Mitsubishi Mini-Split Ductless Install In Northport, New York

Mitsubishi Ductless Installation Northport NYOur customer recently added a sunroom to their home in Northport, NY. However, the sunroom did not have a heating or cooling system in place. This made their sunroom comfortable only when the outdoor temperatures were mild. They had an interest in using their new sunroom throughout the year and called Hart Home Comfort to see what options were available.

When our HVAC technician, Joseph Fantasia, arrived at their home, he sat down and discussed their heating and cooling needs. He inspected their current system to find the best options for them.

Retrofitting their current central HVAC system to incorporate their new addition was not an easy process. It would take quite some time, require the reconstruction of their walls and ceilings, and it is a costly process.

Most homeowners do not choose this option. Those who do choose to add ducts into their home, usually regret it when they have had to live in a construction zone for a considerable length of time.

For this reason, Joseph recommended a Mitsubishi ductless installation for the sunroom in their Northport, NY home.

PROBLEM: A Hart customer recently built an addition to their Northport, NY home. The addition did not have an HVAC system in place.

SOLUTION: Hart Home Comfort installed a Mitsubishi ductless heat pump in their home. Their setup consisted of one floor mounted indoor air handler and one outdoor condenser.


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mitsubishi air handlerMitsubishi Ductless Systems In Northport, NY

Ductless systems offer businesses and homeowners an energy efficient way to cool and heat their properties, keeping energy costs to a minimum. Also, ductless heat pumps provide an excellent level of comfort, improved air quality, flexible setups, and much more. There are many applications where a ductless system is a perfect choice. Hart Home Comfort is proud to recommend Mitsubishi to their customers.

In this particular case study, our customers did not have any ductwork in place. Therefore, a ductless system was the perfect option for a situation like this.

Mitsubishi manufactures some of the best ductless systems in the HVAC industry. They rank top of the line when it comes to SEER ratings, energy efficiency, comfort, indoor air quality, and more.

By installing a Mitsubishi system, our customers can count on an exceptional level of comfort for many years to come. Also, since these systems significantly reduce heating and cooling costs, they pay for themselves quickly.

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Features Of The Mitsubishi MFZ-KJ18NA-U1

mini-split featuresJoseph Fantasia, our technician, presented different options that would best meet our customer’s needs. They opted for the Mitsubishi MFZ-KJ18NA-U1 indoor air handler and the Mitsubishi MUFZ-KJ18NAHZ-U1 ductless hyper heat pump condenser, which has a 21 SEER rating, performs well, and comes with an impressive warranty.

Some of the features of their new indoor floor-standing mini-split heat pump include:

  • Can Be Used For Single Zone Or Multi-Zone Setups
  • Quiet Operation
  • Econo Cool Mode
  • Smart Set
  • Dehumidification
  • Power Mode
  • Various Vane Operation
  • 5 Fan Speeds
  • Timer
  • FLOW Operation
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • ETL Listed
  • AHRI Certified
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Energy Star Rated
  • 21 SEER
  • 11.3 HSPF

With this ductless installation, our happy customers will be able to use their sunroom throughout the year, regardless of the weather outdoors. They will be able to turn off their ductless system when their sunroom is not in use, helping them keep their heating and cooling costs low. For all of your heating and cooling needs, call Hart Home Comfort today.

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Which Rooms Would Benefit from A Ductless System In Northport?

ductless in addition in northportIf you live in Northport, New York, and are in the process of selecting a new HVAC system, it may be time to give serious thought to a ductless system. This solution is ideal for cooling and heating small spaces, or if your goal is to maintain a temperature variant in your home or office. Below, we discuss how a ductless HVAC system can be advantageous for additions, work sheds, garages, sunrooms, and spare bedrooms.

Choosing A Room For Your Ductless System Installation

The inner unit of a ductless system looks very similar to a hotel room air-conditioning unit; only it is smaller. During the installation process, our HVAC techs drill a small 3-inch hole into the wall, where the unit will be mounted. They run connection cables and copper wires to the exterior of the home through this hole.

After the unit is mounted on the wall, the technicians install the outdoor system, calibrate the equipment, place refrigerant in the lines, and do a variety of other tasks to ensure that the system is user-ready. They will also install the correct couplings and check the lines for leaks.

Only a certified HVAC technician should oversee the installation process, as it is a complicated procedure. Also, a qualified technician should test the unit to ensure it is ready for daily use. If you are considering a system of this kind for your house, the following rooms are the perfect choice for its installation:

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Northport Homes: Sunrooms

sunroom ductless installAs its name implies, a sunroom receives more light than virtually any other area of your home. The expansive windows that are typically placed in such a room also allow more heat to enter the room. This means that you may need more air-conditioning in the summer.

If your sunroom has a ductless system, you can choose the ideal temperature for the room without having to change the temperature in other areas of your home. Also, if you want to open windows or doors to the outside, the ductless system can be turned off.

Garages Without HVAC

Numerous property owners convert their garages into an extra living space, spare bedrooms, home offices, or other types of rooms. Because most garages don’t have any ductwork, the cheapest and most practical solution is usually to install a ductless mini-split system. Fortunately, to do so, you do not have to retrofit the space with ducts or other complex components.

Similar to sunrooms, garages that have been converted into a living space may have different cooling and heating needs than other areas of your home. Contractors use different amounts and grades of insulation in the walls of garages since they usually only house equipment and vehicles, rather than people. Depending on the doors and windows the garage features, you may find that it is more energy-efficient to install a ductless system.

