Roth Double Wall Oil Tank

Individual & Grouped Heating Oil Tank Solutions By Roth USA

Hart Home Comfort chooses Roth USA as our partner in fuel oil storage tank solutions because of Roth’s commitment to quality, safety, and the environment.

You can rely on Roth heating oil tanks for all of your fuel storage needs in New York.

Individual Heating Oil Tanks

Look no further than Roth for the best individual tanks on the market!

Designed with the environment and your overall comfort in mind, these single tanks are made for any type of home that needs to store between 110-400 gallons of fuel oil.

With Roth’s individual tank's compact design (8 sq. ft. for 1000L), these tanks can be installed in your basement or outside your home to meet your storage needs.

Some of the benefits of an Individual oil tank are:

  • 30-Year Warranty
  • Double-Wall Design
  • 2 Million Dollar Clean-Up Policy
  • Expansion System For Increased Storage Capacity
  • Faster And Easier Fill-Ups
  • Compact Design
  • Up To 50% Lighter Than Most Conventional Steel Oil Tanks
  • Environmentally Friendly

Single Roth Oil Tank Dimensions:

Tank Model DWT 400L DWT 620L DWT 1000L DWT 1000LH DWT 1500L
Nom. capacity US gal (liters) 110 (400) 165 (620) 275 (1000) 275 (1000) 400 (1500)
Length inches (cm) 29 (74) 29 (74) 43 (110) 51 (130) 64 (163)
Width inches (cm) 28 (72) 28 (72) 28 (72) 30 (76) 30 (77)
Height inches (cm) 44 (112) 61 (155) 61 (155) 54 (137) 44 (112)
Min. height required inches (cm) 49 (125) 66 (168) 66 (168) 60 (152) 76 (193)
Tank weight lbs. (kg) 106 (48) 132 (60) 167 (76) 208 (94) 333 (151)

Approximate Footprint for Multiple Oil Tank Installations:

Tank Model DWT 400L DWT 620L DWT 1000L DWT 1000LH DWT 1500L
2 tanks in inches (side by side) 29x60 (74x152) 29x60 (74x152) 43x60 (110x152) 51x63 (130x160) 64x63 (163x160)
3 tanks in inches (side by side) 29x92 (74x234) 29x92 (74x234) 43x92 (110x234) 51x96 (130x244) 64x96 (163x244)
4 tanks in inches (side by side) 29x124 (74x315) 29x124 (74x315) 43x124 (110x315) 51x129 (130x328) N/A
5 tanks in inches (side by side) 29x156 (74x397) 29x156 (74x397) 43x156 (110x397) 51x162 (130x411) N/A
2 tanks in inches (end to end) N/A N/A 28x90 (72x229) N/A N/A

Hart Home Comfort + Roth = Safe Fuel Storage Solutions

Accessories For Roth Storage Oil Tanks:

  • Vent Alarm: Signals that the tank is full while filling (helps to prevent over-filling)
  • Tank Cover: Protects the tank from the weather and UV rays
  • Fuel Oil Gauge: Indicates how much oil is left in your tank
  • Leak Indicator: Designed to let you know of a possible leak
  • Duplex Bushing: Allows the conversion of a pipe opening or single tank to two smaller threaded NPT openings

When looking to replace, upgrade, or for new installations of home heating oil storage tanks, choose New York's leaders, Hart Home Comfort and Roth USA.

With the best warranty currently available on the market of 30 years and a $2 million clean-up guarantee, Roth believes in the reliability of their heating oil storage tanks, and so do we.

At Hart Home Comfort, we have certified home comfort technicians ready to work with you to meet your heating oil storage tank needs and budget.

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