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Mitsubishi Mini-Split Ductless Heating Systems

Ductless mini-split heating systems deliver targeted hot air to a single room, multiple rooms or an entire building.

Ductless heating systems are ideal solutions for homes where a standard ducted furnace is not an option, in additions as supplemental heating sources and in commercial spaces where quiet operation is a must.

These ductless HVAC systems set the standard for dependable, energy efficient, quiet operation!

How Ductless Heat Works

A ductless mini-split consists of 3 main components, an indoor head, an outdoor unit and a line set that connects the indoor unit to the outdoor unit.

  1. The indoor head unit is mounted on a wall in the room(s) to be heated. This unit is controlled by a remote thermostat and the operation of the unit is whisper quiet.
  2. The line set is flexible, allowing us to connect the indoor unit to the outdoor unit very easily and with minimal impact to your home.
  3. The outdoor unit is a high-efficiency heat pump. This unit creates the heat and sends it to the inside head to be blown as hot air into the room(s).
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Speciality Solutions With Mitsubishi’s Ductless Heating Systems

Ductless Heating For Sun Rooms

Sunrooms are an excellent addition to a house and allow homeowners to utilize the extra space during warmer parts of the year. However, without a heating system, utilizing the sunroom and the winter is difficult. Often times, it is not feasible to tap into the home's existing heating system in order to keep the sunroom. The existing heating system may not be sized correctly to allow for the additional heating load.

The perfect solution is to install a Mitsubishi ductless heating system. These systems are easy to install in additions such as a new sunroom. Additionally, they run so quietly that you will not even notice that it is operating. You can count on a Mitsubishi ductless heating system to deliver dependable, energy-efficient, comfortable heat throughout your entire sunroom all winter long. This will greatly enhance your enjoyment of your sunroom addition.

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Ductless Heat For Garages

Many car enthusiasts and hobbyists use the garage all year long to support their passions. However, on Long Island, New York winters can get very cold. For people that want to enjoy their hobbies in their garage during the cold months of the winter, they are left with few options. One option is to run a portable heater which can be very expensive, not energy efficient, dangerous with regards to carbon monoxide poisoning, and loud.

A perfect solution is to install a mini-split heater. Mitsubishi ductless heat solutions are extremely easy to install in a garage and will provide comfortable indoor temperatures in your garage all winter long.

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Ductless Heat For Additions

Many homeowners take on renovation projects which include the construction of additions to their homes. However, expanding the homes existing HVAC system to incorporate a heat source into the addition may not be feasible. The additional heating load could possibly create issues by simply tapping into the existing HVAC system.

The perfect solution for these situations is to install a supplemental heating system utilizing Mitsubishi ductless solutions. A ductless heating system is extremely easy to install during the building of your new addition or after the construction is complete. Ductless heaters can be used for a single room or multiple rooms. Regardless of how big your addition is, a Mitsubishi ductless installation for your Long Island home is the perfect solution.

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Ductless Heat For New Construction

Many people do not understand that ductless heating systems can be used for new construction. Typically, a new construction home will either have a forced air heating system that consists of a network of ducts connecting vents in every room to the furnace in the basement or attic. Or, the house will have a hydronic heating system with a network of pipes connecting baseboard heaters to the boiler in the basement.

However, Mitsubishi ductless heating is an ideal solution for new construction. By installing a mini-split heating solution, you are guaranteeing that every single room in your new home has its own temperature zone control. This cannot be said for a typical furnace or boiler heating system. Additionally, Mitsubishi is the industry leader as it pertains to energy efficiency and quiet, dependable operation. By installing a Mitsubishi ductless heating system, you are sure to realize low monthly energy expenses.

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Experience The Mitsubishi Ductless Advantage In Your Long Island Home & NYC Home Or Business


Warm air starts up immediately, eliminating cold air drafts when the system starts.


The I-SEE sensor scans your room and adjusts the indoor temperature automatically.


Increased energy savings with the best zone temperature controls available!


Systems eliminate odors, allergens, and contaminants impacting air quality.

Learn About The Mitsubishi's Smart 3D i-See Sensor Technology

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