Top Signs You Need A Cooling System Repair

air conditioner repairAir conditioners are systems you can count on to work for years. As they age, though, you may experience an increasing number of issues.

If you believe something is not as it should be, do something. It is always faster, cheaper, and simpler to repair a small issue before it becomes a bigger problem.

Ask your trusted HVAC contractor to check the condition of your cooling system.

Sure Signs That Indicate The Need For An Air Conditioner Repair Babylon NY

It is crucial to understand what to pay attention to. In this article, we discuss some telltale signs that your AC needs repair.

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1. There Are Odd Noises Coming From Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioners should quietly operate in the background. A soft hum is a normal sign. Its sound is steady and not distracting to anyone. You can sleep well and work in peace with the air conditioner turned on.

In some cases, however, you could hear odd noises that could startle you and grab your attention. Rattling, grinding, or buzzing sounds are not normal. They could indicate a problem inside the AC.

2. Water Leaking From Your Air Conditioner

Some condensation occurs under normal operating circumstances, as the moisture in the air turns to droplets around the coils. There are built-in drain channels to guide this water out of the system. That prevents mold growth and leaks. If you see water leaking, this is a signal of blockages that require immediate cleaning. Do not allow it to persist because the leakage could get worse over time and end up affecting your comfort levels.

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3. Air Conditioning Unit Emitting Foul Smells

bad air conditioning smellsAir normally contains impurities that cannot be seen by the naked eye because they are too small. On the other hand, our noses can surely smell these impurities when enough of them are in a closed space. Due to its normal operation, a large quantity of air passes through the cooling system throughout the day. It carries microorganisms, dirt, and dust. The unit’s air filters are not able to catch all of them. When foul smells develop inside the A/C, then experts need to perform a complete tune-up and a thorough cleaning.

4. Your Air Conditioner Is Short Cycling

The unit turns itself on and off at regular intervals. This cycling becomes more frequent during the hotter months as the AC unit works more to cool down the home. When the cycle is too fast, the performance gets compromised. If you suspect this is your situation, then you should contact a technician to look at your machine. That could be a sign of a faulty part needing replacement.

5. High Humidity Levels Indoors

Even though ACs are mostly used to regulate the temperature, they are also designed to decrease humidity as well. This is an important aspect of their job because humid spaces make people feel hot and sticky – even if the inner temperature is already low. When they do this job well, the unit is able to bring relief at moderate temperatures. If the level of moisture stays high, then the unit needs recalibration. A dehumidifier could help as well.

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6. You Feel Uncomfortable In Your Home

broken cooling systemIt is certainly frustrating to turn on your air conditioner and feel no relief.  You may notice uneven cooling throughout your home. You could perform some diagnostics to understand what is wrong. Do the thermostat’s settings need changing? Is the problem with the compressor? Check also the AC’s filters and make sure they are clean. A good technician will certainly be able to perform a more detailed inspection.

7. Your Air Conditioner Offers Poor Airflow

If your air conditioner’s airflow is not as smooth as it was in the past, then the unit efficiency will also be affected and go down. Sometimes a clogged air filter causes airflow restrictions, and then a filter replacement will be necessary. That could also be the consequence of a broken motor too. You should consider a zoning system or a ventilator if these solutions make sense for your house.

8. Rising AC Energy Bills

Another sign that cannot be ignored is energy bills rising unexpectedly. Higher cooling costs will immediately hurt your wallet. The best course of action is to act fast. Cooling systems naturally have a higher energy consumption when compared with other household appliances, so it is smart to look at them first. This issue could be resolved by replacing broken parts. However, once units age too much, it is prudent to replace the entire system with a newer, higher-efficiency AC unit.

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