5 Most Common Thermostat Problems Impacting Your Comfort


Your home heating and cooling system should have the ability to keep you and all other household residents comfortable all of the time. When it is no longer able to do this, you need to investigate immediately. There may be one or more components that have failed. For instance, HVAC systems often experience thermostat problems. These are issues that can be resolved with replacement or repairs, depending upon their nature.

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Signs That You’re Having Problems With The Thermostat In Your Home

Following are several significant signs that your thermostat is failing or experiencing problems:

Issue 1: Thermostat Is Unable To Reach The Established Temperature

The thermostat functions as the HVAC system’s control center. You can use this device to establish the preferred indoor temperature, and the system should immediately comply accordingly. If the room continues to feel the same after some time has passed, there is likely a problem. For instance, it could be in direct sunlight due to thermostat location near a window or door. Exposure to sunlight will cause the thermostat to give a false reading by warming it up. As such, the unit will think that the entire room is hot and will shut down the heater or turn on the air conditioner before the set temperature has been reached. To resolve this, cover your windows with appropriate treatments to block out the sunlight. Remove any sources of heat that are right near the thermostat.

Issue 2: Your Home Thermostat Is Too Old

Older thermostats are likely to experience problems. Even though these units are capable of lasting for a very long time, they do eventually lose their overall effectiveness. This leads to an abundance of problems and greater difficulty in maintaining them. Problems with connectivity can frequently occur. Moreover, it can be harder to clean out dirt and other debris, and overall sensitivity can decreases. It is generally best to replace old thermostats with new smart thermostats to get a fresh start.

old thermostat

Issue 3: The Thermostat Has Build-Ups Of Dirt And Other Debris

The job of your thermostat is to read the temperature in the room accurately. If this reading is not accurate, then you need to find out why. This may be the result of accumulated dirt and dust within the box. Particulates can become trapped between the contacts and create problems. The simplest repair is to brush this dirt away by opening the case. When doing this, always use gentle strokes and a soft brush.

Issue 4: The Thermostat Needs To Be Recalibrated

There are internal sensors in thermostats that are factory calibrated to ensure accurate readings. Over time, efficiency is lost and these become miscalibrated. This can lead to uneven temperatures throughout the entire home. Certain rooms might feel cold, while other rooms may feel hot. Miscalibration can additionally result in erroneous system commands such as having the compressor and fan turn off and on far too rapidly. This is known as short-cycling and it can diminish the lifespan of your HVAC system, cause your energy bills to spike, and cause discomfort.

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Issue 5: The Display On Your Thermostat Is No Longer Working

You should be able to get helpful information about the current condition of your HVAC system, including the current operating mode and temperature via the thermostat display.

With touchscreen displays, direct input is also available. If the thermostat display is no longer working, then you won’t be able to alter the settings of this unit or check the system status.

Find out whether the system has been shut off, and then turn it back on as needed. If the AC or heater is running and the display isn’t working, think about replacing the batteries in your thermostat. Check for faulty connections and loose wires as well.


The Benefits Of Replacing Your Thermostat

Following are a few benefits that you can gain by choosing to replace your thermostat:

1. Cut Your Spending On Home Heating And Cooling Costs

HVAC systems consume quite a bit of energy. Any efforts that you make to limit this consumption are good as they can help reduce your spending on energy. Replacing a manual thermostat with one that’s programmable is a very effective way to improve overall efficiency.

You can use a programmable thermostat to adjust the temperature to your schedule and your liking. This way, the system will work harder when you’re home, and it can shut down when you’re away at the office.

Moreover, a lot of modern thermostats make it possible for homeowners to track their energy use, which allows them to effectively manage their energy costs.

home heating and cooling costs

2. Automatic Thermostat Adjustments

You won’t have to constantly adjust the temperature setting during the day as you can perform the system behavior at once. Set it one time and then forget it as your smart, programmable thermostat will have the ability to store everything in memory. You won’t have to wonder whether you’re entering the correct settings when leaving home or going to sleep. Just proceed with your day and the system will take care of everything automatically.

3. Optimize Your HVAC System

Few people can afford to replace their entire systems even if their heaters or air conditioners happen to be very old.

Fortunately, it isn’t always necessary to go to this extent to optimize HVAC functionality. They can simply replace their outdated thermostats with new programmable designs to experience remarkable increases in efficiency and reliability.

You should know that a modern programmable thermostat will boost the comfort and efficiency of your home. However, if your home heating and cooling systems are outdated, you will eventually need to follow up with the needed system replacement.

The benefits of upgrading your thermostat do not replace the many benefits that you will gain by having a new air conditioner or furnace installed. A modern thermostat can work together with new HVAC equipment to promote optimum levels of comfort, convenience, and efficiency.

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4. Better Connectivity

The latest options in programmable thermostats have more options for built-in connectivity than ever.

As an example, these units can connect via Wi-Fi to the home network so that homeowners can control them via connected phones from any area of the building.

This extra convenience is something that consumers are sure to love.


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There are usually very simple solutions for most home thermostat issues like cleaning, repositioning, or changing out the batteries. At times, however, replacing these units with newer options for increased efficiency, automatic adjustment capabilities, improved reliability, and better connectivity is essential. Get in touch with a reputable HVAC service like Hart Home Comfort to get helpful information on resolving your home thermostat problems.

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