Top Benefits Of Oil Heat

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Heating Oil West Sayville NY: The Numerous Important Benefits Offered By Oil Heat

home that uses heating-oilIt has been reported by the Environmental Protection Agency that heating oil is the cleanest combustion source for heat that is available currently for oil-based furnaces. This is mainly due to the innovations in furnace technologies and fuel processing.

Heating oil is a very clean fuel to heat your home with. However, that is not its only benefit. There are many others that it offers as well. In this article, we will be discussing the numerous advantages offered by heating oil to heat your home.

Heating Oil Is A Cost-Effective Fuel Source

You will find when looking at natural gas vs. heating oil that heating oil is, by far, the most cost-effective of these two options. One gallon of heating oil can produce 40% more heat than a comparable quantity of natural gas. Natural gas produces 100k BTUs, while oil heat produces 140k BTUs. Heating oil costs less, and it heats much better as well.

Also, heating oil is more cost-effective than those heating systems running on electricity. Data has been collected by the Department of Ecology show that heating oil costs have been lower than other fuels sources for several years.

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Fuel Oil Is Environmentally-Friendly

eco-friendly heating oilHeating oil should be your fuel of choice if you want your home to be heated by an environmentally-friendly fuel source. Some of the blends are completely biodegradable, and also free of agents known to cause cancer and are non-toxic.

Carbon monoxide is created by all heating fuels during the combustion process. However, whenever you use a heating oil-based system, you will get clear indicators such as smoke and soot before any significant problems develop. You will usually see clear signs before a problem arises, long before there is any carbon monoxide leaking into your home.

If natural gas is used as the source to heat your home, you might not be warned of carbon monoxide before gas starts to leak into your house. No matter what kind of heating system that your home has, you must install carbon monoxide detectors throughout your building.


Very Safe Type Of Heating Fuel

The safest form of heating oil fuel is heating oil. That is due to the fact that it burns clean and doesn’t produce any toxic vapors or gases. You don’t need to worry about any foul smells. Also, if you keep your heater well-maintained, soot will also not be a problem. Heating oil doesn’t ignite or explode easily either.

In order for heating oil to ignite, it is necessary to have special atomizing equipment to convert it into a fine spray. Oil-based furnaces use this atomization to create heat. It is also possible to throw a match down into a heating oil tank without the oil igniting. That is why it is the ideal fuel to heat your home with. The opposite is true with natural gas. It will explode when it is close to a source of ignition. Natural gas leaks and explosions occur much more frequently than most people might think.

Highly Efficient Furnace Designs

oil furnace boilerModern oil furnaces and boilers have an 85 percent or higher AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency rating). The AFUE rating is an indication that much less oil is used by high-efficiency models than less efficient systems. Most importantly, they can burn much hotter also.

On average, high-efficiency heating systems can burn 400 degrees warmer compared to low-efficiency models. This impressive heat level means that highly efficient furnaces can deliver hot water or heat to an area much more quickly. If you maintain an oil furnace on a regular basis, you can rely on it to last for thirty years or more. A well-maintained gas furnace, on the other hand, has only a 15-year lifespan.

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Heating Oil Has Unlimited Supply Options

Unlike either natural gas or electricity, suppliers of no. 2 heating oil offer favorable terms and competitive rates due to the high amount of competition. If your current supplier does not offer the best prices or best delivery or financial plans, you can shop around for a different provider. There is also the option to work with an oil supplier where maintenance and repair of your home’s heating equipment is part of their full delivery service. You can also choose the option of working with a supplier that offers full-service oil delivery or COD deliveries like Hart Home Comfort. It just depends on what your needs are. Using heating oil allows you to customize your financial and heating requirements which are not true with electricity or natural gas.


Final Word

Currently, heating oil is among the most popular types of fuel in the United States, given the ability for consumers to locate professionals who are able to meet their needs, its impressive safety level, and its affordable cost. There are many local heating oil suppliers that offer outstanding packages that include full furnace maintenance, delivery plans, and financing options. Overall satisfaction levels are improved even further by the ability to customize your delivery according to your individual needs. Finally, a high-efficiency furnace burns hotter and uses less oil than a much older natural gas model.

Hart Home Comfort offers fast, affordable, and trusted heating oil deliveries.

Working with us will allow you to choose the delivery plan and financing method that is ideal for your needs. If you are in need of heater maintenance or repairs, our NATE-certified technicians can help you. Call Hart Home Comfort today to set an appointment up.

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