5 Types Of Renewable Energy Sources: The Future Of Energy

image of soy depicting soy oil used for renewable energy sources

The need for renewable energy sources has been greater than ever. Environmental scientists acknowledge that fossil fuels like coal, natural gas, and oil meet our energy needs. Unfortunately, these are finite sources and come in a limited supply. We are also using these resources quicker than before. There will always be an energy demand, but we will never have a sufficient supply of fossil fuels to meet our current and future needs in the long run. Therefore, renewable resources are the way to go. They will eliminate our foreign oil dependence, which is currently around 50%. They will also let us continue to have the same comfort and safety level we now enjoy. In this article, we will have a detailed discussion on five sources of renewable energy. These are the following:

  • Bioenergy
  • Geothermal Energy
  • Hydropower
  • Solar Energy
  • Wind Energy

Read on to learn more about these renewable energy sources.

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Bioenergy: The Quickest & Most Economical Way To Achieve Carbon Neutrality

image of soy depicting soy oil used for biodiesel production

Bioenergy is made up of an organic matter known as biomass. It is a renewable energy source that consists of plants and plant matter, such as trees and other plant sources. Several industries generate an excessive amount of unused or residual biomass, which are effective bioenergy renewable fuel sources as well.

The delivery of clean EcoBlend Bioheat® heating oil to our valued clients is our primary focus. Liquid biofuel is changing the industry with its goal of having carbon neutrality with net-zero emissions by 2050 or earlier.

Currently, biomass makes up only about 5% of the energy in use in the US. More significant results will be achieved as more homeowners switch to biofuels as we start reducing our carbon footprint throughout the country. Liquid biofuels have a high energy density, are compatible with your existing heating system, and are easy to transport. You wouldn’t need to pay an arm and a leg to have a technician remove and replace the heating system you have at home.

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Hydropower: The Largest Source Of Renewable Energy In The US

image of hydropower

Ten percent of the power generated in the US comes from a renewable energy source called hydropower. As of the moment, our hydropower capacity is over 77,000 MW. We have hydropower plants that were specifically designed to convert energy made from flowing water into hydropower. Hydropower is most commonly produced through damming rivers.

However, this renewable energy isn’t all good for the environment. As a matter of fact, the creation of hydropower has a deleterious effect on the fish population, wildlife habitats, and rivers. Damming the river means that the water source is diverted so that it flows towards the hydropower plant. Mimicking the natural river flow has a positive impact on the wildlife habitat. However, it results in less power output in the long run. In addition, diverting the flow negatively affects the life and health of the fish living in the river. We know that the fish population is already depleted. This harmful system is only affecting our fish population horribly when they are already suffering.

Home heating with EcoBlend Bioheat® heating oil is a more natural and safer method to fuel our heating systems. It is an ideal situation to heat our homes using plant resources and byproducts because it does not damage our environment. It does not lead to killing helpless fish, and it also reduces our carbon emissions. Contact Hart Home comfort today to receive EcoBlend Bioheat® heating oil deliveries in Long Island.

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Geothermal Energy: A Limited Viable Geothermal Energy Resource

A good aspect of geothermal energy is that it is cost-effective and it can have a large-scale implementation. It is a natural resource that is being utilized for baseload power production. At first glance, it seems like an excellent way to produce sufficient energy to power the US. However, there’s a catch. Geothermal energy is a renewable energy source, but only a minimal amount of geothermal resources are viable. Therefore, we have a very limited option.

Geothermal energy is when energy is produced via hot water or steam. The water comes from wells, and it is used for home heating and the production of electricity. Unfortunately, this natural resource will never provide sufficient energy to meet the enormous demands of this country.

Solar Energy: Tapping Into The Awesome Power Of The Sun

solar power

Our sun provides solar power, which is an infinite resource. We’ve discovered methods to harness energy from the sun so that we can generate heat, light, and electricity in the US.
This is not something new. After all, people have been using the heat and light from the sun to warm and brighten their homes even before electricity was invented. Today’s modern world passively harnesses this renewable energy source’s power. It is then stored in solar cells for later use.

However, there is a catch.

Solar energy generating systems like solar cells, solar heating systems, and solar panels are very expensive. For instance, it will cost you somewhere between $2500-$5500 to purchase a solar water heater, and this doesn’t even necessarily cover the installation fees. When you add all the costs, you will see that solar home heating is not a viable option for a lot of homeowners because it is too expensive.

You can instead consider switching to environmentally friendly EcoBlend Bioheat® heating oil in Nassau County, Suffolk County, and Queens, New York. It’s an economical liquid fuel that can be used in your existing heating system.

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Wind Energy: Harnessing Wind Power With Windmills

You will definitely see windmills as you drive across the US. These wind turbines are for effectively harnessing wind energy’s power. They directly pump wind energy into the utility grid extensively. As a result, since 1990, using wind energy has grown faster than the other renewable energy sources mentioned here.

On the downside, wind energy is not the perfect solution to our energy problems. It is an excellent one for windy places in the country, but it still has disadvantages. For instance, the winter of 2021 saw over 100 people dying in Texas when the wind turbines froze. This meant that they couldn’t produce sufficient energy to provide heat and power to the homes in the great state of Texas. We should learn from our mistakes so that the issue never happens again. Now that we are paying attention like we never did before, this problem will never occur again.


The United States is working hard to develop the utilization of renewable energy sources to help in environment protection and preservation. However, most natural resources cannot meet our energy demands and needs. Bioenergy is mostly overlooked, which is an unfortunate circumstance because it is the fastest and most economical way to help us achieve our goals of carbon neutrality by 2050.

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