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The temperatures are slowly increasing as it begins to transition to warm weather. With the arrival of spring, our furnaces will be able to rest. This will allow you to conduct maintenance on your HVAC system without feeling too uncomfortable and inconvenienced. It is always a good idea to have a strong end to winter. This way, you will protect one of the most important investments you have in your home- your HVAC system.

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HVAC Tasks To Perform At The End Of Winter

This article lists a few HVAC tips end of winter activities you can do to help you achieve this:

Inspect The HVAC Air Filter

The HVAC air filters are often the culprit to many heating and cooling problems that occur with your HVAC system. The filter’s job is to trap dust and debris but it can get overwhelmed as time passes.

A dirty filter means that the system works harder to maintain proper airflow and reach the set temperatures. It also uses more energy, so you’ll notice an increase in your utility bills. The coldest months of the year mean that the furnace will run continuously to produce more heat. Ensure that the filter can do its task properly. Check it to see if it needs cleaning or replacing and do so when required. This way, your system will do its job more efficiently.


Consider Upgrading Your HVAC Unit

Upgrading your HVAC unit is not something most homeowners think about doing when it’s the middle of the winter season. They will wait until the temperatures are mild enough that they can go about with their daily activities, even without using their HVAC system for a long time. However, doing so will only make your family suffer uncomfortable for months and waste time. Letting your system run with worn-out parts can also spike up your utility bills significantly.

When you act quickly and replace your HVAC system as soon as possible, you prevent all these problems from happening. Install a new HVAC unit so you can keep your home safe and comfortable throughout the rest of the cold season.

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Consider A Thermostat Upgrade

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If replacing your HVAC system is not possible at this time, you can opt to make a small component upgrade instead. You can start with your thermostat.

Many modern thermostats come with notable features that help with improving your convenience and energy efficiency. For example, a programmable thermostat will automatically adjust the temperature depending on the specific time of the day. It can turn the temperatures low when you are at work and turn it back high when you are about to come home. Some thermostat models also have WiFi features that allow you to control your HVAC settings via your smartphone or laptop.


Inspect Your Ducts

The HVAC ductwork is another component that is prone to getting dirty. Dust and other debris can accumulate in the duct and cause a blockage. This will strain your system to work as efficiently and effectively as it should. The dust and other particles might also be distributed throughout your house. Unfortunately, this can negatively affect your health and well-being. This is especially troublesome if there are children, elderly, and immune-compromised people living in your home. The ductwork needs to be checked and cleaned now and then. It is best to leave this job to HVAC experts as they have the skills and specialized tools to do it properly.

Furthermore, be sure to check for any HVAC ductwork leaks. This is a great time of year to repair any damage that your air ducts may have acquired during the heating season.

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Schedule HVAC Tune-ups

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Do not wait until winter ends before you book HVAC maintenance. Schedule it as soon as you can so that you are at the top of the list. Most homeowners include having their HVAC units checked as part of their spring cleaning. Therefore, the limited slots HVAC companies have for maintenance can fill up quickly.

Securing an early spring slot now means that all your maintenance work can be done before the rush even begins. All HVAC problems will be determined and repaired right away. You can also get your AC tuned-up so that it is ready to provide cool air for you in the coming summer.

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Seal Up Your Drafty Windows

image of homeowner sealing air drafts

Warm air can escape through drafty windows. It can also let cold air in. When this happens, your HVAC system works hard, but there will still be uneven temperatures around your house. It is best to look for the gaps and cracks around your windows and doors and seal them up. If you already did so before but there is still uneven heating, you might have missed a few areas. Contact a professional HVAC contractor to help you find all air drafts and other wall weaknesses your house has. They will deal with this problem immediately. You can also opt to hang thermal curtains on your windows to eliminate thermal loss.


Clean Up Your Outdoor Unit

The outdoor condensing unit is exposed to moisture and debris. It will likely accumulate stale water and gunk throughout winter. These can be detrimental to your system’s functionality. Therefore, you need to clean the outdoor unit periodically so that it can work as it should.

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Thinking ahead and conducting the necessary upkeep so that your HVAC system is in perfect working condition at all times is a must. This way, you avoid heating or cooling problems, prolong your system’s lifespan, improve its energy efficiency and your home comfort, and enjoy lower energy bills. Call your local, trusted technician to schedule your next HVAC maintenance today.

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