What Does A New Peerless® Oil Boiler Cost?

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The boiler is a critical component of your heating system. It burns fuel to generate heat, ensuring that your home has a sufficient supply of warm air and hot water. Although boilers are tough and sturdy, they do become vulnerable as they get older. Thanks to frequent use, boilers will, sooner or later, require a replacement. Before the actual boiler replacement takes place, many homeowners will need to investigate the boiler brands that are available on the market.  After all, it is important to invest their hard-earned money on a boiler that they can depend on. One name that all homeowners will agree upon is Peerless®. In this article, we cover why Peerless® boilers outperform the rest. We will also cover Peerless® oil boiler costs and the signs that indicate the need for a replacement system.

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Why Choose A Peerless Boiler For Your Home?

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When it comes to reliability and efficiency, Peerless® Boilers remain as one of the top choices for many homeowners and businesses – and for good reason. Peerless® boilers are trusted for their high-efficiency and competitive pricing. When it’s time to have a new boiler installed or have an old boiler replaced, make Peerless® Boilers your choice.

Peerless® Boiler Features

  • Reliable Performance: Peerless® Boilers offer reliability and exceptional performance.
  • Advanced Technology: Peerless® Boilers are the product of technology and innovation, enhanced by industry experience. Peerless® has long been a trusted brand in hydronic heating, thanks to its consistent performance as a manufacturer of competitive products.
  • Energy Efficient: All Peerless® boilers come with high-efficiency ratings. As proof, the units that come out of the production floor are certified with an Energy Star rating. Peerless® Boilers also boast of an AFUE rating that ranges from 83% to an impressive 97.3%. All Peerless® boilers are also built and tested to ensure that they meet and even exceed Federal requirements for efficiency and safety.
  • Long Lifespan: Peerless® Boilers are built tough to ensure reliable performance that will last for many years. Their boilers are available in stainless steel and cast iron for sturdy heat-generation that will withstand the toughest conditions.
  • Oil Boiler: Furthermore, Peerless® offers oil-fired units. Why is this significant? While the cost of using oil, propane, and natural gas fluctuates depending on supply and demand, the cost of fuel oil has been proven to be more affordable historically. As such, Peerless® boilers practically guarantee that you will ultimately save more on fuel costs.
  • Impressive Warranty: Peerless® Boilers are also covered by a warranty that protects clients from materials and workmanship defects for 12 months after installation. A limited lifetime warranty is also offered to cover manufacturing defects of cast iron sections of residential water boilers, and a 10-year limited warranty covers residential steam boilers.

All these features and more are the reasons why you can be assured that every Peerless® Boiler that is installed in your home is guaranteed to work reliably and efficiently. You can always count on these boilers to deliver even and consistent heat when and where you need it most.

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Factors That Influence A Peerless Boiler Installation Cost

Before getting a Peerless® boiler installation, you may wonder what factors influence its cost. A typical installation of a new Peerless® Boiler can cost from $5,800 to about $7,100. Factors that affect a boiler installation include:

  • Boiler type
  • The complexity of the installation
  • Labor costs
  • Equipment costs
  • Location
  • Removal of old boiler
  • Disposal of old equipment

The cost of boiler installation truly depends on your situation. The best way to figure the price of a new Peerless® boiler installation for your home is to contact Hart Home Comfort and schedule a free estimate.

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Boiler Replacement: Signs To Look Out For

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When your boiler is beginning to give in to damage and wear-and-tear, it will show certain signs that you need to watch out for. When any of these signs occur, it may be time to consider a replacement seriously.

Frequent Boiler Repairs

A boiler that requires professional repair frequently is approaching its replacement point. Boilers can last for about 15-30 years or more, especially with good care. Over time, however, natural wear-and-tear occurs, and your boiler will require repairs. Take note of the cost of repairs that your old boiler needs. If the cost is nearly equal to or more than the price of a new boiler, you are better off putting the money into the purchase of a new unit.

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Higher Energy Bills

Aging causes your boiler to lose its efficiency. As such, it has to work harder just to generate the same output required to meet your heating needs. Any problem with the boiler system will force the unit to consume more fuel even as it produces the same level of heat. This explains why older boiler systems tend to make you spend more.

This problem can generally be traced to scale buildup. Over time, scale from minerals present in the water builds up in layers. While the scale itself is harmless, it does act like insulation that reduces heat transference from water to air. Your boiler will require more fuel than is actually necessary to keep up with demand.

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Boiler Leaks

Older boilers that require replacement are likely vulnerable to leaks. This is because old boilers are likely to develop cracks and have damaged seals. They may also fail at managing high pressures. Do not think that one leak can be ignored because once a leak appears in the boiler, other leaks are likely to follow.

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Unusual Flame Color Or Soot

A properly functioning boiler burner will produce a blue flame. However, if it shows a yellow flame, it may be because the unit is not burning fuel properly. This happens due to the accumulation of dirt and soot that causes clogging in the burners. The yellow flame produces a colorless, odorless, and ultimately toxic gas called carbon monoxide. It can cause headaches, chest pain, an upset stomach, and dizziness even at low levels. If you have a boiler that displays soot or an unusual flame color, you need to address this situation immediately.



It is not easy to make a decision regarding boiler installation. After all, it requires serious investment in terms of cost and commitment. However, certain situations compel us to choose to ensure our comfort and safety. With the correct information and the right options, it is possible to optimize features and specifications to achieve true value. This way, you can enjoy unparalleled comfort, energy-efficiency, and, ultimately, value for your money. If you want to find out what Peerless® Boilers can offer, get in touch with us at Hart Home Comfort and let’s discuss what Peerless® can do for your home or office.


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