Summer Heating Oil Tips For Oil-Heat Homeowners

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During the summer months, heating oil might not be the first thing you think about. However, this season offers an ideal opportunity to focus on your heating needs. With the sun shining and your heating system not in use, it’s the perfect time to inspect and upgrade different components. Preparing for winter is wise, as the colder months will arrive sooner than you think. Taking action now can guarantee a cozier home when the chill sets in. Here are some valuable summer heating oil tips from Hart Home Comfort for managing your home’s heating oil during the warmer months.

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Heating Oil Tips for the Summer Season

Here are several heating oil tips you can do during the summer:

1. Take Advantage of Reduced Fuel Costs

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In the winter, the need for heating oil surges as countless households rely on it to power their furnaces and boilers, driving prices higher. If you delay buying until the temperatures drop, you’ll face these inflated costs. Conversely, demand drops significantly in the summer, leading oil companies to offer discounts to boost sales. This is an excellent time to benefit from lower prices. Estimate your required quantity and place your order now.

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2. Inspect Your Oil Tank

Pleasant summer weather provides a perfect opportunity for a detailed oil tank inspection. Take advantage of the season to thoroughly examine the tank in your yard and check its condition to ensure it’s still in good shape. As time passes, your tank might show signs of wear, such as rust, holes, and cracks, which can lead to water intrusion and further complications. 

Also, verify the stability of the tank legs and ensure that the lids are securely sealed. If your tank is nearing the end of its useful life or exhibits significant deterioration, don’t hesitate to arrange for a replacement.

3. Schedule Oil Heating System Maintenance

Homeowners may notice clear signs of wear on their heating systems, but subtle issues often go undetected without professional help. Certified HVAC technicians are skilled at identifying early signs of problems in an oil heating system. They can access difficult areas and perform sophisticated tests to diagnose potential issues. Equipped with the necessary tools, they can thoroughly clean and tune up the system. 

It’s crucial to arrange for furnace or boiler maintenance annually. Professional servicing helps extend the lifespan and enhances the reliability of your heating equipment.

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4. Protect Your Outdoor Tank

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Outdoor storage tanks, filled with valuable fuel, are often exposed and can attract thieves. Intruders might siphon off the oil to resell it and could even track delivery schedules to target homes with recent refills. 

To safeguard your tank, conceal it from view from the street. Consider erecting a fence or planting shrubbery to obscure it, ensuring these barriers allow sufficient clearance for air circulation and fire safety. Enhancing security with a lock, an oil tank alarm, and installing a CCTV camera can deter theft and monitor the area effectively.

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5. Utilize the Summer Downtime

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Summer presents an ideal opportunity for significant upgrades you’ve been considering. It’s the perfect time to replace aging tanks with newer models to prevent future issues and expand your storage capabilities. Consider undertaking repairs or enhancements to your boiler as well. If your HVAC system has been experiencing frequent breakdowns, consider replacing it entirely. These projects can be time-consuming, making the warmer months, when heating isn’t essential, the optimal time to address them.

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6. Maintain Accessibility to the Oil Tank Fill Pipe

The delivery trucks must have unobstructed access to your tank’s fill pipe for efficient heating oil deliveries. Over time, the area around the pipe may become overgrown with plants or shrubbery. Regularly inspect this area and trim any foliage that could impede access. Once you’ve ensured the fill pipe is accessible, mark its location visibly to help the delivery team locate it quickly and easily.

7. Explore Better Oil Delivery Options

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If your current heating oil delivery service hasn’t met your expectations, summer is the perfect time to search for a superior provider. Compile a list of competing companies in your region and research their reputations. Consider whether these alternatives offer timely deliveries as promised or if they provide more competitive rates and attractive deals. Consult with friends and neighbors to gather firsthand accounts of their experiences with different services, giving you a clearer idea of what each company offers.

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8. Avoid Oil Tank Condensation

Condensation in oil tanks can initiate damage by promoting corrosion that weakens the tank’s internal structure. This issue is more pronounced when the tank is nearly empty, as moist air occupies the void, exacerbating condensation. To prevent this, it’s advisable not to let your tank run low, even during summer. Schedule a delivery to fill your tank, minimizing the risk of condensation.

FAQs: Summer HVAC Maintenance & Heating Oil Delivery

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Below are commonly asked questions regarding summer maintenance and delivery:

  1. How frequently should I arrange for maintenance of my oil heating system? It is recommended to have your furnace or boiler professionally serviced at least once a year. Scheduling this service during the summer ensures your system is in optimal condition ahead of the winter, enhancing its reliability and prolonging its lifespan.
  2. What factors should I consider when planning significant upgrades to my heating system? When considering substantial upgrades such as replacing tanks or enhancing the entire system, it’s crucial to consider the timing—summer is typically the best period. Evaluate the potential for increased efficiency and ensure the upgrades meet your specific heating requirements. Consulting with Hart Home Comfort will help you understand the most cost-effective and efficient solutions tailored to your needs.
  3. What are the best practices for maintaining my oil tank during the summer to prepare for winter? Keep your oil tank at least half full throughout the summer to minimize condensation and prevent corrosion. Regularly conduct checkups on your tank for any signs of wear or damage, and proactively address necessary repairs or replacements. These steps will help ensure your system operates efficiently and is ready for the colder months ahead.


While it might appear unusual, summer is the optimal season for tending to your heating system, including your tank and boiler. Winter offers little leeway for maintenance as your system is in constant operation. In contrast, the summer downtime allows for the essential upkeep and adjustments your system might need. Use this time to review your heating oil budget and explore more efficient methods for arranging your next delivery.

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