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When the Wendt family began to experience ailments like frequent headaches and flu-like symptoms, they assumed they were just passing around a seasonal bug. Then they noticed an unpleasant odor emanating from the furnace and they started to wonder if their symptoms could be related to a problem with their home heating equipment.

Wishing to avoid potential health risks, as well as ensure safe heating for their multi-story home during the freezing winter in Malverne, NY, they immediately contacted the experts at Hart Home Comfort. A trained and experienced technician made a priority visit to the home to inspect the unit.


Brian was immediately dispatched to the Wendt family home to assess the condition of their furnace for safety reasons. Upon inspection, he found that the decades-old unit was suffering from a cracked heat exchanger that had been leaking gases into the home, causing the foul odor they described and likely resulting in the symptoms the family was suffering from.

Brian shut down the system for safety and informed the Wendt family that their furnace was unrepairable and that they would need a new unit. He recommended a Ruud Model ROCA115 Warm Air Furnace for increased safety, performance, and efficiency. The Wendt family agreed and Brian scheduled immediate installation so that the family would not have to go without heat in their home.

The Wendt family made the right choice by contacting Hart Home Comfort as soon as they noticed the foul odor coming from their furnace. Without immediate assistance, the leak may have led to serious health concerns. With their new Ruud Model ROCA115 Warm Air Furnace installed, the family now enjoys safe and efficient home heating and their physical symptoms have cleared up.

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Ruud Model ROCA115 Warm Air Furnace In Malverne

new furnaceThe experienced and caring professionals at Hart Home Comfort understand the distress and frustration a family can feel when HVAC components aren’t working, especially during extreme weather conditions. This is why we’re committed to providing superior products and services to all of our customers, and why we selectively partner with manufacturers who share our goals and ideals. We’re proud to offer reliable and sustainable Ruud HVAC equipment designed to improve performance and efficiency and reduce energy costs for homeowners.

The service we provided for the Wendt family included:

  • Removal of the old, damaged furnace
  • Installation of new Ruud Model ROCA115 Warm Air Furnace
  • New Beckett AFG Oil Burner
  • New controls, smoke pipe, and transitional ductwork

The Ruud Model ROCA115 Warm Air Furnace, part of the Ruud Classic Series®, is an upflow oil furnace that delivers several benefits for homeowners, including:

  • Up to 85.9% AFUE for efficient operation and energy savings
  • ECM (electronically commutated motor) blower assemblies for heating and air conditioning applications
  • ECM control board in furnace vestibule for easy and convenient access
  • ECM controls designed for 2-stage air conditioning and 2-stage heat pump backup, increasing efficiency while meeting demands
  • 10-gauge primary and 14-gauge secondary heat exchanger for optimal performance and energy efficiency
  • Front cleanout ports that extend through the front wall for easy access
  • Extended vestibule to protect controls and reduce furnace noise
  • Options for quality burners, including Beckett, Carlin, and Riello
  • Standard Honeywell controls for superior regulation and user-friendly operation
  • Limited lifetime warranty on heat exchanger
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty on parts

The Wendt family was lucky to discover their cracked heat exchanger before any serious harm was done, and calling the experts at Hart Home Comfort for immediate assistance was the best thing they could have done. A cracked heat exchanger can result in leaks that include noxious gases like carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide, which can result in symptoms like those the Wendt family experienced, including persistent headaches, disorientation, sleepiness, nausea, respiratory irritation, and flu-like symptoms.

It’s not always easy to identify a cracked heat exchanger, which is why every homeowner should install a carbon monoxide detector for personal safety and the safety of family members living in the home. This device will alert you to the presence of harmful (and potentially fatal) carbon monoxide gas, should it leak into your home from a damaged furnace or other appliances.

Thankfully, the experienced professionals at Hart Home Comfort were able to immediately identify the problem, shut down the system, and arrange for swift installation of a new Ruud Model ROCA115 Warm Air Furnace. As a result, the Wendt family emerged from their ordeal unscathed and they now enjoy a furnace that delivers safety, reliable performance, and the energy savings that have helped them to reduce their utility bills, offsetting the cost of their new equipment.

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If you suspect a cracked heat exchanger is impacting your home heating, producing strong odors near your furnace, and/or contributing to ailments like frequent headaches or other physical symptoms, it’s imperative that you contact the experts at Hart Home Comfort for immediate assistance. Call us today at (631) 667-3200 to schedule your on-site evaluation at no cost.

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