Bock Water Heater Installation In East Meadow, New York

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Regardless of how well you take care of your appliances, they eventually reach the end of their useful service life. This was the case in the Smith home in East Meadow NY.

The Smith family noticed that their water heater was unable to provide a sufficient amount of hot water. They would run out of hot water when they were showering or washing the dishes. After looking at their hot water heater, they noticed that it was leaking. They called the professionals at Hart Home Comfort for help.

We dispatched Julio, one of our seasoned technicians, to their East Meadow home. Our technician inspected their water heater and confirmed that they had a leaky water heater tank.

Due to the age of the water heater and the nature of the leak, Julio recommended a Bock water heater replacement for their East Meadow NY home.

PROBLEM: The Smith family had an outdated oil water heater that was underperforming and not providing an adequate amount of hot water for their family.

SOLUTION: Hart Home Comfort recommended a Bock water heater replacement for their East Meadow NY home.

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Bock 58800 32E Oil Fired Water Heater In East Meadow NY

bock hot water heaterWhen you notice that your water heater is leaking, it is important that you call a professional right away. Procrastinating is a sure way to deal with significant water damage, mold growth, and other adverse consequences that come with a leaking water heater. Thankfully, the Smith family of East Meadow called Hart Home Comfort as soon as they noticed a problem with their unit.

As mentioned above, we installed a Bock hot water heater for their East Meadow home. Hart Home Comfort highly recommends these units as they have proven to be reliable and durable. There are many advantages that come with installing this oil-fired Bock water heater. Some of them include:

  • 5-year limited tank and heat exchanger warranty for residential applications
  • Glass-fused-to-steel water tank for durability
  • 104,000 to 623,000 BTU/hr
  • 125 gallons first-hour delivery
  • This water heater comes with 32 to 113-gallon capacities
  • Prevents corrosion with its dual magnesium anode rods
  • Comes with a brass drain valve and a temperature/pressure relief valve
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • CEC Listed

Not only did we install a superior water heater for their home but we also installed a Beckett AFG Burner with it. Some of the features of this burner include:

  • Self-centering nozzle line electrode assembly for smooth combustion
  • Highly stable and energy efficient flame retention head
  • Drive motor & permanent split capacitor
  • Ignition transformer
  • Connector tube fitting
  • Burner housing
  • Limited warranty

During this installation, we removed their old water heating unit and ensured that the plumbing and electrical components were up to code. As always, we made sure that we cleaned the area after completing our work. Hart Home Comfort prioritizes the satisfaction of our clients and, therefore, we aim to go above and beyond the call of duty.

The Smith family can now rely on their new water heater for many years. Installing a Bock water heater along with the Beckett AFG burner will ensure a high level of performance and low water heating costs. The Smiths are happy that they called Hart Home Comfort as we were able to install their new water heater quickly and with little disturbance.

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Signs That Your Water Heater Requires A Replacement East Meadow NY

broken water heaterYou may not realize how often you rely on your water heater. You use it on a daily basis and depend on it to provide you with hot water to bathe, clean, wash laundry, and do your dishes. However, are you aware of the fact that water heaters start showing signs of deterioration long before they completely malfunction? If you are aware of these telltale signs, you will have the ability to replace your unit before you deal with the stress and inconvenience of having to go without one. Also, you can replace your hot water heater before costly problems occur such as water damage and mold growth. Below, we discuss some of the signs to keep an eye out for.

Age Of Your East Meadow Water Heater

Normal hot water heaters tend to last anywhere between eight to twelve years. If you are unaware of your water heater’s age, then you can still find that information by looking at the manufacturer’s label on your unit. The age can be found in the coded serial number. For example, a serial number is represented by something that looks like this: C101052638. The letter “C” in the code represents the month of manufacture. Therefore, since “C” is the third letter in the alphabet, then this particular water heater was manufactured in the month of March, the third month of the year. The subsequent numbers after the “C”, represent the year of manufacture. In this serial number, the “10” represent the year of 2010.

By finding the serial number of your unit, you can find out its age. You can also find out more from the manufacturer of your water heater. As a general rule, you should replace a water heater when it is ten years of age or more.

Water Quality & Usage: Impacts On Water Heater Upgrade East Meadow

Many homeowners have secondary homes that they use every so often, implying that they use these water heaters less than a home that they primarily spend their time in. One aspect that impacts the lifespan of a water heater is the frequency of usage. Those that are used frequently have shorter lifespans than those that aren’t.

Also, one important consideration is the water quality in your area. Water quality impacts the lifespan of a water heater. Hard water, for instance, causes the buildup of minerals in your hot water heater’s tank. These mineral deposits will cause clogs in your plumbing lines, potentially leading to the failure of your system.

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Noisy Water Heaters In East Meadow

noisy water heaterA water heater might develop issues with noise due to the accumulation of sediment in its water tank. Consequently, in the process of keeping your water to the set temperature, the water heater heats and reheats this sediment. The heating and reheating of the sediment causes it to harden, leading to banging, creaking, whining, and rumbling noises. Although flushing the tank will help resolve this. However, the failure to perform this vital task can cause several issues:

The inefficiency of your water heater: it is using energy to heat sediment and your water heater will take more time to heat the water.
The metal tank wears out much faster, causing leaks, inevitably requiring a replacement.

Does Your Water Heater Have Temperature Issues?

Water heater temperature issues are caused by one of several factors. One factor that affects the temperature is your thermostat setting. If it feels cold, you may need to adjust it to a higher temperature. Optimum settings range from 120 degrees to 140 degrees. If your temperature is set correctly but it seems like your system cannot produce hot water, then examine the heating element. Be sure to look for signs of wear. Lastly, if your water heater is not heating water at all, then there could be a problem with your heating element. Call Hart Home Comfort to troubleshoot your water heater.

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If you are unsure if your home requires a water heater replacement, then be sure to look for the above signs. However, it is always best to consult with a professional to verify whether your unit requires a replacement or repair.

When you’re having trouble with hot water in your home or you suspect that your old water heater has a leak, contact the experienced professionals at Hart Home Comfort today at (631) 667-3200. Remember, these types of issues only get worse with time and end up costing far more than if they had been dealt with initially. Therefore, be sure to give us a call today.

Hart Home Comfort offers a wide range of home comfort services throughout Nassau County and the surrounding areas. We aim to provide our customers with high-quality services at an honest cost, satisfaction guaranteed. If your home requires HVAC services, heating oil deliveries, or more, be sure to give us a call.

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