What Is Renewable Energy?

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Non-renewable energy creates adverse environmental effects, including global warming and pollution. Therefore, governments worldwide are looking into using a more renewable energy source that is environmentally friendly, affordable, and sustainable. Read on to find out more about renewable energy and the many benefits it brings.

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An Overview Of Renewable Energy

The Natural Resources Defense Council, or NRDC, states that renewable energy comes from natural processes or sources.1 They are replenished continuously, so there is a constant supply. Hence, renewable energy sources do not run out, regardless of how much energy is generated from them.

Some examples of renewable energy sources come from wind, geothermal energy, biomass, and sunlight. Renewable energy sources are safe and cost-effective. However, some are dependent on weather patterns and timing such that it makes several aspects of this type of energy source unreliable.

An example of this is solar energy. This can be abundant during sunny days but not during the night or if it is cloudy outside. Therefore, solar power is generated more when the sun is high up in the sky. It cannot generate as much energy when it is cloudy, so it becomes a challenge to find an energy source during the fall and winter seasons when it is typically cloudy. In addition, the cost of converting solar energy is relatively high, so it is impractical for most homeowners. If you are using a heating oil system as your primary heat source, consider using Bioheat® heating oil, a liquid renewable fuel instead.

Bioheat® Heating Oil: A Liquid Renewable Fuel

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Bioheat® fuel is produced using organic sources and recycled products, making it a non-toxic and biodegradable alternative. It is typically used in oil-fired heating systems. One of the benefits of biofuel heating is that it does not explode in liquid form. Therefore, you can be sure that your family is safe when you use it. Some of the other benefits this renewable energy source has to offer include:

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Bioheat® Heating Oil Is Clean

Biodiesel and ultra-low sulfur heating oil blend generate fewer greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. These harmful gases are bad for the environment and cause adverse effects like global warming. They can also be dangerous to humans when they are breathed in. Fortunately, this heating oil blend offers clean combustion, making it a safer option for the environment. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, consider using Bioheat® heating oil in your home.

Bioheat® Fuel Is Inexhaustible

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Biodiesel is virtually limitless because it is renewable energy. Therefore, it is a dependable energy source that can sustain long-term use.

Reduces The Pollution To The Environment

Bioheat® heating oil helps in reducing greenhouse gases emission. Therefore, it is safer to use than propane or natural gas. It also produces less soot, making it eco-friendlier compared to other fuels. Therefore, utilize Bioheat® fuel to help environment conservation and prevent global warming.

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Bioheat® Heating Oil Is Non-Toxic

Renewable energy sources do not produce harmful gases to the atmosphere when they are burned. For example, EcoBlend Bioheat® heating oil, which Hart Home Comfort delivers, has low amounts of sulfur, so its toxicity is significantly reduced. Your heating unit is also equipped with safety measures to prevent waste gases from leaking into the atmosphere. This way, they do not become a threat to you and your family’s health and well-being.

Bioheat® Fuel Is Affordable

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There are many energy sources available, and many people are currently choosing to embrace the use of renewable sources like Bioheat® fuel oil. As a result, there is now stiff competition in the energy industry. According to Forbes, this has significantly contributed to the lowered cost of renewable energy.2

Unfortunately, converting to some renewable energy sources is still out of reach for many households. They come with high price tags, making these sources completely impractical for many. For instance, installing solar panels to a 1,500 square feet home can cost as much as $18,500 for a 6kW solar panel system.3

When you use Bioheat® heating oil, there is no need to worry about any additional expenses. It is readily available to homeowners who have a heating oil system. There is no need to make any changes to your current heating equipment to accommodate Bioheat® heating oil. Furthermore, the consumer will not have to pay more than what they typically pay per gallon of #2 home heating oil to achieve a more environmentally friendly home. Using Bioheat® heating oil is a win-win situation for the oil heat consumer.

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Bioheat® Fuel Oil Promotes Energy Dependence

Bioheat® heating oil is a fuel derived from biodiesel. This type of fuel is made of animal and plant oils, which are sourced domestically. Therefore, the higher the demand for bioheat, the more beneficial it is for US farmers. This will also help in generating more jobs in the country.

As a result, some places in the US have their local governments providing incentives to those who use biodiesel. Some of these incentives are rebates, and tax credits, among other perks. To know more about these incentives when you opt to use bioheat, call Hart Home Comfort.


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Bioheat® heating oil offers efficient performance. For example, EcoBlend Bioheat® heating oil offers a cleaner burn which lowers build-up in your heating unit. Therefore, you do not need to have your system cleaned as often. However, it is still highly recommended that your system receives an annual HVAC checkup and maintenance to ensure that it is functioning optimally at all times.

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Aside from being a better option for your health, EcoBlend Bioheat® heating oil will not catch fire easily when in liquid form, meaning that it has to be exposed to high temperatures for it to evaporate and burn. This ensures that it is safe to use in that it will not explode if it comes in contact with a spark. However, keep in mind that solar panels generate high voltages, so they must be handled with great care, and preventive measures must be put in place to avoid electrocution. Therefore, EcoBlend Bioheat® fuel oil is a safer, renewable energy source for your home.



Using renewable energy for home heating comes with many benefits. EcoBlend Bioheat® heating oil is a liquid renewable fuel that also provides many advantages to homeowners. It is clean, safe, efficient, reliable, sustainable, and economical. Contact Hart Home Comfort today and order your EcoBlend Bioheat® heating oil to ensure you receive all these benefits and more.

Why Use Hart Home Comfort’s EcoBlend Bioheat® Heating Oil For Your Heating Needs?

hart-logoHart Home Comfort provides homeowners in Nassau County, Suffolk County, and Queens, New York with a greener and cleaner solution in the form of EcoBlend Bioheat® heating oil. This is ultra-low sulfur and low carbon heating oil that is blended with 100% biodiesel.

EcoBlend Bioheat® Fuel doesn’t require costly furnace modifications allowing homeowners to use their existing equipment while making the switch to cleaner fuel.
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