Is Your Comfort Due for an Upgrade?

air conditioner installationHas your home comfort equipment been holding strong so far? Is your air conditioner ready for the up and coming summer? These are all questions you should ask yourself, especially if it’s been decades since the last time you’ve updated your comfort systems! Cooling equipment has come a long way, and there are many benefits to upgrading to a new, more modern system.

  • New equipment installed in your home can earn you tax credits and rebates
  • New air conditioning equipment can reduce energy consumption by about 30%
  • Your household demands for comfort may have changed due to a growing family, or home additions – a new properly sized system can make all the difference!
  • Variable-speed technology in new equipment can maintain the temperature at a more constant level and provide more consistent air flow
  • Minimal on-and-off cycling requires less extreme repairs and the equipment will last longer



Now is the time to consider upgrading your home comfort system – summer will soon be at our front door. Call Hart Home Comfort today if you’d like us to check out your cooling equipment, and we’ll let you know what your options are.

Hart Home Comfort specializes in HVAC services including air conditioner installations, repairs, and tune-ups. Our NATE certified technicians have the experience and knowledge to service your system properly so that you experience an increased level of comfort. We also prioritize energy efficiency to help reduce your home cooling costs.

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