Case Study: Oil To Gas Heater Conversion In Garden City NY

Navien Gas Boiler Installation Garden City NYNothing is more aggravating than having your heating system go out in inclement weather when you need it most. More than likely, your heating system gave you signals that it was on it’s way out by either failing to heat the home comfortably, rising energy bills, or strange noises or smells coming from the system.

Putting off the repair or system replacement often results in an emergency call to your HVAC contractor.

PROBLEM: The Palladino Family of Garden City, NY had an old oil furnace in place in their colonial style residence that just stopped working. The system had been breaking down more frequently in recent years and was not heating the home thoroughly, but they thought they had a little more life left in the system. They called Hart Home Comfort to come and evaluate their system and diagnose the cause of the shutdown.

SOLUTION: An experienced Hart Home Comfort technician consulted with the family and, after inspection of the old oil burning system, determined that the old system was unrepairable. He recommended an oil to gas conversion in Garden City, NY with the installation of a Navien Condensing Boiler Heating System.

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New Navien Condensing Gas Fired Boiler in Garden City NY

ncb gas boilerThe oil to gas conversion in Garden City NY installation of the Navien Condensing Gas Fired Boiler Model # NCB-240 would provide the Palladinos with a number of advantages over their old oil burning system. The new system features:

  • Domestic Hot Water on Demand and has a 93.3% Efficiency rating.
  • Silent heating with no blowers needed for forced circulation.
  • With a maximum weight of up to 84 pounds, Navien NCB Boilers are ideal for wall mount thus saving floor space.
  • The control panel includes a gas flow control system that reduces energy waste and boiler cycling and allows for easy temperature change.
  • Dual Stainless Steel Heat Exchanges provide a longer life expectancy than copper heat exchangers.

Our system installation was inclusive of all necessary piping from the existing gas meter in the boiler room to the new gas boiler, the wall mounting of the boiler on a plywood base, and all required plumbing and electrical work. The manufacturer offered a ten-year warranty on the heat exchanger, five years on all parts and one year on labor.


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How Do You Know When To Replace Your Oil Furnace In Garden City NY?

broken heating systemPay attention to these 7 Signs that it may be time to replace your furnace:

  • Furnace Age. The average life expectancy of a residential furnace is between 16 to 20 years.
  • Rising Gas & Electric Bills. A furnace will often lose its efficiency over time if it has not been adequately maintained, running longer than usual to provide the same amount of heat it used to. That extra running time results in higher utility bills
  • Breakdowns are occurring more frequently. The older the furnace gets, the more frequently it will require repairs as one part replacement leads to another.
  • Heat may not be distributed efficiently throughout the house. Some rooms may feel colder than others, and no amount of adjusting the thermostat seems to make the home comfortable.
  • The furnace evidences streaks of soot or rusting.
  • The furnace makes strange noises. An older heater may bang, pop, rattle, squeal or sound like the blower is running continuously.
  • The air in the house may feel stuffy or stale. As a furnace ages, it will often have difficulty moisturizing or cleaning the air in your home. Dust and allergens can begin to accumulate, and the trapped air can smell musty.

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Hart Home Comfort Provides All-inclusive Installation Of Your New Heating System

Hart Home Comfort provided all of the additional equipment that was needed for this oil to gas conversion in Garden City, NY, which included three new circulators with check valves, low water cut-off, temperature pressure relief valve, combination temperature-pressure gauge, expansion tank, and an extrol tank.

As is customary in our heating system replacements, we removed the old oil boiler and the foam abandonment of the existing 275- gallon underground fuel oil storage tank, and all necessary P.V.C. venting and termination piping and automatic bleeders.

By switching from their old oil burning system to the Navien Condensing Gas Fired Boiler, the Palladino family will now enjoy comfortable warmth during the Garden City NY winters for many years.

Additionally, they will be saving money, as their new unit is considerably more energy efficient than their old one. The family was pleased with their oil to gas conversion in Garden City NY and the superior service provided by Hart Home Comfort.

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