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It shouldn’t surprise anyone to learn that it can get really cold in Dix Hills NY during the frigid winter months. Without proper home heating or hot water in place, the winters can get really uncomfortable to say the least. Jay Daniel and his family were concerned that their lack of hot water could lead to even greater problems with their old and outdated boiler.

The Daniel patriarch reached out to Hart Home Comfort and spoke with Jacqueline Hart. He shared his troubles with her and asked her for advice about the best steps to take to solve their problem and fix their lack of hot water. Jacqueline recommended taking full advantage of their no-hassle-free estimate right away so that they didn’t have to go without hot water for much longer.

As we know, the cold season is fast approaching and the freezing winter months will be here soon enough. The Daniel family recognized this as well, and during their free estimate, they decided to take the next best step and ask for a full boiler replacement. They chose to get rid of their old, outdated, and inefficient system and replaced it with a highly efficient Peerless oil boiler.
This new system is great because it’s highly efficient, which means it will save the Daniel family money on energy expenses over the long run. So, this year, next year, and for many years to come, they’ll cut down on their heating expenses and help preserve the environment all at the same time by becoming more energy-efficient.

Hart Home Comfort sent an expert boiler technician to their home during the no-hassle free estimate, and during this meeting, he recommended a boiler replacement Dix Hills NY. In this project, we installed a new highly efficient Peerless WBV-04 Oil Fire Cast Iron Boiler and all of the necessary accompanying parts.

PROBLEM: Customer Jay Daniel and his family woke up one day to discover that they didn’t have any hot water. He took advantage of the Hart Home Comfort no-hassle free estimate, and during this meeting, he decided to replace his old boiler with a new highly efficient system.

SOLUTION: Hart Home Comfort responded to their plea and accepted the job. Our expert technicians replaced the old boiler with a new Peerless oil-fired cast-iron boiler along with all other essential parts.

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Peerless Oil Boiler Installation in Dix Hills NY

peerless boiler upgrade dix hills nyPeople aren’t really shocked to learn that it gets incredibly cold during the winter months in Dix Hills NY. The Daniel family realized the value of having a trustworthy hot water source when it’s cold outside. The last thing anyone needs is to take an ice-cold shower when it’s freezing outside!

The Daniel family did the best thing possible when they contacted Hart Home Comfort. They took advantage of our no-hassle-free estimate and decided that it was finally time to replace their run-down old boiler with a new highly efficient model. This improved their heating and hot water system by leaps and bounds.

Jacqueline Hart knew precisely what they needed after she talked to Mr. Daniel and other members of the family. She immediately seized the moment and quickly sent over a skilled technician to perform a free estimate and provide an expert recommendation.

The technician recommended a complete overhaul and said it was best to install a new highly efficient system in place of the old inefficient boiler. At this point, the specialist recommended installing a Peerless WBV-04 Oil Fired Cast-Iron Boiler and the client agreed wholeheartedly because they recognized the value of this new system immediately.

The specialist created a detailed proposal and gave it to the Daniel family to help them better understand what to expect next. The proposal recommended a Peerless boiler and hot water coil as well as a 1 zone heating system and all of the necessary accompanying parts.

To say the homeowners were impressed is an understatement. They appreciated the detailed estimate and the expert recommendations. They agreed to the proposal and signed on the dotted line right away.

Highly Efficient Heating System Installation: Actions & Materials Used in Dix Hills NY

  • Installed new Peerless oil-fired cast-iron boiler
  • Installed hot water coil
  • Installed 1 zone heating system
  • Installed other required components including controls, pipe, valves, fittings, and wiring
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Dix Hills NY Boiler Replacement & Heating System Upgrade

Whether they know it or not, the Daniel family certainly made the right choice by deciding to upgrade their old inefficient boiler to a new highly efficient system. And the technician that visited their home did the right thing by recommending a Peerless oil boiler as the proper alternative to replace their current one.

Peerless is a well-respected company with many years under their belt selling top-quality boilers and other products. Their cast-iron and stainless-steel boilers are Energy Star Certified, which means their products were designed with energy efficiency in mind. It’s exactly what our clients need to lower their energy expenses and lead a greener and more energy-efficient lifestyle.

Hart Home Comfort is focused on meeting our customers’ needs in every way possible, which means we have to continue to recommend highly efficient products at all times. We know that times are tough with inflation rearing its ugly head again, so our recommendations are always affordable options from trusted brands that make highly efficient products well-known for their longevity.

