Top HVAC Installation Mistakes to Avoid

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Having a new HVAC system installed can promote significant improvements in your life quality. This equipment can increase your comfort, provide you with lower energy costs compared to your old HVAC system, ensure better health, and even increase your productivity. However, an improper HVAC installation could also be downright nightmarish when it takes place in your home.

You’ll have a lower indoor air quality (IAQ) and you’ll have to pay for ongoing repairs. Furthermore, you may need to replace your system prematurely. Your energy costs will rise and your living environment will be uncomfortable. Hire a certified and highly experienced HVAC contractor to get an optimal outcome. Homeowners can do their part by reading up on the most common mistakes made during HVAC installations so that these problems can be avoided.

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Top Mistakes to Avoid With HVAC Installation

This article will share all of the most common mistakes made during HVAC installation.

1. Choosing a Heating and Cooling System That’s the Wrong Size

Many people think that they’ll get better performance by opting for a larger HVAC size. They believe that purchasing the largest system their money can buy is a wise investment. This is far from the truth. The projected load is what determines the correct size of this equipment.

Top HVAC contractors always perform complex calculations that account for local temperatures, any structures abutting the building that provide reliable shade, the orientation of buildings, the floor area of the home interior, ceiling heights, and many other key factors. With these calculations, you can find out the exact amount of power that an HVAC system needs to warm your home up or cool it down efficiently. Substandard HVAC companies make faulty recommendations using rules of thumb that are completely inaccurate.


2. Keeping the Same HVAC Ductwork

Keeping your old HVAC ductwork when having a new system put in can help you save a significant amount of money. It’s vital to note, however, that this isn’t always the best decision. Your old ducts might be incompatible with your new system, especially if the size of your air conditioner or furnace has changed. Old ductwork could be too small for ensuring adequate airflow. If this network was installed several decades before, then it likely has accumulations of mold, dust, and dirt, along with leaks and other structural problems. The dated, original design of your existing ductwork might not be right for ensuring optimum air distribution throughout the building. Consider having new ductwork designed for your new system and then have this installed by an HVAC company you trust.

3. Incorrect HVAC Ductwork Installation

hvac ductwork installationA good ductwork design is one thing. Executing the installation faultlessly is another entirely. There are many HVAC companies that are able to arrive at economical, logical ductwork designs that in theory, should work well. However, poor installation techniques are used by their techniques whether due to insufficient experience or the desire to rush through the job. For instance, they might seal gaps and cracks using tape even though duct tape is only meant to be a short-term solution. Over time, air leaks will develop and the overall efficiency of the system will sharply decline. Your monthly energy bills will rise. Always hire a reputable HVAC service like Hart Home Comfort so you can rest assured that first-rate sealants and other materials will be used.

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4. HVAC Drainage Systems That Are Poorly Designed

Condensation causes condensation to form around air conditioner coils. Installers must make sure that all of the resulting water is collected and then filtered away from the cooling equipment. If they do not, this water can leak into other portions of the home. This can lead to the formation of mildew and mold. Flooring and drywall damages can also develop over time. Bacteria tend to thrive in these situations and they’ll create foul, pervasive odors in the affected area that eventually permeate the entire home. It’s far better to get this portion of the installation process right from the outset so that these problems never occur. Seasoned HVAC technicians will know how to handle it.

5. Incorrect Venting for Hazardous Gases

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Proper HVAC installation will always include proper venting for the hazardous gases generated by the system during combustion. Carbon monoxide and other toxic gases are produced by your furnace as fuel is burned. These gases won’t be a problem so long as they’re being immediately pushed out of the building by the exhaust system. Faulty installation, however, can lead to the release of these toxic gases into the actual living environment. Every home should have a carbon monoxide detector that warns them of this danger. Households that don’t get these warnings may not be aware of the odorless, colorless gases within their homes. Ask your HVAC contractor about venting and combustion safety to make sure they know how to correctly handle this portion of the installation.

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6. Improperly Placed Heating and Cooling Equipment

When HVAC contractors pay careful attention to what they’re doing, some of the most common mistakes are actually easy to avoid. For instance, HVAC contractors shouldn’t simply install new HVAC equipment where the old system was without first determining the best location. This could be repeating an old mistake as opposed to fixing it. As an example, it’s important to keep your AC condenser shielded from the sun as much as possible. With less direct sunlight on this component, the system won’t have to work as hard. This is also something you should do for the thermostat. If the thermostat is near a window, it will heat up along with the rest of the home and the sensor will start issuing faulty readings. Seasoned HVAC contractors can determine the best location for your new HVAC equipment and all of its individual components.

7. Not Creating Adequate Clearance Around the Condenser

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To work its best, the condenser must have adequate breathing room or clearance. Sadly, this consideration isn’t always made when installations are rushed. It may be that just a few inches of clearance are given on each side. According to experts, however, there should be at least two feet of clearance around the entire perimeter. This ensures both optimum efficiency and optimum air intake. Make sure that this mistake is avoided so that your HVAC equipment isn’t using unnecessary energy or sustaining preventable wear and tear. Once the installation process is finished, homeowners should preserve this clearance by keeping the area free of obstructions and keeping nearby plants trimmed.

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Despite what homeowners might think, HVAC installation mistakes are actually quite common. HVAC contractors with ample experience are frequently called in to fix the mistakes of installation services with less know-how. Avoid having to pay for your install twice by choosing the right contractors from the start. Now that you’re aware of the errors to look for, search for a certified HVAC contractor with a solid reputation.


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