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Mitsubishi Mini-Split Ductless Air Conditioning Systems

Ductless mini-split cooling systems deliver targeted cool, humidity-free air to a single room, multiple rooms or an entire building.

Ductless air conditioning systems are the perfect answer for properties where a standard central air conditioner and window units are not an option, in additions as supplemental cooling sources and in commercial spaces where quiet operation is a must.

These ductless HVAC systems set the standard for dependable, energy efficient, quiet operation!

How Ductless Cooling Works

Mitsubishi mini-split systems are built with 3 main components, an indoor head, an outdoor unit and a line set that connects the indoor unit to the outdoor unit.

  1. The indoor unit is typically mounted on a wall in the room(s) that needs air conditioning. The operation of the air conditioning is handled by a remote thermostat.
  2. The line set is flexible, allowing us to connect the indoor unit to the outdoor unit very easily and with minimal impact to your home.
  3. The outdoor unit is a high-efficiency air conditioner. This unit creates the cold air and sends it to the inside head to be blown as cool air into the room(s).
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Speciality Solutions With Mitsubishi’s Ductless Cooling Systems

Ductless Cooling For Conservatories & Sunrooms

There are many homes on Long Island that have conservatories and sunrooms. While these rooms are fantastic for enjoying the outdoor views, due to the large amounts of glass, they get extremely hot during New York's summer season. In order to enjoy your conservatory or sunroom all summer long, it is a necessity to have air conditioning.

Mitsubishi ductless cooling systems are the perfect solution for conservatories and sunrooms. These systems are unobtrusive with respect to aesthetics. They are extremely energy efficient, dependable, filter air and run extremely quietly. There is no need to obstruct your view when you install a Mitsubishi mini split air conditioning system in your conservatory or sunroom.

Ductless Cooling For Pool Houses

Pool houses are a great addition to any home on Long Island with the pool. This added space allows guests to enjoy the comforts of home without needing to enter the main building. However, New York summer months get extremely hot and humid. Therefore, it is necessary to keep your pool house cool with the use of air conditioning.

Many pool houses are stand-alone structures and cannot tap into the homes existing central air conditioning system. Additionally, attached pool houses may not have the room for the ductwork required. Therefore, a Mitsubishi mini-split ductless AC system is the perfect solution. These are easy to install, aesthetically pleasing and are more than capable of cooling your pool house.

ductless for pool houses

Ductless Air Conditioning For She Sheds and Man Caves

Creating a go-to retreat such as a she-shed or a man cave is a very popular home renovation project. However, to enjoy this new space throughout the hot, humid New York summers, air conditioning is a must!

Regardless of how your recreational space is constructed, Mitsubishi ductless AC systems are the best solution. These systems can be installed in stand-alone structures, converted attics, renovated basements or new additions. Make sure you keep your she-shed or man cave the perfect temperature by installing a ductless cooling system by Mitsubishi.

ductless for she sheds

Ductless Cooling vs Window Air Conditioners

Many older homes on Long Island, New York and in Queens, NY do not have central air conditioning. Consequently, homeowners have typically used window air conditioning as a solution to make the hot, humid summer months more bearable. However, window air conditioning systems are extremely loud and not energy efficient. To make matters worse, a window air conditioning unit takes away from the view of your window.

There is a better solution! Mitsubishi ductless cooling systems can be installed in any room that you would like to keep cool during the summer months. These systems are installed on the wall and therefore do not obstruct any window views. Furthermore, they are whisper quiet and have the intelligence to direct cool air to hotspots in the room. These systems can be installed in the entire home to achieve the comfort and feel of a central air conditioning system without the need to run obtrusive and costly ducts.

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Experience The Mitsubishi Ductless Advantage In Your Long Island Home & NYC Home Or Business


Ensures the use of the exact amount of energy needed to cool an area, up to 40% more
efficient than traditional systems.


The I-SEE sensor scans your room and adjusts the indoor temperature automatically.


Increased energy savings with the best zone temperature controls available!


Mitsubishi ductless indoor units operate as low as 19dB which is quieter than a human whisper!

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