Our reputation in Dix Hills NY remains strong because we focus on customer service every step of the way. Our customers are always our biggest priority and we make sure they’re always treated respectfully and with the utmost care. We have many years of experience in the HVAC industry, which proves that we know how to keep our customers satisfied and happy with the services that we provide.

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Peerless Oil Boiler Expectations

expectations of a boiler installationThe most important thing to know about a cast-iron oil-fired boiler is that it definitely has a long life expectancy. And the cast-iron design means that it can last for many years.

Typically, a traditional boiler will last from 15-20 years. Some well-kept and properly maintained boilers can even last for about 25 years.

On the other hand, a cast-iron oil-fired boiler is incredibly well-built, so if it’s properly maintained, the boiler could easily last for 30 years, which is definitely a long and healthy lifespan.

This isn’t going to happen by accident. Homeowners have to properly maintain their boiler and perform regular maintenance year after year. We recommend signing up for a service contract with Hart Home Comfort.

With a service contract, property owners have the best chance of getting the most value from their brand-new boiler. We will perform regular maintenance and repairs as needed. And we’ll make sure to properly maintain the new Peerless boiler so that it has the greatest opportunity to last for 30 years or possibly longer.

Do what the Daniel family did and upgrade and get a brand-new Peerless oil boiler today. And remember to sign up for our yearly service contract to properly maintain this highly efficient new investment.

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3 Telltale Signs That It’s Time to Replace A Boiler

Homeowners often suspect that it’s time to upgrade their boiler to a more energy-efficient home heating system. Sometimes it’s obvious and plain as day. At other times, knowing when to replace a boiler might not be immediately obvious.

Continue reading to find out when a boiler replacement is imminent.

1. The Boiler Is Getting Old

This might be obvious to some people but it isn’t always clear to everyone else. If a boiler is nearing the typical life expectancy age of 15-20 years old, it might be time to consider a replacement.

At this stage of the game, the warrantee likely ran out a couple of years ago. So, any and all repairs will come directly out of pocket at this point. It’s likely going to cost more money to repair an old boiler than it would to replace it outright.

Even worse, any and all repairs made to an old boiler are only a temporary Band-Aid at best. It’s likely going to break down again in the near future, so if the boiler is nearing its typical life expectancy, it’s best to consider a heating system replacement in lieu of making repairs.

2. Energy Expenses Are Increasing

image of a homeowner dealing with high heating costs

Nobody wants to pay extra for their energy expenses, right? This is especially true if they’re paying increased energy expenses due to an inefficient boiler.

Are the energy bills slowly rising? Part of this might be because the overall boiler maintenance expenses are increasing due to the age of the boiler. If it needs to be serviced constantly, this is likely happening because the total system has become less efficient over the years.

At this point, it’s likely best to think about upgrading the current heating system to a new highly efficient system. It’s going to be more durable, more reliable, and it will last longer if a cast-iron oil-fired boiler is chosen.

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3. The Home Isn’t As Comfortable As It Once Was

Are certain rooms in the home not as comfortable as they used to be? Maybe one of the bedrooms is too hot compared to the rest of the house. Or maybe the living room is just too cold using the same comparison.

It’s even possible that the temperatures in the home might vary throughout the day. This means that the heating unit is no longer quite as effective as it once was. The controls aren’t very efficient and the home would definitely benefit from newer and more efficient controls.


Oil Fired Cast-Iron Boiler Upgrade Considerations

  • Longer Life Span – lifespan is one of the most important areas to consider when choosing a new residential boiler. Find a brand or product known for their longevity. Many cast-iron boilers last for 30 years or more.
  • Brand Recognition – it makes a great deal of sense to choose a new highly efficient heating system from a brand that is recognized and trustworthy. The biggest brands have developed the best reputation for a reason. Their products are affordable and made with the highest quality.
  • High Efficiency – in this day and age, it makes tremendous sense to choose a new heating system that is considered highly efficient. Pick one that has the Energy Star certification rating, because it proves that it’s an efficient model that will save money on energy expenses.
  • HVAC Contractor – choosing the right contractor to get the job done correctly is of the utmost importance as well. Homeowners cannot go wrong choosing Hart Home Comfort to meet their HVAC needs because we have a great reputation in Dix Hills NY and we’ll take good care of them.

Hart Home Heating is the ideal company to call the next time a no-hassle-free estimate is needed when a boiler upgrade is on the horizon. We will gladly meet with you to discuss your options as we learn about your wants and needs.

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