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Most households in the U.S. have pets and it’s certainly easy to understand. A pet alleviates stress, provide companionship, and bring joy. Research confirms that pets can provide a boost to a person’s physical and mental health. This is likely why countless consumers consider their pets as regular members of their families and allow them to roam the home freely. The drawback in this is that pets carry dander, fur, and other allergens everywhere they go. Sadly, these are things that can significantly diminish the quality of the indoor air. Dander and fir can trigger asthma attacks, allergy attacks, and many other respiratory events and problems. As a pet owner, you can avoid all of these things by simply choosing the best hvac air filter for homes with pets.

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The Job Of An HVAC Air Filter

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The main job of HVAC air filters is to block harmful particulates in the air at the entrance of the HVAC system. Air is able to pass through a filter but contaminants like fur, pollen, dust, dirt, and many other forms of debris get trapped on its surface. As a result, the entire HVAC system remains clean for a longer period of time and the lifespan of this equipment increases. The indoor air quality (IQ) is vastly improved as well, given that fewer pollutants are entering the system and being circulated. When homeowners are diligent in performing monthly filter changes, their HVAC systems can operate with optimum efficiency.

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What A MERV Rating Is

Manufacturers assign the ratings for air filters according to their effectiveness in capturing particulates in the air. A rating is expressed in terms of the MERV which is the minimum efficiency reporting value. In this instance, a higher number is better, however, consumers will definitely pay more for optimum performance.

The lowest MERV ratings fall between MERV 1 – 4 and filters that are rated at this level provide the least protection. They are able to block fibers, pollen, and dust much, but most everything else can pass through them. Filters rated at MERV 5 – 8 are able to stop fibers, dust, and pollen, along with mold spores.

MERV 9 – 12 filters can capture smaller allergens including pet dander which works well for those with allergies. Ratings of MERV 13 – 16 are the highest that air filters can achieve. At this rating, air filters have the ability to block things like bacteria and viruses, along with everything else, and this makes them ideal for people with severe respiratory sensitivities or conditions.

An Abundance Of Hair And Fur Makes Frequent HVAC Filter Changes Essential

Every home has some manner of indoor air pollution but households with pets have far more air quality issues to contend with. If you have a pet, regularly vacuum your carpets, bedding, and other upholstered surfaces to eliminate as much pet hair as you possibly can. You should also replace the air filter in your HVAC system more often than the manufacturer recommends. At the end of the day, you have more airborne contaminants in your home as a result of having a pet. Your filter will develop large accumulations of trapped pollutants at a rapid rate. This is all the more true if your pet is from a long-haired breed as these animals shed the most.


Different Options In HVAC Filters

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Now that you have a better understanding of the role that air filters play in your HVAC system, you should learn more about the different filter options that you have access to. Read about their strengths, weaknesses, and nuances. Discover the best ones for your needs as a pet-owning household with concerns about both IAQ and the longevity of your HVAC equipment.

1. Disposable Options In HVAC Air Filters

With less money to spend, it may be necessary to shop for the cheapest HVAC air filters you can find. These disposable options generally come with unimpressive MERV ratings. They aren’t very effective in filtering out most airborne particulates, but you can’t really complain if this is all your budget will allow. Just bear in mind that disposable filters will need a replacement pretty rapidly, given the amount of pet fur that’s floating around. Their low upfront price is quickly offset by the high cost of regular maintenance and frequent replacements.

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2. The HEPA Air Filter

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Commonly referred to as a HEPA filter, a high-efficiency particulate air filter is an excellent-quality choice that’s passed a very stringent set of standards. This type of filter can catch as much as 99.7 percent of the particulates in the air that are 0.3 microns in size or larger. This means that it can capture all pet hair and many other allergens. If anyone in your home has respiratory troubles, then paying for a HEPA air filter is definitely worth the cost. Just make sure that an HVAC contractor cleans the unit annually so that problems with clogging never occur.

3. The Electronic Air Filter

HEPA filters are outstanding on their own but you may need a higher level of protection and filtration than what these options can provide. In this case, think about using electronic air filters as these are able to remove nearly all airborne particulates that are 0.1 microns in size or bigger. These cutting-edge filters can be noisy when encountering pet hair. Moreover, they cost more than a typical HEPA filter so be ready to pay a fair price.

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Pet owners have to take good care of themselves in order to take proper care of their animals. If they start dealing with chronic respiratory issues such as asthma and allergies as the result of pet dander, they could become too fatigued and sick to effectively handle their responsibilities. Avoid episodes like these by using a high-quality air filter in your home heating, cooling, and ventilation system. Choose a filter that can extract the greatest amount of particulates by considering both types and ratings. Steer clear of low-cost, disposable filters unless you absolutely have to buy them. Electronic filters and HEPA filters offer greater value and far better performance. Check for respectable MERV ratings and a reputation for good filtration.


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