9 Home Heating Tips For The Holidays

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The holidays are one of the best times to meet and catch up with friends and family. However, creating a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere that encourages conversation is crucial, especially if you plan to host parties. Besides festive decorations and tasty food, be sure to keep your house pleasantly toasty. Even though it’s freezing outside, you can keep your home warm with a little preparation. To help you out, here are nine useful holiday heating tips to ensure your home is the perfect winter haven.

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Heating Tips to Keep You Warm These Holidays

1. Check for Gaps & Seal Them

Gaps let the warm air escape, effectively wasting any warmth your heating system produces. To prevent this situation, thoroughly inspect your windows, walls, and exterior doors. Use weather stripping or caulking to seal up any holes or cracks you find. You should also consider enlisting an expert who can use more advanced methods to conduct an exhaustive examination of your home. Doing this can save a substantial amount of money by improving your home’s energy efficiency and cutting down your energy bill.

2. Replace Your HVAC Air Filters

image of a dirty furnace filter

Your furnace’s air filters have one main job: safeguard your equipment from dust and dirt so that the system can deliver warm air throughout your house without any problems. The only snag is that the service life of air filters is limited since they clog over time. As a result, you’ll need to change them. Just before the holiday season arrives is an ideal time to do this. When replacing them, make certain you check for dirty surfaces that might hinder proper airflow. Changing your HVAC filters with a fresh set will ensure your HVAC system performs at optimal levels.

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3. Get a Programmable Thermostat Installed

Depending on outdoor temperatures, the number of people in your home, and household activities, your indoor temperature needs will change throughout the day. While most people adjust their thermostat settings manually, others rely on a programmable thermostat to make changes automatically based on various factors, including the time of day. Compared to the manual approach, a programmable thermostat is much more consistent and reliable. You can focus on other tasks like entertaining guests and preparing food without constantly worrying about adjusting the temperature in your home.

4. Get Your HVAC System Checked

image of a furnace repair

To ensure your heating system is ready to endure the cold weather, set up a maintenance visit with your local HVAC specialists. They’ll inspect your furnace, vents, and ducts, remove hazards, clean the system, and confirm everything is in working order. They’ll also look for and fix any potential problems before they escalate into something more serious. Regular maintenance checks will keep your HVAC running properly while preventing expensive repairs. Tune-ups will also keep energy costs low and enhance your comfort levels.

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5. Switch To A Tankless or On-Demand Water Heater

In the event that some of your guests or out-of-town family members are staying with you for several days, you’ll want to ensure that there will be plenty of hot water for showers. The increase in demand might put too much pressure on your current system, which is why you should consider opting for a tankless water heater instead. This way, you’ll be able to heat water instantly without using a storage tank or interrupting the hot water supply.

6. Add Zones To Your HVAC System

If you have long-term guests, you’ll need to warm their rooms. This is especially true if different areas of your home feel colder than others, your HVAC system doesn’t deliver heat across your house uniformly, or you haven’t configured your temperature control to meet the needs of different occupants. An HVAC expert can plan and set up a zoning system to help with this. Check with your local contractor about costs and plan to make the change before the holidays begin.

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7. Make Sure The HVAC Air Vents Aren’t Blocked

If your house feels noticeably colder, the chances are that you likely have blocked vents. This often happens after rearranging furniture, so it’s important to check that a cabinet, sofa, chair, or table isn’t in the way. It’s a simple mistake, but warm air can’t effectively reach other rooms if something is obstructing the flow. You can quickly and easily solve this common problem by putting some space between any furniture and walls with vents.

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8. Try Space Heaters (But With Caution)

If the vents are clear but certain rooms are still cold, space heaters can work wonders for heating specific areas. The downside is that they tend to use quite a bit of power, pushing up your energy costs. They’re also a fire hazard, so be sure to remove any flammable items surrounding them. Unfortunately, you do need to keep an eye on space heaters for safety purposes. Be sure to turn them off before leaving a room, leaving the house, or going to bed.


9. Set Your Ceiling Fans to Spin In Reverse

image of ceiling fan depicting ceiling fan direction in winter

Cold air descends while warm air rises – a phenomenon that’s great in summer when you want to feel cool but not so great in winter when you want to warm your home. To counter this problem, you can set your ceiling fans to spin in a clockwise direction and force the warm air down. You’ll find this option less expensive than adjusting the thermostat settings for higher temperatures.

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Final Thoughts

Heating your home during the holidays doesn’t have to be difficult or break the bank. The strategies we’ve outlined above are easy to implement, so try the ones that meet your home’s requirements. Also, if your home heating system requires fuel delivery, be sure to schedule one before your guests arrive. This way, you won’t have to worry about running out of fuel while you are busy spending time with loved ones. Don’t forget that you can also contact HVAC contractors for expert assistance if needed. Preparing in advance ensures your holiday parties will be a hit, and your guests will be grateful you kept them as comfortable as possible.

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