Must-Know Furnace Repair Tips For Every Homeowner

broken heating systemIt’s important for all homeowners to understand a little bit about their furnace. For example, all homeowners should have a few furnace repair tips on hand. For instance, if you own a home, you should know that late summer and early fall are the best times to have your furnace inspected and repaired. This will allow you to rely on your home heating equipment when the cold weather rolls in, which is typically the time when many malfunctioning furnaces breakdown.

During the warmer months of the year, your heater is likely the very last thing that you’re worried about. You should note, however, that the performance of your furnace can keep your living space safe, comfortable, and warm during the coldest months of the year.

A basic furnace inspection will make it possible to spot potential issues and have them resolved ahead of winter. This is all the more important to do if your home heating system is fairly old, or if it was subjected to a tremendous amount of demand in the winter before.

This article will discuss several signs that your furnace requires repairs. It will also share several troubleshooting tips that you can use when your furnace doesn’t appear to be working as it should. Finally, we’ll share strategies for finding a worthwhile furnace repair service near you.

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Signs That Your Furnace Needs To Be Repaired

Although the number of years that your heater has been in use is an important factor, it not the sole reason why this unit might require repairs. Even reasonably new heating systems have been known to succumb to things like neglect and damage. To help you find out whether or not repairs are actually necessary for your furnace, here are several signs to be on the lookout for:

An Uncomfortable Home

If the interior of your home is either too hot or too cold, something with your furnace isn’t quite right. Components that are worn, a fan motor that’s damaged, a clogged and dirty filter, or a loose belt, among other issues, can contribute to substandard performance and improper functioning.

Higher Home Heating Costs

Properly working furnaces are generally very efficient. You can track this via your energy consumption. If you notice a spike in your energy use that doesn’t have a reasonable explanation, it’s probably a good time to contact a licensed HVAC company to have this equipment adequately inspected.

Hot Or Cold Spots & Uneven Heating

Clogging, damage, and marked wear and tear can lead to problems with uneven heating. Efficient HVAC systems should be able to evenly cool or heat your home. If you have hot or cold spots throughout the building, you’ll want to have your heating equipment checked out by a professional as soon as you can.

Gas Leaks

If you smell gas or any other fuel near the furnace, turn your heater off right away. Get in touch with a local HVAC service. Never let your furnace continue running when a leak is suspected. Just a single spark can place the entire building at risk of fire.

Home Furnace Troubleshooting Tips

furnaceNot all heating systems require professional attention. Homeowners are often able to perform basic, simple fixes. Also, they can use several preventative measures to keep their heating equipment running as it should. The following are a few troubleshooting steps that you can take.

  • Check The Furnace Filter: A clogged HVAC filter will prevent adequate airflow and diminish the indoor air quality. Filters that are severely clogged can also lead to early breakdowns and an increased risk of fire. To prevent issues, be sure to check the system filter monthly. If this component is clogged, replace it, or clean it.
  • Check The Thermostat: Periodically replace the batteries in your thermostat. Also, check this component for the build-up of dirt and other debris. You can remove dust and other particulates with a soft brush or cloth.
  • Check The Power: Check the electrical panel and switch when your furnace is not working. The electrical breaker may have tripped, or the switch is off. Check for fuses that are melted, discolored, or otherwise damaged and replace them with fresh ones.
  • Check The Pilot Light: Verify that the pilot light is on as well as the furnace flame. If you need to relight the furnace flame, go over the instructions in your owner’s manual Follow these carefully. Before relighting, check for gas leaks or the smell of gas. If a leak is detected, turn the system off and contact a trusted HVAC service right away.
  • Check The Vents: Perform a visual inspection of all registers and vents to verify that these are open. Your furnace will not have the ability to efficiently heat your home if the registers and vents are obstructed or closed. Move any obstructions that are restricting or completely blocking the airflow to your vents.


Common Furnace Repair Issues That You May End Up Dealing With

Among some of the most common heater repair issues when your home furnace malfunctions are:

  • Replacement For A Loose Or Damaged Blower Belt: If the blower belt in your furnace is damaged or loose, it will emit a squealing, high-pitched sound. An HVAC contractor will need to inspect and replace it to restore proper functioning.
  • Replacement Of Worn Ball Bearings: The furnace will make a scraping sound when turned on, which could mean that the ball bearings have worn down and need a replacement. If this happens, you want to call an HVAC professional right away.
  • Rapid Cycling: If the furnace is frequently, turning itself off and on, there could be an issue with the filter or the thermostat. It can also be that the airflow might be blocked. If you can not determine the cause for the issue with simple troubleshooting, get in touch with a professional HVAC company.
  • Flickering Or Yellowish Pilot Light: The pilot light in your furnace should be burning a blue flame with a slight yellow tip. If this flame is mostly yellow, it may mean that there is a high amount of carbon monoxide present. Schedule a furnace repair right away.
  • The Heat Exchanger Is Damaged: If your home has a strange smell or if there is a strange odor around the furnace, a damaged or cracked exchanger could be responsible for a leak. Look for other signs of a problem like corrosion, cracks, or soot. Once again, be sure to call an HVAC company immediately.
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When To Repair Your Furnace And When To Replace It

repair or replace furnaceSometimes repairs may be sufficient for resolving your home furnace problems. At other times, however, you may want to think about having the entire unit replaced if any of the following circumstances exist.

