is transferred at all times, which reduces energy expenses by a wide margin.

Are you also looking for an affordable heat pump for your inground swimming pool? Call Hart Home Comfort to receive a free, in-home estimate at your earliest convenience.

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Why Install A Pool Heater For Your Bohemia NY Home?

There are many benefits to homeowners installing a pool heater at home. As a homeowner, there are some benefits that you may not have even considered. Our favorites include:

Extending the Swimming Season

Instead of closing your pool as soon as September rolls around, you can think about keeping your pool open later than normal. With a sweet full heater, you can regulate the temperature of the water however you prefer. This heat pump will transfer the heat from the air into your swimming pool, which means homeowners can enjoy a heated swim without having to spend a fortune on energy costs.

It Provides Additional Family Time For Much Longer

image of family playing in pool

By adding a heater to your outdoor swimming pool, you’ll have an opportunity to spend more time swimming with your loved ones.

Remember, with a heat pump the swimming pool water can remain 80° at all times of the year. Obviously, you are going to necessarily swim during the middle of the winter with snow on the ground. But you could continue swimming with your loved ones in the late fall or early spring if the snow melts early enough.

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It Maximizes Your Swimming Pool Investment

You’d like to make the most of your swimming pool, right? Instead of keeping it open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, you can open it earlier and close it later because of the phenomenal heat pump keeping your swimming pool water warm and toasty.

This means more time with your family, more time with your friends, and more time enjoying your favorite hobby. It’s a win-win situation no matter how you look at it.

Are you ready to make the most of your swimming pool this year? Call Hart Home Comfort to schedule a free, in-home consultation immediately.

Pool Heating Installation FAQs

image of faq depicting pool heat pump faqs

Homeowners have many questions about pool heating installation. Here are the most common questions and answers for your benefit:

How Much Does It Cost to Put A Heater In A Pool?

Every answer to this question is going to be different depending on the circumstances. Certain service providers will charge more than others for the installation, which definitely affects the price.

Certain swimming pool heaters will cost more than others. As an example, the Hayward Heat Pro Pool Heater that we recommended for this customer is about half the price when compared to a typical oil-fired swimming pool heater.

Other areas affecting the cost of installing a pool heater include the brand/model, the size of the swimming pool, the fuel source – i.e. oil or electric, the installation company, and other potential factors.

The best way to answer this question is to call Hart Home Comfort to get a free quote for a swimming pool heater installation. Call us right away and we’ll gladly answer this question for you.

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Can I Install A Pool Heater Myself?

image of an outdoor pool with a heater in new york home

Anything is possible, but it certainly isn’t recommended. Swimming full heaters aren’t cheap. They aren’t easy to install either.

For example, would you know how to connect and properly fuel an oil-fired swimming pool heater? This is a specialized skill that’s best left to the experts.

As far as electric swimming pool heaters go, you’ll likely need to add an additional source of electricity outside to power the unit. This requires an expert technician with proper licensing and certification to complete the job correctly.

The last thing homeowners need is to accidentally install their swimming pool heater incorrectly while connecting it to combustible fuel sources. This could be very dangerous and we do not recommend it.

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Is It Worth Installing A Pool Heater?

Absolutely! Installing a pool heater is more than worth it. You’ll gain the ability to use your swimming pool longer. And you’ll have an opportunity to spend more time swimming with your family, friends, coworkers, and loved ones.

What Is the Cheapest Way To Heat A Pool?

The cheapest way to heat the swimming pool is to install an energy-efficient swimming pool heater like the one we recommend from Hayward. It costs roughly 50% less than an oil-fired pool heater and uses as much as 70% less energy, which keeps your energy expenses lower and more affordable.


Which Is Better? A Heat Pump Or Heater For The Pool?

Heat pumps are different than pool heaters in one specific way, which makes them the superior choice. A heat pump differs because it uses electricity to capture and transfer heat from the air into the swimming pool water.

Unlike gas or propane pool heaters, which use extra energy to create heat that gets transferred to the swimming pool.

The heat pump is energy-efficient and it doesn’t require using fuels that produce greenhouse gases, which is an environmentally-friendly choice.

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Call Hart Home Comfort For All Of Your Bohemia Pool Heating Requirements

If you are interested in learning more about a pool heater for your pool, be sure to call Hart Home Comfort. We can help you find the best pool heating system for your home while staying within your budget. Our goal is to provide you with service that goes above and beyond your expectations.

Hart Home Comfort specializes in HVAC services throughout the area. Our team of trained and licensed professionals has the knowledge and experience to find the best heating system for your home or pool.

By using our services, you will receive a system that is efficient, provides you comfort in your pool, and doesn’t cost a fortune to operate. To ensure your satisfaction, we back all of our work with a solid guarantee. Call now to schedule a free consultation.

You can call us today at (631) 667-3200 to schedule your on-site evaluation at no cost.

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