Utica Gas Boiler Installation Project In North Bellmore, New York

gas boiler installation north bellmore new yorkNo one looks forward to having to replace a major appliance system in their home such as a boiler in their heating system. However, putting off the system replacement isn’t always an option. Once a heating system reaches the end of its lifespan and is displaying obvious signs of trouble, then it is important to replace it.

By upgrading your heating system, you will have a system that is capable of performing well. Furthermore, you will notice a reduction in your energy costs and an improvement in your home comfort.

A customer of ours in North Bellmore experienced a similar situation. They gave us a call when they noticed an issue with their oil boiler.

PROBLEM: The Reinhart family of Bellmore, New York had an old oil fired boiler heating system that they noticed was leaking. They called Hart Home Comfort to come and evaluate their system and diagnose the cause of the leak.

SOLUTION: An experienced Hart Home Comfort technician consulted with the family and, after inspection of the old oil fired boiler heating system, determined that the system was beyond repair. He recommended upgrading to a Utica Gas Boiler heating system.

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5 Reasons A Boiler Leak Can Occur

leaking old boilerA leaky boiler can indicate a minor problem that may develop into a serious issue or be indicative of a serious problem that is already present. Most boiler leaks are caused by:

  1. Age. As your boiler ages, the metal may develop stress fatigues and damage. Repeated warming and cooling will expand and contract the metal piece, and this will eventually lead to a failure such as a crack or split.
  2. PSI Pressure is too high. Some boiler leaks are caused because the boiler is operating at pressures above 21 PSI. This generally happens when sediment has accumulated in the boiler, which prevents the pressure valve from closing and increases the pressure on the boiler.
  3. Circulator Pump failure. The circulator pump plays a major role in delivering hot water to the radiators and baseboard heaters located throughout your home. Once it stops working, your boiler won’t be able to push the hot water it needs in order to function properly. Common signs of circulator pump failure include constant leaks around joints and flanges and strange noises during operation.
  4. Corrosion. Limescale and mineral deposits can build up inside the heat exchanger and other areas of your boiler. This buildup can severely restrict water flow and cause leaks.
  5. Damaged Seals. Damaged boiler seals can allow water to escape through normal use or the boiler pump may even be pushing water out through the broken seals.

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Gas Boiler Installation North Bellmore NY

utica gas boiler heating systemThe oil to gas boiler installation North Bellmore NY plus upgrade to the Utica Gas Boiler heating system model #MGB170J would provide the Reinharts with a number of advantages over their old oil fired system. The new system features:

  • Gas Furnace Efficiency of 83.9% AFUE
  • Energy saving features include the electronic ignitions system,
  • Motorized vent damper, and automatic water temperature adjustment based on your heating system demand to reduce heating cost.
  • Integral draft diverter
  • Built-in low water cut-off to protect the boiler from potentially dangerous low water conditions.
  • Dependable cast iron heat exchanger with cast iron push nipple connections, which maintains a watertight seal.
  • Heating capacity of 145,0001+BTU
  • 7.2-gallon capacity

Our system installation was inclusive of all new smoke pipe, all necessary piping from the meter to the boiler and all necessary plumbing and electrical, as well as the removal of the old boiler and oil tank. The manufacturer offered a limited lifetime warranty on the boiler and the indirect hot water heater.

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Hart Home Comfort Provides Everything Necessary For Your New Heating System

Hart Home Comfort provided all of the additional equipment that was needed for this gas boiler installation in Bellmore, NY, which included a manifold bar, switching relay, a #30 Extrol tank, three new IFC circulator pumps, backflow preventer, and a Bock SK40 indirect hot water heater with mixing valve.

By switching from their old oil fired boiler heating system to the Utica Gas Fired Boiler, the Reinhart family will now enjoy comfortable warmth during the Bellmore, NY winters for many years. Additionally, they will be saving money, as their new unit is considerably more energy efficient than their old one. The Reinharts were pleased with their gas boiler installation in Bellmore NY and the superior service provided by Hart Home Comfort.

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