What Is A Boiler Expansion Tank?

image of boiler expansion tank

Concerned about your water heater or the unfamiliar noise after you shower? Unsure about the role of the boiler expansion tank that your HVAC expert suggested replacing? This article delves into boiler expansion tanks in your home’s heating system. We’ll simplify the complexities, ensuring you’re informed in your decisions regarding your home’s heating.

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What Is The Best Temperature To Set Your Heating Oil Boiler At?

image of a boiler room in a home

Finding the ideal temperature for your central heating oil boiler can be complex to determine. External temperatures often fluctuate, and hot water requirements vary. This can lead to different boiler settings from one household to the other. This article discusses how to effectively heat your home while optimizing boiler efficiency.

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Top Signs Your Furnace Is Overheating

image of a gas furnace

Minor furnace anomalies might actually be warning signals of a severe issue, like an overheating furnace. Don’t ignore these tell-tale signs, as they could lead to bigger problems. This article discusses some of these signs, the causes of this HVAC issue, and the solutions to get your furnace back in working order.

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New Efficient Oil Heating Systems Increase Comfort And Decrease Fuel Use

image of the word efficiency depicting most efficient oil heating system

Significant strides in home heating technology are revolutionizing households today. This means that it is an ideal time to consider a heating system upgrade because modern heating oil units far surpass their older predecessors. This article explores how these oil-heat advancements translate into a more favorable heating experience for you.

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5 Major Myths About HVAC Services

image of facts and myths depicting hvac services myths about maintenance and repair

Accurate information empowers smart decisions. False information, on the other hand, can lead to poor choices and difficulties. Homeowners are often affected by such myths. This can lead to unwise decisions concerning HVAC services and system care. This article delves into various HVAC service myths and system care aspects you should know.

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Ductless Mini-Split Lifespan: How Long Should My Unit Last?

image of a ductless heat pump depicting ductless mini-split liefspan

When you need to replace your HVAC system, you will need to research your options. Buyers naturally aim for optimal returns, including efficiency and system longevity. This article discusses the typical lifespan of a ductless mini-split, including factors that impact system lifespan. We also compare ductless vs. central air conditioners.

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Top 7 Things You Should Never Do To Your AC Unit

You can prevent costly problems when you are careful with your air conditioning system. However, there are some tasks that homeowners can do on their own, and there are others that should be left in the hands of a professional. This article discusses 7 things you should never do to your cooling system.

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10 Reasons Why Your AC Unit Isn’t Blowing Cool Air

Air conditioners create a comfortable and healthy living environment during hot weather. However, like any mechanical system, these systems encounter issues like when the unit isn’t blowing cold air. Address these problems promptly to prevent discomfort, expensive repairs, and more. This guide discusses what to check when your air conditioner is blowing warm air.

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Best Ways To Prevent Air Conditioner Mold

Any damp surface in your home, including your cooling unit, can become a breeding ground for mold. Mold growth in your AC unit poses a risk due to its ability to spread rapidly throughout your home, leading to health concerns. This article discusses common causes and solutions for air conditioner mold.

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Tell-Tale Signs Of An Overcharged Air Conditioner

image of an hvac contractor examining ac unit refrigerant levels

Overcharged cooling systems can lead to damage over time because they struggle to process the excess refrigerant. To avoid issues and prolong the lifespan of your equipment, refrigerant levels should be kept within their ideal parameters. Continue reading to discover overcharged AC symptoms and the dangers associated with this issue.

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