Clean Energy Fuels: How Renewable Biofuels Can Help Solve The Climate Crisis

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The United Nations believes we can win the climate crisis race. If not, the measures being taken against this global threat only act as a band-aid solution that only extends the agony. We have a real climate emergency in our hands as climate change has devastating effects around the globe. The rising temperatures are causing extreme weather, natural disasters, and environmental degradation. If left unchecked, conflicts like disrupted economies, water and food insecurity, and terrorism can happen.

The ocean is turning acidic, the sea levels are rising, the Arctic is melting, and coral reefs are disappearing. We need to act now to change these before they become irreversible damages.

It is a must that we learn the harsh truth about the climate crisis. This article discusses what clean energy fuels such as biofuels are and how they help reduce carbon emissions. The good news is that biofuels can be used right now, so you can start cutting down your greenhouse gas emissions immediately.

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What is the Climate Crisis?

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The climate crisis is happening faster than we thought possible. We may look helpless against the climate crisis, but we will not lose to this global threat forever. Many countries and corporations around the globe are working hard to offer solutions to put an end to this climate crisis.

Formerly called global warming, climate change is rooted in human activities that generate too many greenhouse gas emissions. We are producing greenhouse gasses at massive levels, and we need to intervene. Profound changes need to be made, or it will not slow down.

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CO2 Emissions Side Effects

Too many CO2 emissions cause a myriad of destructive changes that destroy the environment. Rising temperatures are the biggest change, and it can lead to many unfortunate consequences, including these distressing situations:

  • Forest fires
  • Acidifying oceans
  • Melting Arctic regions
  • Rising sea levels
  • Natural disasters
  • Extreme weather patterns
  • Environment degradation


The Destructive Potential of Climate Change

These catastrophic scenarios will cause more problems that will devastate our lives as we know them. If we do not make any changes, we will see the consequences of these adverse effects. Some of these are food and water shortages, neighbors fighting each other to survive, world economy disruptions, wars to secure resources, and terrorist activities to secure resources.

These situations may sound like a doomsday scenario from a movie, but they can happen if we do not act now. It is an inevitable future unless we are not careful and make the changes needed to stop the current climate crisis.

A valid and immediate solution to this crisis is to use biofuels like B20 instead of traditional home heating oils.

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What Are Biofuels?

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Bioheat® fuel is made of ultra-low sulfur heating fuel and biodiesel, creating an eco-friendly alternative to traditional heating oil and natural gas. The best feature biofuel has to offer is that it is readily available to use in homes right now. It can be used in existing heating systems, so you can use it now and begin reversing the damage greenhouse gas emissions bring.

Currently, you can use three biofuel types for home heating. They are:

  • B2 to B5 – Known as Bioheat® fuel, they contain a blend that ranges from 2% to 5% biodiesel.
  • B5 to B20 – This product is known as Bioheat® Plus fuel and has a biodiesel blend between 5% and 20%.
  • B20+ – This product version is called Bioheat® Super Plus fuel. It is a heating fuel blend that contains 20% biodiesel or more.
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Three Bioheat® Facts

Here are several facts about Bioheat®:

  1. Bioheat® consists of biodiesel derived from soybean oil, towels and fats, used cooking oil, recycled oils, inedible corn oil, canola oil, and other renewable agricultural sources.
  2. Homeowners can use Bioheat® fuel immediately. It can be used with most heating systems today, so you do not need to get costly equipment replacements.
  3. Bioheat® fuel prices are in line with the prices for other heating fuels, such as natural gas and heating oil.


How Biofuels Effectively Lower Carbon Emissions

Per the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), “The US government considers biodiesel to be carbon-neutral because the plants that are the sources of the feedstocks for making biodiesel, such as soybeans and palm oil trees, absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) as they grow.”

Most people are unaware of how powerful plant matter’s ability to absorb carbon dioxide is. We effectively create a life that absorbs excess carbon dioxide when we grow palm oil trees and soybean plants. This CO2 is then converted into a fuel source and then into biodiesel, which also reduces our need to use as many fuel sources that emit carbon as we used to.

The majority of the US-produced biodiesel is from soybean oil. It is not the only source used in creating this carbon-reducing fuel. Used vegetable oils, recycled oil and grease from restaurants, and animal fats are also used.

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Reasons Biofuel Is Our Best Option To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Immediately

Biofuel is the best option to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible because it is readily available. Many other proposed solutions for cutting down carbon dioxide emissions are many years away from actually being available for use.

Biofuel is here at this moment. More importantly, it is already being used to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. What needs to be done next is to get more homeowners to use Bioheat® as their primary fuel for home heating instead of natural gas or heating oil.

The question is. “how do we convince homeowners to switch to biofuel?” This should not be a difficult task because its price is concurrent with the current prices of oil and natural gas. Therefore, it is not an extravagant cost. It is crucial that we continue to tell more people about biofuel so homeowners can learn for themselves that it is the better option for our environment.

It is time to act against the climate crisis. We can no longer afford to wait for wind energy to be used more, the adoption of electric cars by the masses, or other alternatives that are decades away from coming into use.

We must help the environment right now, and we can do so when we switch to Bioheat® to heat our homes.

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Defeat The Climate Crisis With Renewable Biofuels Today

In 2016, 196 countries agreed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This event is known as the Paris Agreement. It includes governments worldwide agreeing to lower their carbon emissions to prevent the temperature from rising an additional 2° Celsius. However, the ultimate goal is to keep the temperatures from rising an additional 1.5° Celsius.

Using clean energy fuels such as renewable biofuels is the best way to start the process of reducing our carbon emissions and keeping the climate crisis at bay. Do not hesitate to call Hart Home Comfort to start using EcoBlend Bioheat® Fuel, our version of Bioheat® Heating Oil, today. With renewable biofuel options, we have a better chance of curbing the impending climate crisis’ catastrophic effects the faster we make this change.

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EcoBlend Bioheat® Fuel doesn’t require costly furnace modifications, allowing homeowners to use their existing equipment while making the switch to cleaner fuel. Call Hart Home Comfort today to learn more about EcoBlend Bioheat® Heating Oil and join us in reducing carbon emissions today!

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