Bock Water Heater Installation In West Hempstead, NY

water-heater-installation-west-hempstead-nyEvery appliance reaches the end of its lifespan and a water heater is no exception. This was the case in the Farrell home. They noticed that their water heater was performing poorly and was showing signs of deterioration. They called the experts at Hart Home Comfort to see what they could do.

Brian, one of our seasoned technicians, recommended that the Farrell family upgrade to a brand-new Bock Model 51E Water Heater, offering 50 gallons of capacity ideal for their multi-story home.

The Farrell family knew they would need a new water heater since their old and outdated model was beyond repair, and they wanted to make sure to choose equipment that could not only deliver the capacity they needed but offer improved efficiency to reduce utility costs.

The new Bock water heater installed in the Farrell household was able to deliver the capacity and convenience the family needed on a daily basis, as well as reduce the cost of hot water, despite consistent demand.

The technicians from Hart Home Comfort cleaned up the mess left behind by the old water heater, removed the old unit and deteriorated parts, and installed the new model and parts to deliver the fully functional and long-lasting hot water system the family needed.

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PROBLEM: The Farrell Family started to notice a reduction in available hot water, along with rising utility bills. Upon inspecting their hot water heater, they realized the older unit was leaking and had been for some time. Understandably concerned about waning hot water for everyday necessities in their West Hempstead, NY home, as well as potential water damage from their leaking water heater, they called the experts at Hart Home Comfort to assess the situation. Wishing to avoid potential health risks, as well as ensure safe heating for their multi-story home during the freezing winter in Malverne, NY, they immediately contacted the experts at Hart Home Comfort. A trained and experienced technician made a priority visit to the home to inspect the unit.

SOLUTION: Experienced technician Brian responded to the call from the Farrell family and found that the leak in their water heater had advanced to the state that it was beyond repair. Unfortunately, the older unit had been leaking for a while, getting worse and worse, impacting available hot water and increasing utility costs in the process. Because the leak started small and the problem progressed slowly, it was probably months before the family noticed the change. In addition, the age of the unit would have made it cost-prohibitive to fix, even if repairing it was an option.

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Bock Model 51E Water Heater In West Hempstead, New York

new-water-heaterThe experienced professionals at Hart Home Comfort are committed to providing superior products and services for every customer, which is why we’re pleased to partner with top equipment manufacturers like Bock. We understand that every homeowner has unique needs when it comes to usage and budget, and we’re proud to provide a wide range of options to suit every situation and home. The upgrades for the Farrell family’s West Hempstead, NY residence included:

  • Removal of the old water heater and cleanup following leakage
  • Installation of Bock Model 51E Water Heater
  • New oil burner, aquastat, temperature-pressure relief valve, ST-5 expansion tank, and smoke pipe
  • Necessary plumbing and electric components
  • Two new oil lines running to the water heater burner and boiler oil burner for improved performance and system longevity

In addition, the Bock Model 51E Water Heater offers several advantages for homeowners, including:

  • 50-gallon capacity, delivering ample hot water for a single-family residence
  • 152,000 BTU (British thermal units)/per hour input for consistent, convenient access to hot water
  • Strong and durable steel tank construction
  • C-Glass® Cobalt-enriched, glass-lined tank
  • Floor mount for stability
  • Oil fired operation for quick and consistent performance
  • Single Turboflue® helical-fin heat exchanger saves energy, conducts more heat into water, and ensures a stronger, more durable tank
  • Dual magnesium anode rods prevent corrosion
  • Certified for use with reliable Carlin and Beckett burners
  • 160 degrees (F) max temperature setting to avoid overheating
  • Standard 5-year tank/heat exchanger residential warranty

The talented and caring professionals at Hart Home Comfort partner with only the best manufacturers to ensure that every piece of equipment installed serves the needs of residential customers for years, delivering optimal performance, energy savings, and maximum use value. Upgrading to a new Bock water heater can decrease energy costs significantly, helping homeowners to save 15-25% on average when replacing older models.

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The Issues With A Leaking Hot Water Heater

old-water-heaterA leaking water heater can cause a variety of problems in the home. Not only will you start to notice hot water running out more quickly than normal or output that is only lukewarm when you’re expecting steaming hot water, but you may also face more severe consequences.

A leak in the home is never desirable as it could damage your structure over time. In addition, sediment in the tank could get dredged up, coming through pipes and causing deposits, clogs, and other issues. The Farrell family was lucky to catch the leak in their water heater before any permanent damage was done.

With the installation of their new Bock Model 51E Water Heater, they now enjoy adequate hot water for daily use and they’ve managed to reduce utility costs to below what they were before the leak began, helping to offset the cost of their needed upgrade.

Water heaters tend to last between 8-12 years, depending on the maintenance that you provide for them. If your water heater is old and outdated, be sure to give Hart Home Comfort a call. This way, you can avoid the issues that come with a malfunctioning water heater.

Our experts can come to your home and inspect your unit. We will let you know of its condition. If you require a replacement, we can find a model that best suits your water heating needs.


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If you’re having trouble with hot water in your home or you suspect a leak in your old water heater, contact the experienced professionals at Hart Home Comfort today at (631) 667-3200 to schedule a free, on-site evaluation. Hart Home Comfort offers a wide range of home comfort services throughout Nassau County and the surrounding areas. We aim to provide our customers with high-quality services at an honest cost. If your home requires HVAC services, heating oil deliveries, or more, be sure to give us a call.

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