  • The Unit Is Very Old: If your system is 18 years or older and has endured regular and consistent use throughout its lifespan.
  • Lacking Energy Efficiency: If you have noticed a significant rise in your heating bills in spite of routine maintenance and timely repairs.
  • Inadequate Performance: Your home furnace is no longer effective in its performance. You will likely notice cold or hot spots throughout the building.
  • A Recurring Need For Repairs: If the total furnace repair costs exceed half of the heating system replacement costs, choose to have your home furnace replaced instead.
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Strategies For Choosing A Good Furnace Repair Service

Finding a good HVAC repair company can be a really good feeling. You can rely on their service whenever things go awry, giving you peace of mind. They can restore normalcy without the risk of additional damage. Having a reliable furnace repair company on your team can also stave off inconvenient breakdowns.

Sadly, however, finding a truly reputable HVAC service isn’t always as easy as homeowners hope.

At some point in time, most homeowners are going to have bad experiences with a provider. Technicians might arrive late, or there may be times when they simply don’t arrive at all. They may not be able to identify the issue, and some technicians could cause more damage in their efforts.

If you are searching for a trustworthy company, several tips can help you out. Below, we’ll go over these tips so that you can locate a reputable and reliable HVAC service near you.


Search For A Specialist Heating Service

hart-logoWhen you want someone to repair your furnace, you should search for an actual company instead of a furnace repair person. It is also a good idea to search for companies that specialize in heaters. There are several benefits that you can gain by doing so.

To start, you’ll be able to find a professional who knows a lot about furnaces specifically. As such, your provider won’t be caught off guard when inspecting your home heating equipment. If you choose a company as opposed to an individual, you will have access to multiple technicians. If one technician is unable to resolve your issue, someone else in the company will likely be able to help you. It may cost a bit more to hire a reputable business instead of opting for an inexpensive furnace repair. Peace of mind, however, tends to be priceless. More importantly, you won’t need to pay for the same repair twice.

HVAC Company: Check The Company’s Website & Its Reviews

heating system tune-upFirst impressions are not guaranteed to be accurate – but they do provide a good jumping point. If your goal is selecting the top furnace repair company, be sure to check out their professional website. This will give you a better feel for the business in general. If this platform is professional-looking and has a fairly high production value, it will make the business look better. If the website is old and outdated, and lacking valuable information, consider this a red flag.

You should additionally read reviews to see what other consumers in your area are saying. Is the business quick to respond? Do they hire professional technicians? Are they knowledgeable and personable? Reading customer reviews will help you answer all of these questions and more. Some companies publish reviews right on their web pages. Even though these reviews can be helpful, it’s important to note that companies run their own websites and have total control over the information that they present to the public.

To read both good and bad reviews of a company, check Google and other third-party platforms that offer this info. Third-party sites allow consumers to publish reviews without any moderation by the companies that are being reviewed. This is the best way to access genuine and accurate info.

Consider using search terms like “local furnace repair” or “gas furnace repair in my area” to locate a reputable and reliable HVAC company in your service area.

Connect With The Heating Repair Company

If you have a specific company in mind, reach out to them by phone.

You can learn more about the company’s principals and values through a phone conversation. If the other party sounds happy to help and knowledgeable, you’re likely in good hands. Conversely, if this person seems confused, disinterested, or outright annoyed, these are all red flags. Go with your instincts when the phone call is complete. Feeling a connection over the phone may mean that you can give the service a chance.

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Get In Touch With Hart Home Comfort For Your Home Furnace Repairs

A highly trained and highly skilled furnace service technician should always repair your heating system. It is important to note that HVAC repairs aren’t DIY opportunities. You want someone who knows your system and who can fix it correctly. Given that overall workmanship can vary from company to company, you want to hire the best one for the job.

If you’re looking for a reputable furnace repair service, contact Hart Home Comfort today. We’re eager to talk about your issue and to offer a no-obligation, free, in-home consultation.

Hart Home Comfort only hires technicians who are NATE-certified. We offer HVAC repair services, HVAC installations and replacements, and tune-ups. All of our personable and friendly technicians have the experience and knowledge to repair your HVAC system correctly. We guarantee the most competitive prices on HVAC repairs in the area. Also, we guarantee our work to ensure your satisfaction.

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