Types Of Sustainable Energy Sources For Homes

image of hands and globe depicting sustainable energyThe United States needs to move towards sources of sustainable energy to ensure our carbon footprint reduction. One of the ultimate goals is to fuel homes with sustainable energy. This aim was designed for the environment’s preservation and protection.

Many startups and scientists around the world have been focused on this serious problem. A method to create clean and green energy is to use renewable energy sources like wind, the sun, water, and biofuel. These energy sources get naturally replenished constantly.

This article includes a discussion on the following topics:

  • Definition Of Sustainable Energy
  • Three Types Of Sustainable Energy Sources
  • How Hart Home Comfort is leading the charge in the heating industry
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Definition Of Sustainable Energy

Sustainable energy can meet our current energy requirements. The best part is it does this without compromising the future generations. Sustainable energy means that it must be produced via an energy source that will continuously provide power without reducing in number.

Fortunately, there are many sources of sustainable energy that we can use to power, cool, and heat our homes. It doesn’t matter what kind of sustainable energy is used because the goal is to achieve carbon neutrality while receiving the same comfort level we are used to.

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Types Of Sustainable Energy Sources

It is necessary to move away from conventional sources of fuel and embrace sustainable energy sources. This plan will help protect the Earth from climate change and other likely environmental problems.

Listed here are three types of sustainable energy sources that leave a low carbon footprint impact:

Bio Heating Oil

image of hart home comfort ecoblend biofuel delivery

Bio heating oil is a mixture of biodiesel and #2 heating oil. It is derived from soy plant products. As of now, Hart Home Comfort offers a B20 blend, which has 20% biodiesel. It might not be 100% sustainable now, but significant progress will come in the near future. Soon, the oil industry will be moving towards the use of a 100% soy-based biodiesel product.

Once we have a B100 blend, we will be using a 100% bio heating oil blend. When that time comes, Bioheat® Heating Oil will be a fully sustainable fuel heating product.

The industry aims to reach this by 2050. Hart Home Comfort is ahead of this schedule, and we look forward to the day we can proudly announce that we deliver a completely eco-friendly, sustainable, and carbon-neutral fuel source.

Even better is that this solution doesn’t require our customers to change their heating system equipment. Our bio blends are created to work smoothly with your current furnace or boiler. Therefore, you don’t have to spend a costly conversion price, and your home doesn’t need to undergo electrification. Most importantly, you will receive the same heating comfort level you are already used to.

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Solar energy utilizes solar photovoltaic cells. These are placed on the roof of your home, where the cells collect the sunlight. It is then converted into electricity, which is stored in a battery bank. Improvements to this technology have made it more affordable, and it should become more so as time passes.

Unfortunately, if you currently use a furnace or boiler and not a heat pump for home heating, you will need to upgrade to expensive equipment for solar energy to work. Therefore, you need to replace your current natural gas, propane, or oil (biofuel) heating equipment with an electric heat pump so that you can be completely solar-powered. However, the conversion and solar panel installation come at a hefty cost.

Moreover, frigid weather and other freezing situations can cause electric heat pumps to not function as well as conventional fuel furnaces and boilers.
Solar is a source of sustainable energy that can be used today in a homeowner’s house if you are ready to make a considerable financial investment.

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Hydro Electric

Hydroelectric power station and sustainable energy sources

Hydroelectricity isn’t a source of sustainable energy that can be installed in your home. Instead, it is harvested at the utility company’s level. Hence, not much can be done on an individual level when it comes to the consumption of hydroelectric within your home. What you can only do is be aware of your current utility company’s actions.

If you are in a region that utilizes hydroelectricity, it likely makes up a relatively small percentage of the total power that the utility company generates.

Like solar energy, if you are using oil, natural gas, or propane to heat your home, you need to have a complete equipment replacement to switch to electricity and take advantage of hydroelectric sustainable energy.

Hart Home Comfort Leads The Charge For Carbon Footprint Reduction & Delivers Sustainable Fuel Sources For Our Clients

hart-logoYou help in reducing carbon emissions when you use a bio blend. We also improve our blends so that your heating fuel is closer to achieving 100% sustainability. The best part is that there is NO ADDED equipment cost or notable changes required for your home.

We are currently ahead of schedule, and we plan to deliver 100% biofuel before the industry and government’s target date of 2050.

Advantages of Continued Use of Our BioFuel Solution To Heat Your Home:

  • Your heating system’s efficiency will improve.
  • You don’t need to get costly heating equipment upgrades.
  • You won’t have any additional costs.
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