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Peerless Oil Boiler Installation Project In Northport, New York


The homeowners in a Northport NY house had maintained the same boiler system for more than 30 years. The family recognized they were in desperate need of a more current and efficient unit to keep their mini-mansion comfortable in the cold weather seasons.


Our technicians removed the old unit and installed a brand new Peerless Model WBV-5 with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. The installation service provided by Hart Home Comfort included all necessary plumbing and electric work.

The homeowner in this case study resides in a comfortable mini-mansion based in Northport, NY. But this past winter, the family noticed that their heating system failed to provide sufficient warmth to the entirety of their home. It was then that they realized that the boiler unit they relied on was over 30 years old. Over time, the functionality of the Peerless unit had deteriorated and was no longer able to meet the family’s needs. The homeowners decided to call Hart Home Comfort to inquire about an upgrade and replacement.

Chris Martin, one of Hart Home Comfort’s expert technicians, inspected the family’s situation and recommended that we replace their old Peerless unit with a newer model. The updated Peerless Model WBV-5 would provide the Northport home with the heat and comfort the family had been missing with their old unit.

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Peerless Model WBV-5 in Northport, NY

Hart Home Comfort proudly installs and services Peerless units to our customers in Northport, NY and surrounding areas. Our customer will see an increase in energy efficiency with their new unit in addition to other advantages of Peerless models, such as:

  • A complete one year warranty or limited lifetime warranty.
  • Energy efficiency of up to 87.5% (AFUE)
  • Wet base section design.
  • Boiler Reset Control featuring Low Water Cut-off in all water boilers to improve efficiency and ensure safety.
  • Energy saving flame retention burner.
  • Deluxe powder coated steel jacket that reduces heat loss.
  • Watertight seal guaranteed by factory tested steel push nipples.
  • Natural draft venting.
  • Full plate swing out door allowing for quick and easy cleaning.
  • Rear/top flue convertibility in some models.
  • A variety of sizes available for both hot water and steam systems.

The Peerless unit installed in our customer’s home included a New Riello Model #F-5 Oil burner and a new Taco Model #007 circulator with check valves. The WBV-5 model features a low water cut off safeguard in addition to an all-new smoke pipe.

Hart Home Comfort’s technicians secured a plumbing permit from the Town of Smithtown which was required for this project. The installation required technicians to re-pipe the existing plumbing systems as well as the electrical systems.

Our client’s cozy home is now complete with its brand new Peerless boiler unit. In addition, the family will see a reduction in their heating costs. Overall, the mini-mansion Northport residence will now be fully prepared for next Winter when cold weather strikes again.

If you’re in need of a heating system replacement or general maintenance, call Hart Home Comfort today. Our skilled technicians will perform an on-site evaluation at no cost.

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The Lifespan of a Boiler in Northport Homes

old boilerMost boiler units are expected to last anywhere from 12 to 20 years. When a system is regularly maintained, it will most likely last longer. However, if a homeowner is unsure of the age of their boiler system or if the system is no longer functioning properly, then they should consider the possibility of installing a new model.

Signs You Need A Northport Boiler Replacement

Increase In Fuel Usage In Your Northport NY Home

As boilers age, their functionality wears and they use more oil. Consequently, an increase in fuel usage may result in an increase in heating costs.

The Need For Frequent Boiler Repair Services

At the end of their lifespan, heating systems will often require frequent maintenance in addition to regular tune-ups. Boiler units may also show wear in strange noises such as rattling or clunking.

Reduced Comfort In Your Northport Home

Families like our customer rely on their heating system to maintain a comfortable temperature in their home, especially in Winter. But an aging system will not provide the same expected comfort. Homeowners may even notice that the air in their residence is more dusty or dry than usual in the cold weather months.

Your thermostat may also point to a problem with your overall heating system. Uneven temperatures throughout a home are often caused by worn-out systems.

Benefits Of An Upgraded Or New Northport Heating System

Instead of continuing to spend money on fixing an out of date system, replacing your old unit with a newer, more energy efficient model will decrease your monthly heating costs. Your home will stay comfortable with less energy and at a lower cost.

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We provide regular maintenance and repairs as well as HVAC equipment installations to the Long Island area and neighboring communities. We offer energy efficient and reliable products from brands like Peerless to keep your home comfortable all year long! Call us today to schedule your free in-home consultation.

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