HVAC Maintenance Agreement: Is It The Best Option For You?

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All types of equipment require regular maintenance to keep them functional and useful. The same holds true with heating and cooling systems. HVAC units are robust and reliable, but they are far from being indestructible. With regular HVAC maintenance, your home heating and cooling system will avoid serious breakdowns. It is a cost-effective expense that will help you avoid more costly HVAC repairs in the future. Before you call your HVAC service provider for maintenance work, considering having an HVAC maintenance agreement with them. In this article, we discuss more about what it is and why you should strongly consider one.

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Understanding An HVAC Maintenance Agreement

An HVAC maintenance agreement allows you to receive equipment inspection services on a schedule within a specified period. Although you could ask your HVAC contractor to come to your home for an HVAC tune-up now and again, this may not be the best solution for your needs. After all, you probably have a pretty good idea of how easy it can be to forget to schedule an inspection until after something has gone wrong. It would be far better to have a long-term HVAC service contract. These contracts ensure regular, on-time maintenance services for your system, whether you remember to call a contractor or not.

When you have a home HVAC maintenance agreement with a trusted company, you save more and avoid worries. Maintenance of your home HVAC equipment will be systematic, and you can enjoy many benefits as well, such as:

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Scheduled Reminders For HVAC Maintenance

HVAC contractors are busiest during the peak of the summer and winter. During this time of years, contractors receive an increased number of requests for services, usually from panicky customers who waited for things to go wrong before they called for help.

To help their customers, HVAC contractors often offer an annual HVAC service contract to ensure that heating and cooling systems are inspected and kept operational. Through this agreement, any maintenance work that needs to be done will be scheduled, and reminders will be sent months before the date of service. Since you will be using your HVAC system throughout the year, you know that it will remain reliable and efficient.

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Get Priority HVAC Service

HVAC systems can fail for several reasons, and periodic maintenance can help reduce these incidences significantly. However, like all machinery, ther require a repair from time to time. With an HVAC service contract, you will be a priority and receive immediate attention. This helps minimize disruption to your everyday activities and comfort. Since most HVAC equipment breakdowns occur during the peak of the season, this is a major advantage.

Proper Documentation Of HVAC Service

Every time your HVAC contractor works on your heating and cooling equipment, they will keep a detailed record of the maintenance work in a document. This is part of your service agreement contract. The service record is important for all HVAC units, particularly if you are still under warranty. Most warranties will only be considered valid only as long as regular maintenance is performed. If it shows that the homeowner did not perform reasonable care on the equipment while it is still under warranty, the manufacturer will have every right to honor the HVAC warranty should any problem arise. Also, if you have a maintenance record that shows consistent care and inspection, you can also help make your home attractive to home buyers in case you plan to sell your house in the future.

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Prolong The Lifespan Of Your Heating & Cooling System

HVAC systems can last for many years. As long as they have regular checkups, they will remain functional longer than units that undergo neglect. Since well-maintained HVAC systems remain reliable for longer periods, you would enjoy a better return on your investment. Whatever money you save can be placed into the purchase of a new heating and cooling unit when it is time to replace the old one.


Reduce Home Heating And Cooling Costs

As heaters and air conditioners age, they gradually lose efficiency. This is merely a natural case of wear-and-tear that even the best systems experience. When this happens, the equipment will consume more energy and struggle to reach the desired temperature. Older systems mean increased costs, which will mean increased expenses on your part. When you have an HVAC maintenance agreement, your HVAC system will always receive the attention it needs and maintain its efficiency for a long time.

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Discounted Rates For HVAC Equipment Service And Labor

The cost of an HVAC maintenance agreement can quickly be regained via HVAC service discounts. HVAC contractors often provide discounted rates to maintenance agreement customers for repairs and other services. Many cover parts and labor. Since the cost of repairs and inspections can add up, the cost will be more bearable under a long-term maintenance contract.


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