Common Furnace FAQ

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The winter season is just around the corner. Homeowners should check their heating systems to ensure that it is in perfect working condition. This way, you won’t run into any problems during the cold season. If you think that your furnace might be experiencing problems, contact your local trusted HVAC technician to conduct furnace maintenance or repairs. Make sure to call and schedule an appointment with a professional as soon as possible.

This article will discuss the many things you might be curious about regarding your heating system. These may include the type of service that their furnace needs. Homeowners also need guidance when shopping for a new furnace, especially with balancing the short-term and long-term costs. An HVAC technician can give you more detailed answers, depending on your specific situations. However, we can still help you by answering these common furnace FAQs.

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Common Furnace FAQ

Below, we discuss some common furnace FAQs that are commonly asked by homeowners.

Do I Really Need Maintenance On My Furnace?

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Furnace tune-ups are absolutely necessary! Manufacturers usually stipulate in their warranties that tune-ups are needed to prevent the warranties from being void. Therefore, proof of maintenance is required. It should be followed to avoid financial shock from sudden furnace failure. Not only that, but regular maintenance makes sure that your system’s lifespan, energy-efficiency, and safety are protected.

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When Should I Call For Furnace Repairs?

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When you think that your furnace is faulty, call for furnace repairs as soon as you can. Waiting to have it checked might make the problem worse. As a result, you might have to spend more to have it fixed. Catching the problem when it is just beginning will ensure a more prompt, easier, and cheaper repair than dealing with it later. Call a reputable furnace repair company within your area.

When Should I Schedule A Furnace Replacement?

Different furnace makes and models have different qualities and lifespans. Therefore, they each have different specifications as to when they need replacing. However, it is recommended that you save up after your heating system’s tenth year. Your furnace will begin experiencing frequent breakdowns as it gets older. This can be stopped by installing a new system.

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How Can I Reduce My Home Heating Bill?

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Home heating takes a big chunk from your household budget. You can reduce it by making sure your heating system receives regular furnace maintenance from a professional. This way, your furnace’s energy-efficient increases, so it consumes less fuel. You can also try setting the thermostat to milder temperatures.

How Often Should I Replace My Furnace Filters?

HVAC air filters block impurities like dirt, dander, and pollen from entering your furnace. These filters, likewise, prevent these indoor air pollutants from being distributed throughout your house. It ensures that you have high indoor air quality. As time passes, it clogs, and it reduces its effectiveness. It should be replaced regularly to ensure it does its job correctly. Check it at least once a month and replace it as needed.

What Is A Furnace’s AFUE Rating?

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The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency ratio, also known as AFUE rating, is the heating system’s heat production in relation to its fuel consumption. A unit with a good AFUE rating means it should be 80 percent or higher. Check the AFUE rating of your system in the user manual or the faceplate in your furnace.

What Is The Best Type Of Furnace?

The best type of furnace is one that fits your home’s needs. It should have the proper heating capacity to provide uniform and consistent heat throughout your house. Its AFUE rating should also be high. In the US, most furnaces have a rating of 80 percent and up.

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How Do I Determine The Size, Or Capacity, Of A Furnace For My Home?

Several factors determine the furnace size suitable for your home. Some of these are the insulation, ceiling height, total floor area, and the local climate. A professional HVAC tech will conduct a Manual J load calculation to gauge the correct furnace size for your home.

What Are Furnace Replacement Signs?

Some of the signs that you need a furnace replacement include unusual smells, corrosion, inadequate and uneven heating, delayed ignition, and pilot light problems. You should also take note of your system’s energy efficiency by checking your monthly energy bills. An increase means that your system has lower efficiency as it is consuming more energy than before.

How Long Will My New Furnace Last?

Furnace lifespan differs depending on several factors. You can generally expect a new system to last over 20 years with regular maintenance. It should also be the proper furnace size for your home. Call your trusted HVAC tech to help you with sizing estimates.

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The heating system in your home is responsible for keeping you safe, warm, and comfortable every winter. They typically last for up to 20 years, but you need to do your part by ensuring the system receives proper maintenance. This includes regular filter replacement and annual professional tune-ups.

If you have an older unit, there are some signs to look out for to help you determine if you need to start looking for a replacement system. Some of these are poor furnace performance, old age, increased fuel consumption, and frequent breakdowns. Make sure that your new furnace is the right size for your house. A professional can perform Manual J load calculations to help you know the needed heating capacity. Make sure that you purchase a highly efficient system as well.

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