Peerless Steam Boiler Upgrade Project In Merrick, Long Island, New York

boiler installation merrick nyWhen these homeowners noticed that something was amiss with their home heating, they knew they couldn’t get through the cold winter in Merrick, NY without a working boiler.

Although their boiler was older, they’d maintained it well and never had major problems before. However, when they realized there was a leak and a foul odor coming from the boiler, they knew they needed the expert assistance of trained technicians from Hart Home Comfort.

Not only were the technicians able to identify the problem immediately, but they quickly came up with a solution to replace the damaged unit so that the Beyers family wouldn’t suffer an extended period without heating in their home.

The technicians recommended a Peerless Model ECT-3C Cast Iron Steam Boiler with a 10-year warranty on the heat exchanger to provide optimal heating and a long lifespan for the Beyers’s multi-story home.

PROBLEM: The Beyers family began to notice waning performance from their old steam boiler, and when they inspected, they discovered an unpleasant odor lingering around their boiler, as well as water on the floor around it. With a tough winter already in progress, they knew they needed to address the issue immediately to ensure adequate heating for their multi-story home in Merrick, NY. That’s when they contacted the seasoned professionals at Hart Home Comfort for assistance.

SOLUTION: When Hart Home Comfort technicians Brian V. and Charlie L. arrived at the Beyers house to inspect the boiler, they immediately discovered a cracked heat exchanger. Not only was the boiler outdated, but the damage was beyond repair. They recommended removing the old boiler and replacing it with a brand-new Peerless Cast Iron Steam Boiler, and the Beyers family agreed.

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Peerless Model ECT-3C Cast Iron Steam Boiler

peerless oil boilerThe professionals at Hart Home Comfort are well aware of the demands on boilers in New York state during the cold winter months, which is why we proudly recommend and install Peerless units. These advanced boiler systems provide optimal heating to ensure a comfortable home interior and deliver energy savings that help to offset the cost of purchasing a brand-new unit when an older model expires. When the Beyers chose the Peerless Model ECT-3C Cast Iron Steam Boiler, their new system included the following options:

  • A new Riello Model F-5 oil burner
  • A new John Wood Hot Water Heater Model JW5-50SB Aquabooster, with 50-gallon capacity and a 5-year manufacturer warranty on the tank
  • A new Peerless tankless coil to cover all domestic hot water needs
  • A 10-year manufacturer warranty on the heat exchanger

The Peerless Model ECT-3C Cast Iron Steam Boiler, ideal for residential customers, also delivers many benefits to homeowners, including:

  • Strong and durable cast iron construction
  • Oil-fired functionality for optimal heating and performance with water
  • High efficiency, flame retention burners (like the Riello listed above)
  • Optional tankless coils for domestic hot water
  • AFUE rating of up to 86.6% AFUE for high efficiency
  • A full, non-prorated lifetime warranty on cast iron boiler sections (in addition to the 10-year warranty for the heat exchanger), along with a 1-year parts warranty on the entire boiler
  • Option to purchase 5- or 10-year extended warranties for the entire boiler, including parts and labor
  • Easy access for cleaning and inspection with full plate swing out door
  • Designed for natural draft venting through a chimney
  • Standard equipment that includes Honeywell controls, a Taco 007 circulator pump, a barometric damper, a drain valve, and more – all intended to ensure optimal performance and more

The Beyers family was lucky that they caught the problem with their old boiler early. Although the damage was already severe enough to warrant installing a new Peerless Steam Boiler, the family was lucky to get away without more significant harm.

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Dealing With A Cracked Heat Exchanger In Merrick

CO leak and furnace repairWhen a heat exchanger is cracked or damaged, it can affect more than just home heating performance. The noxious fumes the Beyers family smelled when they inspected their boiler contained dangerous chemicals that could be hazardous to the health of humans and pets in a home. They did the right thing by calling the experts at Hart Home Comfort for immediate assistance.

Over time, a cracked or damaged heat exchanger could leak harmful carbon monoxide gas into the home, causing headaches and other ailments, and even death. This is why it’s so important to keep a carbon monoxide detector in the home, so you can be alerted to the presence of this toxic gas.

With their new Peerless Steam Boiler in place, the Beyers family can rest easy, knowing that their home is safe and will remain cozy all winter long, year after year.

The technicians at Hart Home Comfort are ready and waiting to diagnose and correct any problems you may have with your home heating system, and we’re proud to partner with Peerless to offer homeowners access to some of the best modern boiler systems on the market today.

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