Unheated Or Uncomfortable Bathrooms

ductless applicationsDuctless systems work exceptionally well in small, confined areas, making them perfect for bathrooms: maybe your bathroom does not maintain a temperature that is warm enough to please you when you are taking your morning shower. If this is the case, you may decide to install a ductless mini split system to service your bathroom and master bedroom together.

There are many historic homes in Northport, New York, that have not been renovated. For such dwellings, a mini-split system may be very cost-effective, primarily if your bathroom does not feature central air. The mini split system requires less renovation work as well.

Therefore, a ductless system is an excellent option for homes without ductwork. Those who have a historic home and want to preserve its beauty will find a ductless system quite appealing.

Office Spaces That Run Warm

In commercial spaces and residential dwellings alike, ductless systems can offer comfort and convenience. For instance, a home office may feel warmer than other areas of the house due to electronic devices that throw off heat, such as a printer and computer. Ductless systems allow you to set the thermostat at a different temperature from the rest of the home.

In commercial spaces, mini-split ductless systems give each area its own set of temperature controls. Workers can independently adjust temperatures based on their individual preferences. Also, it may be expensive to remodel and retrofit commercial spaces that already have ductwork installed. However, the financial impact of such a project can be reduced when you hire trained technicians from Hart Home Comfort.

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Work Sheds That Are Frequently Used

If you weld metal, create stained glass panels, tend a garden, or build furniture, your work shed may benefit significantly from a ductless mini-split system. Potting and work sheds are great places for such a system, as the latter has a small carbon footprint since they are detached and self-contained.

Because you do not spend all your time in such an area, a ductless system allows you to shut the heat or AC off every time you leave the shed. This option will enable you to reduce your energy usage as well as save money. Also, when temperatures are mild, you can open windows or doors and allow fresh air to come in without wasting energy.

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Guest Suites That Don’t Have Heating Or Cooling

If you are like some homeowners, you may be planning to build a separate apartment above your garage or adjacent to your home. Spaces of this kind are perfect for long-term visitors or even for use as rentals. However, projects such as this can be costly if you must change the infrastructure and ductwork to accommodate an HVAC system. A ductless mini-split system provides an inexpensive alternative for a guest suite of this kind.

Whether you only use it when friends or family come to visit or you plan to rent the space out full-time, you will have complete control of the HVAC system from its own thermostat. Bulky ductwork is not necessary, as such suites are often of modest size.

Ductless For Spare Bedrooms

Although spare bedrooms are an excellent place for overnight guests, they are probably not used other times. Unless you utilize the room for other purposes, you may decide to install a mini-split ductless system. This way, when you do not have guests, you can turn off the heating and air-conditioning to that particular space.

This ductless strategy is an especially good idea if you have a large home. You can create individual HVAC systems for multiple rooms that are not regularly in use. In this way, visitors still have a comfortable place to sleep, but you can also keep your heating and cooling bills to a minimum.

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Ductless For Tiny Homes

The tiny home movement has increased in popularity for all different types of families. From large families with several children to retirees who want to minimize their living expenses, tiny homes are appealing. However, you will quickly discover that it is essential to use every available inch of your tiny home for storage and living.

Ductwork takes up space that could be better used for sleeping areas, shelving units, or other practical uses. Therefore, the ideal HVAC solution is probably a ductless mini-split system. Additionally, it is an economical choice, mainly if your tiny home consists of only two rooms or a studio floor plan. Ductless systems do not work as well in large spaces, but if your entire house is small, such systems are a practical and cost-effective choice.

Mini-Splits For Finished Basements And Attics

ductless installationSimilar to garages, basements and attics do not typically have the needed infrastructure for cooling and heating systems. For example, attics often feature awkward wall placement and pitched ceilings, making the installation of ductwork more complex and costly then you would prefer. Similarly, basements often feature complicated configurations that make it challenging to install traditional ductwork.

For this reason, you should consider a mini-split system to cool and heat your basement or attic. It can be expensive to finish either of these rooms, but eliminating the need to install ductwork may help you keep your budget for the project on track. Also, you can decide exactly how you want to cool or heat the space, as you will have separate controls and a separate thermostat when the work is finished.

Entire Home Configurations In Northport

If you are building a new home from scratch or renovating a historic house, you should consider a mini-split, ductless system as a full home HVAC solution. Our technicians can install a system of this kind in every area of the home to provide more precise control over airflow, air quality, and temperature. For a dwelling that already features ductwork, it may not seem to make much sense to install a ductless system. However, it is a terrific energy-efficient option that can lessen the need to use your primary central HVAC system.

Ductless systems are generally more energy efficient than traditional central heating and cooling systems. Therefore, using a ductless system in conjunction with your central air is an excellent way to reduce your energy costs.

Many homes throughout New York do not have a ductwork system in place. Adding ductwork to a house is a costly and time-consuming endeavor. To avoid this situation, a ductless system is a perfect choice.

A ductless system is easy to install and does not involve a major renovation project to your home. They are far more energy efficient, less noisy, and unobtrusive than window units. Overall, for any application, ductless HVAC systems ensure that you enjoy a temperature variant throughout your home while keeping your energy bills to a minimum.

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Ductless Solutions And Services For Northport-Area Homeowners

Maybe you are unsure of which HVAC system is best for your heating and cooling requirements. If you are somewhat confused, Hart Home Comfort can help.

Our trained HVAC techs can inspect your house and go over your options to help you make an informed decision. Contact Hart Home Comfort today to schedule a free, in-home estimate.

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