Why You Should Call A Professional For Your Furnace Repair

image of a furnace that needs a repair

Having your furnace malfunction right in the heart of winter is the last thing you want. Even though heating systems are generally reliable, age-related problems can cause them to break down and stop working altogether. Regular use of your home heating system is guaranteed to create wear and tear. If you aren’t having your heating systems regularly inspected and maintained, and if you aren’t diligent in completing minor repairs, furnace problems can start to crop up prematurely.

There are a lot of homeowners who try performing DIY heater repairs or who hire a neighborhood handyman to get the job done. These methods of cutting costs can actually lead to more problems. Find out why the wisest and most cost-effective choice is always calling a professional furnace repair company instead.

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Sign’s You Need The Help Of A Professional HVAC Service

Let’s talk about a few of the most common signs to watch out for when your home furnace needs professional repair services.

Your Furnace Is Beginning To Overheat

image of a dirty furnace filter

If your furnace is overheating, it probably has a filter that’s dirt and clogged. Like all home heating and cooling equipment, furnaces are prone to collecting dirt, dust, and other forms of debris via its air filtration system. When the collected particulates overwhelm the filter, the system starts struggling to provide adequate airflow. As such, the furnace begins working harder and harder in order to create and maintain the desired temperature indoors.

The heat exchanger can become damaged as the result of overheating – and this is one of the most expensive furnace components to replace. By regularly cleaning your clogged filter or replacing it, you can make sure that the heat exchange never needs repair services or outright replacement – and you can also keep your furnace from overheating.

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The Thermostat Isn’t Working As It Should

Thermostats show the temperature that the furnace is currently producing. Thermostat problems are among the most common indications of a need for furnace repair services. If you’re having an actual heat issue, look at the thermostat and verify its setting. It should be set at “HEAT” and turned on. The fan should be set to “AUTO”. Make sure that the temperature setting is where you want it to be.

If your home thermostat seems to be displaying indoor temperatures inaccurately, check to see if it’s dirty and covered in dust. Old thermostats that aren’t being properly maintained can start showing incorrect temperature readings. Turn the thermostat off and clear off all dirt and built-up debris with a dry, clean brush. If areas of the thermostat are corroded, clear this corrosion away as well by using a contact cleaner that’s made for use on electronics. Verify that your thermostat has been installed sufficiently far away from heat sources like stoves, direct sunlight, and appliances that generate significant amounts of heat.

Your HVAC System Has Damaged Ductwork

image of leaking hvac ductwork

Another sign that you may need a furnace repair is damaged ductwork. When heat is produced by your furnace, the warm air pushed through the ductwork in your home. If the ducts have gaps, cracks, or other forms of damage that result in leaks, hot air will invariably escape. This will make the furnace less efficient and it will additionally create fluctuations in the inside temperature. If damages at the ducts are severe, your furnace will not be able to completely heat your home.

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The Dangers Of Gas-Fired Furnaces That Are Faulty

image of a gas furnace

Gas leaks are the most common issues that gas-fired furnaces can develop. They are also the most dangerous problem that can occur with this kind of residential heating equipment. Gases that escape from furnaces are often toxic for animals and humans. These include carbon monoxide and methane, both of which are known to lead to serious health problems including death when exposure is ongoing.

These things, along with the risks of electric shock, explosions, and fire are why furnace repair projects should never be something that you tackle on your own. HVAC professionals have the training for properly inspecting, diagnosing, and fixing HVAC equipment, and this means that they’re capable of completing this work safely and correctly.

The Benefits Of Working With A Professional HVAC Contractor

We want to share a few of the benefits that you can gain by working with a licensed HVAC professional to take care of your furnace problems.

Save More Money

image of couple calculating savings on furnace repair

An experienced HVAC technician will have the ability to correctly assess your furnace and identify any existing or developing problems. Moreover, licensed HVAC professionals can safely perform any necessary repairs. They’ll make sure that all repairs and replacements are in line with the type of heating equipment you own. If repair work is shoddy (such as when you have someone without training do the work), or improperly done, your furnace will problem become even more damaged. This means having to pay for additional repairs and parts replacements.

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Your Home Will Be Safer And More Secure

image of paper cut out of family in hands depicting heating safety

Safe repairs are vital for ensuring the safety and security of all building residents. If mistakes are made when a repair is being performed, or if the wrong parts are installed, everyone could at be at risk of being exposed to gas emissions, explosions, or fires. When your furnace has a problem, call a professional technician to perform the needed repair right away.

The Work Will Be Done Quickly

Seasoned HVAC technicians have a series of procedures that they use to diagnose problems and fix them. This allows them to complete their work fast. You won’t have to deal with the frustration and inconvenience of having your heater repair performed by someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

Your HVAC Provider Will Have The Right Skills

image of furnace technician maintaining heating unit

Professional technicians are able to build and hone their skills over time. This allows them to address a diverse range of repair issues correctly. Remember that furnaces are highly specialized and require a specific knowledge-base and skill set for all tune-ups and repairs.

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Protect Your HVAC Warranty

hvac warrantyThe warranty on your furnace requires that you only use a licensed HVAC company for repair and maintenance services. As such, using a reputable HVAC contractor can keep your warranty from being voided. If you or anyone else who lacks the proper certification and licensing attempts to perform a furnace repair, this protection will no longer exist. Moreover, a reliable HVAC service will always stand behind the work it performs with a solid guarantee.



A malfunctioning furnace is a major inconvenience all on its on and thus, there is no point in having an untrained person try to repair it. Prevent serious furnace damage and cut your repair costs by having a licensed HVAC contractor inspect and fix it instead. This professional can solve your problem by offering the right solutions for keeping your home winter-ready and comfortably warm.

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