Net Zero Emissions: What You Need To Know

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Hart Home Comfort recognizes the impact that carbon-based fuels have on our environment. We have been leading the charge in the heating oil industry by developing a carbon fuel alternative (EcoBlend Heating Oil) and delivering these low carbon emission fuels to our customers. The great news is that the entire heating oil industry is making the necessary changes to help reduce climate change by striving to achieve net zero emissions by the year 2050 and as an industry, we have created the Providence Resolution.

Climate change is a reality that cannot be denied. The effects are plain to see: rising global temperatures, melting polar ice caps, changing weather patterns, the increase of sea-level, and heavier downpours. The scientific community has warned about it for decades. Governments are finally taking concrete steps to mitigate the dangers. In the 2015 Paris Agreement, signatories committed to net zero emissions by 2050 and a global warming limit of 1.5 degrees Celsius. By achieving these net zero targets, we can prevent future catastrophe and global temperature rise.
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Net Zero & Global Carbon Emissions

Since the Industrial Revolution, human activities have led to the increase of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. We have been using fuels that release massive amounts of carbon dioxide for almost three centuries. These developments came at the cost of environmental destruction. Now experts are urging everyone to contribute towards “net zero” to stop global emissions. It cannot happen overnight. However, a gradual reduction of greenhouse gasses is possible until global emissions that are released into the atmosphere goes down to zero. The reduction is not uniform across sources but compensation techniques can help produce the desired results within a few decades.

How Can A Net Zero Target Be Achieved?

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Businesses and homeowners can implement various climate action strategies to achieve a net zero target. One is to encourage a low-carbon economy by shifting energy sources away from fossil fuels. This should lower greenhouse gas emissions. Agricultural and industrial processes can also be modified to have the same effect. By changing the diet of cattle, for example, farmers can reduce their methane output by up to 40%. By using carbon scrubbing equipment in industrial plants, carbon dioxide can be removed from the exhaust gasses.

Another method is carbon offsetting. When there are unavoidable residual carbon dioxide emissions, governments and businesses can make up for it by compensating elsewhere. This could be in compliance with regulations or a voluntary action as part of social responsibility. For example, some projects focus on the protection of existing forests and soil management. Others try to plant trees on lands that were once forested. Remember that trees take in carbon dioxide from the environment and produce oxygen in return, helping to achieve a net zero target. There are also projects that fund a reduction of energy demand through increased efficiency in buildings and machines.

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What Is The Heating Oil Industry Doing to Reverse Greenhouse Gases & The Climate Crisis?

According to statistics, the US has 8.5 million homes with 20 million occupants who are dependent on heating oil. They consume around 7 billion gallons of fuel every year. Heating oil consumers need not worry about the fuel’s effects on the environment. Furnaces are highly efficient heating equipment with low carbon emissions. The heating oil industry has also come together to do its part in this global initiative to achieve net zero emissions. Leaders hope to achieve net-zero status by modifying the fuel itself. This can be done in two ways: increasing the percentage of biodiesel content and reducing sulfur in heating oil each year. This will actively help achieve net zero targets to achieve clean energy.

What Is Biofuel?

Biofuel is a non-toxic and eco-friendly renewable energy source for petroleum-based products. It is made from clean energy sources such as agricultural by-products like animal fats, used cooking oil, soybean oil, and the like. They are refined into clean-burning fuels that pass the highest standards. Biofuel and ultra-low sulfur heating oil are combined in different ratios to reap environmental benefits.

Hart Home Comfort takes the climate crisis seriously and is very involved in climate action. We deliver EcoBlend to our customers in Nassau County, Suffolk County, and Queens, New York. EcoBlend reduces sulfur content in the fuel by 99%. This ULSHO is economical, sustainable, and compatible with existing oil-fired heating systems. Homeowners don’t have to modify anything in their existing installation. You can use this fuel to take climate action now! Call Hart Home Comfort today to learn more!

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What Are The Benefits Of Reduced Sulfur Content?

The heating oil industry is actively tackling climate change. There have been a lot of ideas on how to improve heating oil as fuel for home comfort as well as carbon capture. One of the most successful of these is the removal of sulfur in the liquid. Reformulating heating oil to produce ultra-low sulfur variants results in a cleaner burn. There are only 15 parts per million which are better for the system’s operation. For comparison, low-sulfur heating oil has 500 parts per million while standard heating oil has around 4,000 parts per million. Studies show that the change corresponds to 70% lower emissions compared to the traditional level which was already low, to begin with. Now we are almost down to zero.

Another reason for decreasing the amount of sulfur in the fuel is to limit its build-up inside the heating system. After all, this substance can cause damage to the components and lead to serious issues. Reducing sulfur means longer service life, lower maintenance costs, and far fewer headaches for the owners. All of these benefits are obtainable without having to upgrade parts or do any other modifications to the system.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

In order to achieve greenhouse gas emissions reductions, we all need to focus on net zero emissions target goals. In an effort to limit global warming, the oil industry is 100% committed to net zero targets.

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Greenhouse Gases

Net zero emissions is defined by all greenhouse gas emissions that are man-made need to be eliminated from Earth’s atmosphere through emissions reductions measures such as finding suitable alternative fuels.

Global Warming

Global warming has been a climate crisis that most agree is becoming a serious issue today. Efforts on implementing renewable energy for limiting global warming and achieving net zero emissions are of utmost importance. Hart Home Comfort is proud to offer its customers EcoBlend today as an effective means to combat the climate crisis and reduce carbon emissions.


Home heating is in the midst of a revolution. People want to help the environment without sacrificing their comfort or their wallets and the industry has responded with viable solutions. The introduction of ultra-low sulfur heating oil and the rise renewable biofuel has resulted in lower carbon emissions. Homeowners do not need to worry about the production of greenhouse gasses by their furnaces. In fact, they can be confident in their contribution to the net-zero ideal.

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