Why Does Air Conditioner Sizing Matter?

image of question marks depicting why air conditioner size matters

During an air conditioner replacement, many homeowners seek out something like what they already have, which might not yield the best results. You should also banish the notion that the biggest cooling unit will deliver the optimum performance. Instead, ask an HVAC contractor to determine the proper air conditioner size for your cooling needs.

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Improper Furnace Installations Can End Up Costing You More Money

image of an hvac contractor performing a furnace installation

The furnace installation is equally as essential as the appliance itself. Therefore, your heating equipment must be installed accurately to function properly. Proper installation keeps your furnace from experiencing any major problems, such as premature breakdowns, inefficiency, poor performance, and more. This article will further discuss the importance of installing your furnace properly.

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Common Furnace FAQ

image of furnace technician maintaining heating unit

This article will discuss the many things you might be curious about regarding your heating system. These may include the type of service that a furnace needs or how to choose a new furnace system. Read this article to explore some common furnace FAQs that are commonly asked by homeowners.

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Peerless Boiler Vs Burnham Boiler: Pros And Cons

image of a boiler heating system

A boiler replacement is a significant investment. You should always opt for a reputable boiler brand. Two of the biggest names in the boiler industry are Peerless and Burnham. In this article, we compare Peerless boilers and Burnham boilers. We also cover the factors that you should consider when choosing a boiler for your home.

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