Hart Home Comfort Delivers Environmentally-Friendly EcoBlend Bioheat® Heating Oil

AUTOMATICALLY reduce your carbon footprint with Hart Home Comfort by using our EcoBlend Biodiesel heating oil, a liquid renewable.

Increased Heating System Efficiency
No Expensive Heating Equipment Upgrades Needed
No Added Cost To You

Since 2007, Hart Home Comfort Has Eliminated 69,671,279 Pounds Of Carbon From The Environment [1]

Read on to see how we can help reduce your carbon footprint at no added costs!

Since 2007, Hart Home Comfort has been reducing carbon emissions for our customers by delivering an increasingly eco-friendly renewable heating oil fuel that is a blend of biodiesel and heating oil, creating clean-burning, ultra-low-sulfur heating oil, EcoBlend Bioheat® fuel.

UPDATE: As of October 2021, we have started delivering a b50 blend to NYC & Nassau County customers and have plans to deliver b50 to Suffolk County in the near future.

Our preliminary goals were to deliver a b50 blend by 2030 and we are on track to exceed this goal! At that time, our customers will be heating their homes and businesses with a fuel source that is cleaner and more renewable than both natural gas and electricity![2]

Are you considering a switch from oil to gas, propane, or electric?


re-read the paragraph above and then read this:

Switching away from Hart Home Comfort's EcoBlend Bioheat® fuel solutions to convert your home to electric or natural gas would represent an INCREASE in your carbon footprint!

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Cost-Effective & Immediate

“Months of research conducted by Kearney demonstrates that heating oil-biofuel blending provides the most cost-effective and immediate path to reduce fossil energy use and carbon emissions … Our findings show that this strategy is both affordable and easier to implement than electrification for home heating in the Northeast.”

Neal Walters
Partner, Kearney

Little Impact To Consumer

“The transition to higher blends of biodiesel can occur with low costs and little impact on the consumer.”

Sustainable Energy Technology Dept.
Brookhaven National Laboratory

Biofuels Are Critical For Climate Agenda

Michael Regan, President Biden’s nominee to lead the EPA, said, "[President Biden] has not been shy in indicating that biofuels, especially advanced biofuels, will be critical to help meet his ambitious climate agenda. I agree with that. Advanced biofuels will be very important."

EcoBlend, Biodiesel & Renewable Energy Articles From Hart Home Comfort

image of soy fields depicting biofuel energy

Biofuels: Making Energy Out Of Plants

Biofuels, fuel derived from plants, show great promise for the future of energy. This kind of fuel is renewable, so it can be produced repeatedly. It also does not harm the environment, making it a safe option in protecting the Earth from further damage. Click the link below to read more on this topic.

image of house and grass depicting alternative energy to reduce carbon footprint

Alternative Energy: How Biofuels Reduce Carbon Footprints

Alternative energy has reached the height of popularity. It’s no surprise that biofuels have entered the conversation. These plant-based fuels are an effective alternative energy source, on top of being renewable. This article discusses how biofuels can help us reduce our carbon footprints with the help of EcoBlend Bioheat® Fuel Oil.

image of soy depicting soy oil used for renewable energy sources

5 Types Of Renewable Energy Sources: The Future Of Energy

Environmental scientists acknowledge that fossil fuels meet our energy needs. Unfortunately, these come in a limited supply. Renewable energy sources are the way to go if we want to continue having the same level of comfort and safety. In this article, we will have a detailed discussion on five renewable energy sources.

image of soy and soy oil used for biofuel production

Is Biofuel A Renewable Energy Source?

Strong evidence supports biofuels. Industry insiders assert that biofuel is currently the most cost-effective way to limit reliance on fossil fuels. Better still, using this fuel is the faster way to reduce the collective carbon footprint of the entire United States while allowing the nation to reach carbon neutrality by the year 2050.

What Is EcoBlend Bioheat® Fuel?

EcoBlend Bioheat® heating oil is the name of our clean burning alternative Bioheat® fuel.

It is produced from domestic, renewable resources that are abundant and available in the U.S.

EcoBlend is biodegradable, non-toxic, and virtually free of sulfur and other impurities.

To ensure a quality product, we use sophisticated blending technology at our onsite New Hyde Park terminal to produce high-quality B20 EcoBlend Bioheat® heating oil.

ecoblend biooheat heating oil

It is a mix of 20% pure biodiesel (no petroleum) and 80% conventional heating oil.

We do not charge more for our EcoBlend Bioheat® heating oil! It's priced the same as regular heating oil. By using EcoBlend, you'll get up to a 20-cents per gallon New York State tax credit.

Today it's clear that Bioheat® fuel is not only here to stay, but that it will soon become the preferred fuel for heating oil consumers.

A number of states, as well as New York City, have already approved mandates for the use of Bioheat® fuel, and Hart Home Comfort is the exclusive supplier at the New Hyde Park Oil Terminal.

At Hart Home Comfort, "we love to keep you warm and green." We do it through our outstanding full-service capabilities and in so many other ways.

Of course, what sets us apart from other home comfort companies is that we are one of the first on Long Island to deliver Bioheat® fuel in the form of clean, green EcoBlend Bioheat® heating oil to our customers at no extra charge. We are also the only home comfort company on Long Island with storage facilities dedicated to EcoBlend Bioheat® heating oil, and with access to a railway supply system to deliver the renewable, earth-friendly biodiesel that makes up our alternative Bioheat® fuel, EcoBlend.

EcoBlend Bioheat® Heating Oil FAQs

Why EcoBlend & Bioheat® Fuel Is Here To Stay

EcoBlend Bioheat heating oil delivery
  • Widespread use of Bioheat® fuel could replace millions of gallons of petroleum-based heating oil a year. This can reduce U.S. reliance on imported oil, making us less vulnerable to supply disruptions overseas.
  • Our EcoBlend Bioheat® heating oil is compatible with any heating system that uses regular fuel oil; no new equipment required!
  • Our EcoBlend Bioheat® heating oil burns cleaner than standard No.2 heating oil because it has much lower sulfur content. This reduces wear and tear on your system. The result: fewer breakdowns, longer equipment life, and better fuel efficiency.

Hart Home Comfort's EcoBlend Bioheat® Heating Oil Customers Get a Tax Break

New York State is offering relief for consumers struggling with high heating oil prices, a maximum 20-cent-per-gallon tax credit for customers who use Bioheat® fuel, a clean-burning "green" fuel that is a blend of high-grade heating oil and renewable resources. Thanks to this credit, our customers can save $200 for every 1,000 gallons of EcoBlend Bioheat® fuel consumed!

The new tax credit remains in effect through 2020.

How to File for Your Tax Credit

To properly compute the amount of credit allowed, the taxpayer should have an invoice or bill that includes the following information: date of purchase, number of gallons of the EcoBlend Bioheat® fuel purchased, and the percentage of biodiesel included in the EcoBlend. (A B20 blend contains 20% biodiesel.)

To receive a tax credit, you should file a claim for Clean Heating Fuel Credit along with your tax return. Residential taxpayers should file Form IT-241, and corporate taxpayers should file Form CT-241.[3]

Please consult with your accountant or tax professional.

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