What You Need To Know About The Warranty For Your Home HVAC System

hvac contractorWhen buying a new HVAC system for your home, you always want to make sure to read through the related warranty coverage. This is a crucial step that a lot of consumers fail to take. Thus, they start using their systems without realizing that specific actions and conditions can actually void their warranties.

This document offers details about the conditions concerning HVAC maintenance, repairs, and individual parts replacement. HVAC warranties are designed to help homeowners save money if problems arise during a set period.

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How To Avoid Voiding HVAC Warranty Long Island NY

There are terms in an HVAC warranty that must be followed so that the warranty provisions do not become void. Each HVAC manufacturer has its own set of terms. The mistakes that follow, however, can be costly, and they can cause the warranty on an HVAC system to become void.

1. Failing To Register The Warranty For Your Home HVAC Equipment

Once you’ve purchased a new HVAC system, you will probably be eager to run it. Many consumers, however, make the mistake of forgetting to fill out the required paperwork for their warranties. If this is something that you’ve overlooked in the past, you want to avoid doing this going forward.

A lot of HVAC manufacturers make it possible for consumers to register their warranties online. If you set this documentation aside and then forget about it, you can face some pretty serious problems later on. If you haven’t registered your warranty and your HVAC system fails, it could be difficult to retrieve any information that you might need. You’ll have to complete this entire process before having your heating and cooling system repaired, which means facing a frustrating delay in essential HVAC services.

You should also know that some brands will void warranties entirely if they are not registered.

2. DIY Home HVAC Installations

HVAC technicianYou or someone you know could be pretty handy with major appliances. As such, you might install your HVAC system without the help of a hired professional. Many companies make it requisite within their warranties that only licensed HVAC contractors can install these systems.

There are a number of home improvement contractors that might offer installation services. More often than not, home improvement contractors have lower installation charges. Consequently, a lot of homeowners hire these professionals in a bid to save money. This is a decision that could cause your HVAC warranty to be voided. A home improvement contractor may not meet the requirements for installation that have been specified in the warranty agreement.

Before seeking services, make sure the HVAC contractor or company that will be performing your installation is licensed, bonded, and insured.

3. Using Replacement Parts That Aren’t OEM

Manufacturers frequently require the use of OEM parts or original equipment manufacturer parts whenever replacements are needed. This is an important requirement that often gets overlooked. OEM parts undergo rigorous testing to ensure overall compatibility. The replacement process with these parts is generally seamless and problem-free. If issues do arise, making a warranty claim will be easy.

Problems can occur, however, if you use an off-brand, third-party product for replacement. Even though these are usually safe for use, they aren’t guaranteed to work well within the heating and cooling system. If your HVAC system stops working, even if an off-brand part isn’t the actual cause of the problem, the needed repairs may not be covered by your warranty.

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4. You’ll Lose The Warranty If You Neglect Annual HVAC Maintenance

Having the HVAC system in your home tuned up on a regular basis is critical. Your system needs an annual HVAC tune-up to continue running efficiently. Moreover, this can help you save money by limiting the system’s overall energy use. Yearly maintenance can also help extend the lifetime of your heating and cooling equipment.

A lot of HVAC manufacturers require yearly maintenance to prevent avoidable replacements and repairs on their end. If you do not take care of this, your warranty will be voided.

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As a homeowner, you’ll find that the warranty on your HVAC system is quite valuable indeed. Be sure to heed its conditions so that this agreement does not become void. Also, keep all records and receipts. This will allow you to show proof when issues arise.
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