Case Study: Peerless Oil Boiler Commercial Installation Project In Merrick New York

Peerless Boiler Install Merrick NYThe Merrick Jewish Center had an old commercial steel oil boiler in place in their temple and school that began leaking.

Hart Home Comfort technicians determined that they would need to demolish all the boiler room equipment and supply and erect two Peerless SCT-09 oil-fired boilers with Carlin burners equipped with their pumps and rated at 700,000 BTU’s.

Due to the size of the job, it would require supplying and installing two 10” galvanized breeching with two Fields 10” barometric dampers tied into the existing 16” steel common breeching.

Additionally, Hart Home Comfort would supply and install all pipe, fittings, valves support systems and electrical work necessary to connect the two new boilers to the existing pumps and piping and put the system into operation according to the manufactures specifications.

To ensure that all safety and operating controls were set accurately, the HVAC Company would conduct a factory start-up and perform an electric combustion efficiency analysis.

PROBLEM: The Merrick Jewish Center had an old commercial steel oil boiler in place in their temple and school that began leaking. They called Hart Home Comfort to come and evaluate their system and diagnose the cause of the leak.

SOLUTION: An experienced HART Home Comfort technician consulted with the Merrick Jewish Center management and, after inspection of the old commercial oil boiler system, determined that the old system needed to be replaced. He recommended removing ten old Repco Steel oil boilers and upgrading to two Peerless oil-fired boilers.

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peerless oil boilerThe Peerless SCT-09 Oil Fired Boiler

Peerless offers some of the best heating equipment in the industry. Hart Home Comfort highly recommends these boilers to all of our customers.

The Peerless SCT oil fired boiler is a cast iron commercial steam or hot water boiler that can be fired as a gas, oil, or gas and oil combined boiler. The SCT-09 is a 43-gallon boiler with a thermal efficiency rating of 83.7%. This particular system features:

  • Insulated Powder Coated Steel Jacket
  • Steel Push Nipples that provide a watertight seal between sections
  • Honeywell Operating Controls
  • Manual Reset High Limit ControlForced Draft Burner
  • Target Wall and Cerafelt Base Liner
  • Tankless Coil Cover Plates
  • Aluminized Steel Flue Collector
  • Low Water Cut-Off

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How to Evaluate the Efficiency of Your Commercial Heating System

old boilerWhen a commercial HVAC system is not working at its peak, it is often apparent in costs and comfort.  A significant portion of your company’s energy bills comes from the operation of your heating and cooling system. The US Department of Energy states that as much as 30% of a commercial building’s energy consumption goes to waste. Measuring operational efficiency is the first step to fixing the issue.

  1. Consider your building’s size – Bigger is not always better and smaller does not always mean increased efficiency. A professional can help you judge whether your commercial HVAC system is the proper size to get maximum efficiency.
  2. Check for deteriorating or failing systems –Have a professional check your existing system to evaluate overall performance and make sure that a repair will not fix the issue before considering an upgrade to your system.
  3. Measure the actual on-site performance of the system- Testing a commercial HVAC system, troubleshooting problems, locating problem areas and recommending best-case solutions are all highly technical tasks, which should be left to a professional HVAC technician. If you suspect that your system is performing poorly, contact an HVAC professional and have a comprehensive test done.

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When to Replace your Commercial Heating System

Most manufacturers agree that the average commercial HVAC lifespan is between 15-25 years.

  • Lifespan is expiring: If you have been noticing lower efficiently and overall poor performance, it could be because your old commercial HVAC system is finally coming to the end of its life.
  • Increased maintenance: In addition to decreased efficiency, you may find that your system requires more maintenance to keep up with the required workload.
  • Higher energy bills: Old and outdated commercial HVAC systems will only be the cause for higher energy bills and can mean frequent breakdowns and repairs. Even with regular maintenance, there comes the point where old systems are just not as efficient.
  • Airflow Inconsistencies: If you notice big temperature disparities between floors or various hot and cold spots throughout the building, you could have HVAC air leaks and control issues.

By upgrading their old Steel oil boiler system to the Peerless oil fired boiler, the Merrick Jewish Center can rely on its system to heat the temple and school during the Merrick NY winters for many years. They can expect better air quality, controlled humidity, and consistent temperatures that will leave everyone in the building more comfortable. Additionally, they will be saving money, as their new system is considerably more energy efficient than their old one.

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